Dec 2 2008Let's Play Dress Up!: Officially Licensed Gears Of War Armor Suits And Assault Rifles


This is an officially licensed Gears of War armor suit and Lancer assault rifle. They're made by Nightmare Armor Studios and probably cost a pretty penny. I couldn't actually find the price for the armor, but the Lancer alone will set you back 950 bones of your enemies. However, if you're poor, you can always make your own suit out of cardboard. Because that's what The Superficial Writer did. And I've gotta admit: the Locust Horde is gonna rape his ass.

Hit the jump for several more of the wickedness.




Gears Of War Armor
Product Page

Thanks to Braden, who once made some pretty realistic Gears of War Armor out of cereal boxes and finger paint.

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Reader Comments


I know what i am going to be for halloween.

screw it i am dressing up for christmas

sick, that's sick bro, in an extremely awesome way sick

Lovin the blood detail :P

Holy mackarel!

I'm envious! I neeeeeeeeeeeeddddss to get one.

Although I never play Gears of War, but theeeessse shiiiiiitttt is awesome!

(spur of the moment)

Oh shit I'm broke!


Fake, the guy in the black hat is totally cg...does remind me of a movie, I just can't think of the name of it...



I heard beggers earn quite a lot. Gotta look into that.

I already made a prototype out of cardboard based around a NERF Recon. Needs work, but damn is it fun to brandish.


I was the one who sent him the tip! Nice to see my hard research up on the site!

And my name does'nt have 2 N's!!!!!

The whole gun/chain saw thing is officially overkilled. Thank you gears of war, for inventing something so awesome, that whithin a couple years time, becamse redundant.

i saw these cats at DragonCon last year.......i mean.....i wasn't at DragonCon last year.

Gotta love the cod piece. I mean, who cares if you get shot in the thigh so long as the jewels are protected, eh?

holy crap the guy in the middle looks just like marcus

Ouch... just the gun is 950$!

Good luck getting the gun AND the outfit...
Pretty sweet though

So badass! I'd love to have it but a little out of my price range. So I'll stick to the kid who does them out of Styrofoam.

the chainsaw/ rifle thing they had on here the other day...


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is vaguely familiar, reminds me of a scene from a movie that I can't seem to remember the name of where, some chick and her boyfriend get all hoped up on frozen bacon or something & run around practically naked at a Taco Bell wearing old cardboard boxes and stealing rubber duckies out of the yummy meals to plot an assassination against the host of the price is right bob f***in barker. I wanna say it's A Walk In The Clouds or Too Fast Too Furious but I'm not sure.

#6 I was skeptical after looking at the first pic too, but after seeing the other ones, it turns out it's just his theatrical contacts that make him look, well, fake.

I actually know these guys, and girl. i have met them at multiple comic cons, they are duoche bags in real life, and eliteists. but god damn their armors rock, they had some AMAZING ironman ones this year

Yeah, they are real. The middle guy just has some coloured contacts. I actually have a pic of my friend who went to dragoncon with them. THe guy who is dressed as Marcus is a super-poser though.

once again "LAST!" didnt say it so im stealing it FIRST!

Makes me want to jump through the window, because it isn't warm outside anymore.

That guy's got something wrong with his eyes.

Tee hee!

#19 I know the scene you're talking about, it was in Never Back Down.

just from the pictures you can tell the guy in the middle is a total douchebag.

and u can get limited edition lancers that don't look nearly as real from amazon and ebay. but for almost 1/10th of the price.

the guy from nightmare armor studios said about 5000 u.s. dollars per suit in another video. x_x


This is an obvious photoshopjob. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Baja was a bridesmaid 27 times, and is asked to serve as the maid of honor for her sister who is marrying the man she has a crush on. Max writes about her in the sunday paper, and then the shit hits he fan.


muahahahahaha! xept for GOW sucks ass!!!!!

Those COG armor nipples sure beat Batman's suit nipples.

we are reading a lot of fake news these days. Did you remember the news about Britney's pregnancy, Lindsay's joining on the famous rich men seeking affairs site !!!.sugar baby Is this news true or not? who knows..


The best part is Sid is like 6'5" so it's even more impressive in person!!!!


It is totally real! I've seen them in a magazine that was strictly a gears issue. they had like 5 people total. and the gun is only $140 on I am so gonna buy the gun and the suit too. hell if i have to make the suit thats fine but i am so gonna be a gear for halloween!!!!! ^_^

I don't actually own gears of war but my big bro has it and the game is so freaken AAAWWWWWSSSSOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is freaky awesome i want one for get ready to the playcos

HEY, wheres the Locust?! i wanna b skorge soooooooooo bad, hes such a badass!!!!! ill make my own if i cant find him wats a good material for the locust skin?

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

They had some AMAZING ironman ones this year.

you guys said those were officially licensed?? i may be a die-hard gears fan, but those really arent that good. (on the other hand though, i am not a pro costume designer, and probably couldn't even come near that)

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