Dec 17 2008Just Plain Classy: Crown Royal Bag Quilts


My brother Frank knows classy shit when he sees it, and this is living proof. Personally, I can't remember the last time I had 100 Crown Royal bags, but that's because I drink too much. Did that make any sense? It shouldn't have, I've been drinking. For $350 ebay seller misteria0 will quilt you up some warmth in the form of stitched-together Crown Royal bags (for those of you that don't know, each bottle of Crown Royal comes its own little embroidered velvety bag). Quilts come in both 100+ bag and 150+ bag options, and are sure to keep you toasty on a cold winter's night. Alternatively, drink heavily and set yourself on fire. Ha, or turn the heat up you cheap f***er!

Hit the jump for a blurry closeup of the quality stitching.


eBay Auction

Thanks to my brother Frank, who can spot class from a mile away because the man has laser eyes and will burn a hole in your skull if you look at him wrong. But, if his laser eyes are malfunctioning, I'll choke you out for him. And God knows what we're gonna do to you.

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This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Daisy took a huge black cock up her ass and couldn't walk straight for a week and had to sit on a hemorrhoid pillow

if I had that much money to blow, I'd sleep on a bed covered in benjamins

I had to Google "Crown Royal" to understand this. It transpires it's a variety of Whiskey, and it still doesn't make any sense because Whiskey doesn't involve bags.

Stupid Whiskey.

The whiskey comes in a bottle, inside a bag.

You're welcome.

That's stupid and pretentious.

That's why they're still in business.

Anyone else feel like sewing Daisy into a Crown Royal-bag quilt and beating her with broomsticks? :D Shit, do I owe that Russian douche for using that? :( F***, did it again.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because tghe shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja tried to spend a quiet evening at home. Unfortunately the bar next door ran out of Crown Royal and an enraged and inebriated Ted Kennedy came running through the wall like the Hey Kool Aid Guy. He proceeded to ransack the cabinets for booze eventually squirting brain tumor juice all over everything and his nephews raped Baja and her little sister.

Max used his skills as a ninja to put on sandals with white socks and battle back the booze thirsty zombie like kennedies. He was eventually able to chop thier heads off and save the day.

$350 for all of that labor isn't too bad.

@4 - Actually, it comes in a bottle, in a velvet-y bag, in a box. And gets you FUBAR'd at the river... maybe that's just me...

I have come to the conclusion that Daisy is the Photoshopper behind the faked Kim Jong Il photos shown in the Times Online article she uses as the link for her name... which makes her an expert on Photoshopping, and a really big git. Anyone else?

I think I have a hangover just reading about this... :-S (50 cents to that russian guy)


Actually it comes in a bottle, in a velvety bag, in a box, in a crate, in a truck, in a... seriously. Who f***ing cares. Not me.

@13 - And then I drink it and cum in the hosebag.

THE GEEKOLOGIE WRITER SUCKS, he doesn't have time for his old skool friends anymore cause he's got all you geeks hounding him all the time. Its just penis jokes, relax, seriously.

My mom took my cousin's collection of Crown royal bags (favorite liquor of the entire family) sewed them together into a very nice quilt for his newborn daughter. yeah...we're a little white trash...

I bet if you inffuse the quilt fibers with bits of real panther then, 60% of the time it will work everytime.

psssh.... thats nothing

giz on that

im gonna make a house tent out of crown royal xr bags.... eat it

@17. I love quilt.

They use real bits of panther, so you know it has to be good.

@18. That's a picture of your bed, isn't it? I think I saw a picture of Moose Knuckle on the night stand.

Moose Knuckle wins the Most Contrived and Pitiable Attempt at a Funny Post of the Year award.

Woohoo, I love winning stuff!!!!

Not sure how many CR drinkers there are here, but I just discovered 'Nassau Royale' and I highly recommend it to anyone who favors the crown. I also never tapdanced

You can buy the bags separately from the drink. At the liquor store near me they sell them as packs, 10 bags for $2 or something like that. Just thought I'd let you booze hounds know.

Probably cause we're cooler than all his friends.

This would be better if it were a Royal Crown bedset.

I prefer my Mad Dog 20/20 thousand-bottle display, which is commonly known as the floor.

love it.
just ignore "daisy" dont give that bitch or whoever the F it is any credit

Hi i am the lady that made the quilt...i make all kinds out of the bags ...from pillows to cushions Etc... take a look at my site
i also sell them on ebay it is under misteria0
take a look and see what all i have made and sold...
Have a great night ... Carol :-)

All those potential dice bags...

This is so pretty. Ive been working on building up bags from family and friends and cant wait to get started. Beautiful Work!

I make Crown Royal quilts for our Christmas Auction. This will be my fourth quilt! I enjoy being creative and this certainly can be a brain stormer! AS for 350.00 for labor , it is well worth every bit of that! There is a lot of work and time that goes into one of these quilts. My Crown Royal quilts are made from the entire bag! They are very pretty , but I recommend sending them to the cleaners as I wouldn't think of putting one of these quilts in the washer!! Our money goes to local charities so it gives me great satisfaction to be able to use my talents for so much good !! Besides , I like a sip now and then !!

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