Dec 10 2008How Not To Maintain Your Fake ID Business


If you sell fake I.D.s, it's best to not advertise that shit all over your Escort LX (or is it?). You can profess your love for Jesus all you want, but keep the I.D. business on the low. Apparently the genius behind this operation (who was clearly focusing his efforts on the Hispanic market) was running the mobile I.D. generating business right out of the car -- which was found to contain both computer and card printer. Great idea there buddy, but piss-poor execution. You should have been a little more discreet in your advertising. Something like, "Born Jesus, but want to be John? Ask me how." See how I even tied in the whole religion thing there? It's called brilliance, folks, and I'm full of it(!).

If You Sell Fake Ids, It's Never A Good Idea To Cover Your Car With Ads To Promote Your Business And Then Drive It Around Tennessee [bonehead]

Thanks to Dan, who may or not be selling fake Blockbuster cards out of his Taurus.

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When I was 12 I could purchase liquor because I look like a 40 year old midget.

Fake ID's? Come on, now.

i had a guy that worked in the dmv that for $300 would make one for you in the system so it was a real id just a fake person, but it would still pull up info on that fake person if a cop swiped the card... PEW!

hahaha! this can't be serious..... I mean WTF man! whoever thought they would get away with this is pure FAILSAUCEYNESS!!!!!!!!!! wow 10 mins though? impressive? I mean I wonder what the quality of the end product is....

I'm generally not one to call fake, but that looks pretty fake.

K its been determined- it's fake. Besides the fact that its a tinted window, it shouldn't be showing the banner. And theres the fact that the bumper stickers are done quite poorly. And theres no reflection on the window. ANNNND the colors are weird.

FAKE. but funny none the less.

Here's the original article, with more pictures!

I'm happy to get in here before Daisy did.

FAKE! The shado- I mean, lighting, is wrong. Obviously a photoshop job.

I can't think of anyway that this relates to a movie, Never Back Down or otherwise.


Wow, Spam. Thanks for ruining our fun with all that 'facts' business. Like anyone believes credited news sources. Pssh.

I hate mexicans and jesus. both just as equally retarded.

I'm not daisy but this is obviously fake.
No fcking shadow or any reflection or anything.
100% Fake.

What a jackass... That's like the chick who got pulled over in Nevada and asked if she could smoke, cop said yes, so she tried to light a joint while he was standing there...

where is that sand-filled vanginaed bitch daisy, anyways? and im stealing first!


That's a real photo (Daisy aside), that sign is on the outside of the window, it's a matte finish sticker covering the whole window, including the black bits. Hit the link from #6 and you'll find the news story with 2 more pics.

Gotta agree with GW, good idea, poorly executed...

Maybe the girl who texted her dad about her virginity should have used these IDs to get on the plane


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max is fighting in the jungle and as his opponent dies he triggers a massive explosion from his space ghost control pad.

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HAHAH que pendejo, osea decirle a todo mundo que haces IDs fakes?????????

@14, but how do you explain the bumper stickers that look poorly overlapped and poorly cut. And by poor, I mean unrealistic. Although the news website does give it SOME credibility.

Burn it


That must have been an awkward conversation between him and the police.

so, apparently i read the original article, this took place in the city I'm from! Gah i'm embarrassed.

this is a load of fukin shit you geeksters

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