Dec 4 2008Geekologie Reader's Brother Makes Awesome Super Mario Inspired Gingerbread House


Loyal Geekologist Fally sent me a tip to show off the sweet-ass Super Mario gingerbread house her brother made with some friends. As you can see, it's freaking amazing. Certainly way better than anything I could ever make. And I'm not just saying that because I've never built a gingerbread house without it catching fire, but *BEEP BEEP BEEP* goddammit, not again.

Hit the jump for some closeups. Especially note the 'Super Mario Holiday' mosaic in the background, which was made out of individual candy pieces similar to the the Mario pushpin mosaic.






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Thanks to Fally, whose brother Feras actually made the house. Good looking!

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Reader Comments

Unbelievably First!!!!!!!!!

Pretty sweet...looks like yoshi's taking a dump behind the the snowballs

Shit motherf***

Theres a spear going through Luigi!!! Someone call CSI : mushroom kingdom

@#2 - he is also licking balls

Awesome work there Fally. I love it!

its so pretty. i dont think i could eat it..

Mario kinda looks retarded..but its still awesome.

FAKE!!! The shadows are all wrong. This looks like the scene where the person who keeps posting "Fake" got raped in the ass by bowser and his koopa troopas.

I'm speechless! I think this tops any Super Mario cake I've ever seen. I can't believe the detail!

I think I'm in love...

What absurd amount do you suppose this would go for on ebay?


Mario looks kinda burley, do we need tickets to that gun show?

Mario looks like he's foaming at the mouth.

what's up with the Jewish Princess Peach?

@ I think he's just doing a "got milk?" commercial...

mMmmmmm yummy

That's pretty f***ing awesome. And I'm really hungry right now, so I can't imagine doing anything else except eating it, and trying not to enjoy it too much as I bite each characters head off individually.

@14 is suppose to be @12, i'm doing my GRAMMARNAZI impersonation.

I'd just eat the princess.


....noboday asked you!!!!!

i wonder if Toby Jones would store that cake for me.

i have never seen anyone taking a dump and licking balls until now!, stupid yoshi...

After watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Coke Freak last night, I'm wasn't sure how much more Christmas cheer I could take. Then, the GW brings brings me right back around with this huge piece of awesomeness. Thanks GW!

@22, I watched that last night too. My favorite part was when you found out that Rudolph's dealer was Frosty the Snow-man.

@24 I liked it when I found out that the words "Bumbles Bounce" were a euphemism for interspieces erotica.

Grammarnazi, that was really quite rude. Your post #19 was very inappropriate.

Don't pick on my pal Moose Knuckle. I f***ing love that guy.

I feeeeel horrible-- soooooo sorrrrry!!!!!

Didn't mean to verbally abuse your "Life Partner".


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja did a dance routine on a television variety show only to be gonged by JP Morgan and mocked by a weird guy in a funny hat.

its really not fake. I saw it in person in downtown seattle. They're doing it to promote a fundraiser. I forgot which hotel they were hosting the show in but this is just one of many gingerbread houses that were in the show.

Not fake!! It would take more effort to photoshop this than it would to actually make it.

....your MOM's shadows are all wrong.

If i was a gingerbreadman all the girls would eat me...well they already do. Lets play '"Did Anyone Else Notice"' YAY!

- Did Anyone Else Notice two hands choking luigi?
- Did Anyone Else Notice toad a constapated cheep cheep
- Did Anyone Else Notice a cheep cheep reaching for something that looks like a dildo.
- Did Anyone Else Notice marios hand in 'boner position'
- Did Anyone Else Notice mario licking white stuff off his mustache
- Did Anyone Else Notice bowser has white splats over him
- Did Anyone Else Notice bowser choking on something that looks like it was made with the 'Testicle Cookbook'
- Did Anyone Else Notice mario has golden nipples? (jk)
- Did Anyone Else Notice the goomba has knees!!???!
- Did Anyone Else Notice daisy repeats the samething over and over agian?

Play again next time!

Grammarnazi, it seems you have me and Moose Knuckle mixed up with you and your dad. Your dad? Yes, your dad.

You f***ing taint eating faggot.

Moose Knuckle(the craven closet homo one), It seems that you have insecurity issues and probably suffer from low self-esteem.

And I hope you seek out help.

Thanks Dr Phil Grammarnazi. Keep building that pedestal for yourself like a good little boy. You f***ing shit licking dicknut.

Wow, this cake must've taken forever to design and create. KICK-ASS JOB!

I totally o-ed when I saw this...and I can't even get through the first level of the original supermario brothers. I would let that mario replica wipe whatever that white stuff is all over me just to get a chance to see it in real life.

Anybody with me?

Life is good when you can do what you want.

who give a fu*k if it will all go into dirty toilets at the end
i dun get why you like cake news

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