Dec 23 200860,000 Piece LEGO Hoth Battle Diorama


Sorry for the unusual lack of postage in the past few days, folks. I've been traveling my ass off (read: cover up for male enhancement surgery) and had to post via message in a bottle. But I'm back and ready to Geek the ologie. Look out! Anyway, Mark Borlase went and built himself a wicked Hoth battle diorama out of 60,000 LEGO blocks. Sure most of those are contained in the massive cave, but still, damn.

As the headline says, the 5′X10′ diorama is comprised of 60,000 Lego bricks. It cost creator Mark Borlase about $3,000 and four years of construction time to complete.

There's also the 50 LED lights that illuminate the Echo Base hangar and bacta tank with a soothing blue. Motorized AT-AT wenches and a fully operational hanger door top off this gorgeous pile of eye candy.

Four years of construction! The freaking Egyptian pyramids were built in less time (note to self: verify this). Seriously though, Mark, great freaking job. Mind if I come over and PEW PEW with the diorama a bit? Oh come on, I'll bring cookies. Laced cookies. Haha -- you got me, they're just doilies.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a link to the massive Flickr gallery.







Flickr Gallery
60,000-Piece Lego Star Wars Hoth Diorama Features LEDs, Footprints [gizmodo]

Thanks to twellve, Matt and P0STMAN, who once attended a slumber party inside a Tauntaun.

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The real question is...

...did the male enhancement surgery work?

F*** yeah!

I feel complete now! I'm going to go make love to some legos now!

man, he even built the recuperation chamber. Kudos man!!

This is insane.

good job

Mark Borlase is my hero...


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max got captured, and hung upside dowm. Baja rescued him and warmed him up inside a tauntaun.

Thats pretty hoth-some right there. i like a bit of hoth. Most importantly this is the first geekologie story that has had a comment i laughed out loud to....laced cookies being doilies...v funny :P

If i pile loads of different coloured lego bricks into a bag can i say its the worlds biggest lego M&M sculpt?


This is OLD but no doubt a brilliant display of skill. Amazing work of art right there.

IT'S OVER 9000!

(Lego pieces)

This thing bleeds PEW PEW PEW awesomeness!

Geek porn

@12, nice :]

what do they win?

9000 penises?

I am in love with this. I want this in my bedroom, so I can play the Hoth battle before I go to bed at night, and wake up in the morning to see my beautiful AT-ATs watching over me.

And I'll pet them, and hug them, and keep them fed. Can I have it George?

i just came

There isn't any closeups/information on the Millenium Falcon in the hangar. I wonder if it is from the 5,000 piece set. Anyone?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where During Jake's fight with the guys from the Hummer, he throws one of them into the vehicle's side-view mirror. In the first shot, it is seen to be the passenger side mirror. In the next shot, it is obviously the driver side mirror, and then in the last shot, it goes back to the passenger side.

funny, isn't the Millennium Falcon on the wrong side too, or did they reverse the picture in photoshop????

Aww don't be sorry for your recent posts GW, we all get busy sometimes.

Those fags whining about it are only upset because they don't have more chances to be the 1st comment to your posts. That in itself is so ghey IT deserves an apology, but there's no love lost with you so don't worry & merry christmas. I still love you very very very very very very very much!

I once built a girlfriend out of lego's that looked like a tauntaun

That is very sweet! four years tho... I am thinking not every day.

This is pretty legit! I love legos...

Bravo Mark! Excellent work!

"Which did you like better, 'Jedi' or 'The Empire Strikes Back'?"




This is almost a top class photoshop job. However, the shadows are ALL wrong.

This is from a scene in the movie Tender Dracula.
Dracula discovers that a portal to the afterlife is in his bedroom closet. Sure enough his wife, who is also the ex wife of his resurrected man servant, is swallowed up by the portal, and Dracula contacts a midget with a beehive to rescue his wife.
The midget uses reverse psychology on the afterlife and reclaims Dracula's wife.

This diorama can be seen on the window sill of Dracula's bedroom early on in the scene.

Four Please.

Four more please.

Does anyone want to buy 8 LEGO Hoth Battle Dioramas?

hasn't that Never Back Down/Photoshop non-joke died yet? It really never was funny, and now it's just sad and pathetic. I suggest putting it to rest. And if you don't, I'll make you drink my kool-aid.

Looks like it's from the 2004 set that was around 1000 pieces.

I want...... its not too late to add it to the christmas list is it?

I love the little footprint detail in the snow outside...excellent work!


J/k. I need to eat an ass, and soon.

Ack people still arnt over that never back down joke??

//get over it 0_o

Sir! Your Taun-Taun will freeze before you reach the first marker!

Then I'll see you in hell! Hyaa!

Hopefully you don't get a lot of earthquakes where you live.

That grey dinosaur thing is so cute.

this is so gangster!

This is amazing! I want one! :)

I think the most impressive thing is how the tracks in the snow were done. Great attention to detail!

OMG!!! You r-tards!! It's not a fake for all the photoshop amatuers who say it is!! I bet you haven't even used photoshop you damn N00Bs. Uber-Kudos on the hoth battle sceene duder. Praise be to Lego

Wow, i honestly wish i had that much free time on my hands.......oh wait, i enjoy having a social life. Seriously, how cold is your mother's basement?

Either way, its still pretty frickin awesome, just try to get some friends so you can play legos with them instead of by yourself

Daisy. first, let me catch my breath..I can hardly stop laughing at your clever posting. Not! Stop posting your stupid posts. after seeing the same response for the fourth time, it`s kind of old.

@ Josh: It was old the first time. Daisy seems to be nothing more than a post whore.

와~~~진짜 대단하네요
in english: wow~~it's wonderful

The $3000 I understand, but why did it take 4 years to build? Is he slow or something? Very nice however, good job.

ok whoever the noob was that said this was photoshop can go die. this is real.
and its awesome, and i wish i had this much patience.
nice job man, go work for nasa, or start a architectural company or something.

totally awesome !

It did cost more than $3000.00, and I obviously didn't work on it everyday. I would work on it 8-10 hours a week for a month and then not work on it for a couple of months, that's why it took 4 years to build. Han-solo First: this is not the 5000 piece Millenium Falcon, it had not come out when I started building this and that Millenium is too big to fit inside the display. For everyone that gave positive comments I thank you for taking the time to check out my display and commenting on it.

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This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

why is it all white?

this has got me all hoth and bothered

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