Nov 10 2008World's Largest Piñata Sadly Not Filled With Thousands Of Airplane Bottles (BOOO!)


The world's largest piñata was recently constructed and displayed in Philadephia, PA as part of a publicity stunt and commercial for Carnival Cruise Lines. "The donkey was 28.5 meters (94′) long, 7.2 meters (24′) wide and 18 (60′) meters tall and fill with 3,628 lbs of candy. (8,000lbs)." Carnival got the crowd riled up by promising to bust the monster ass open with a giant wrecking ball, but never did. Which is pretty freaking disappointing. And you know what else is? That it wasn't filled with cars. Lamest. Fiesta. Ever.

Hit the jump for one more picture.


World's Largest Pinata in Philly - Trojan Donkey [panasianbiz]

Thanks to Joe C, who could have roundhouse kicked that piñata to shreds.

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Trojan Horse?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This reminds me of the scene in the movie Never Back Down where MAx and Baja throw a birthday party, and put the Pinata on the train set in the basement to take a picture.

In other news, tragedy struck today in Philly when a boy was buried alive under 3800 lbs of candy as he struck at a mammoth pinata with a little stick.

He died happy.

haha, now there's 8,000 pounds of melted crap in there
or those god-forsaken Necco waphers *cringes*

i drove past this the night it was being built.
pretty f***ing huge.
but not impressively huge.
i could do it bigger.
and it wouldnt be filled with candy.
just headies.

"The joke starts out - how many Mexicans does it take to crack open a 10,000 lb pinata?"
The real question is, How many Mexicans hid in the Pinata to sneak into the US?
That would be pretty slick actually. If they bring candy, I say grant them citizenship!!!



@7, I think the overwhelming smell of beans and nachos would give away any mexican trying to hide in a Pinata.

Can someone explain to me the inside jokes about Never Back Down and photoshopped pics? Sounds funny ktks!

I'd be pissed as hell if they promised to crack it open and never did. What a waste of a giant piñata

I'd be ok with it being filled with Chicle, but most mexican candy just makes me nausious... and if it was designed to look like Rosie Odonnel, then it would be 1:1 scale.


heey! this is the coolest movie i have ever seen!

@11 - it's not an inside joke but some absolute f***ing bore who somehow always manages to get to third place. Hmmm - maybe it is an in joke then. Oh who cares? FOAD Daisy whoever the hell you are!

@ #3, no it's real, I'm from the area and heard about the disappointment on not breaking this open :(

I myself would have made a small hole in the foot and ate my way through its candy-organ goodness.

Dugg for busting a monster ass.

i was there, and waited for 3 hours to see it get hit. total waste of time. its for a commercial filmed for carnival cruise.

im now boycotting carnival cruise lines for wasting 3 hours of my life.

apparently the crowd of a few thousand were lured in with the promise of candy (smart/worked) and a crane with wrecking ball was actually on location and moved toward the horse, but then the ball was lowered and taken off the cable and an hour later they announced it was canceled...

AKA "thanks for filling the shot as unpaid extras so we can now CGI the actual event you were all waiting to see."



Trojan Donkey~!!!

"The donkey was 28.5 meters (94′) long, 7.2 meters (24′) wide and 18 (60′) meters tall and fill with 3,628 lbs of candy. (8,000lbs)."
Nobody sees anything wrong there? Exactly how much candy is in this thing? 3,628 pounds or 8,000 pounds?

Dude, it's not fake, I live in Philly. That shit was so disappointing.

The only remedy for the fine people of Philly (read: people that beat the hell out of each other to celebrate baseball) is a strategic hellfire missile attack on that donkey. Burn it all. Punish the donkey.


Okay, I'm tired of waiting. Who's gonna bust open MY pinata?!?

@ 21: it's a typo. Should read 3628 kgs, which is equivalent to 8000 pounds.

Also, what's the matter with you gringos? Here in Mexico we even have whore-shaped piñatas. Or wait, was her really a piñata? Would explain why they were blood and organs instead of candy.

video of the giant pinata being broken open:

i waited outside in the cold without a coat for 5 hours for them to break this GD thing and it turned out that it was all photoshop and shenanigans, i can't believe they had the balls not to break the things after the phillies won the World series, and the citizens of philly trashed their city in celebration.

I drove by with my daughter every day to take her to school it was in the parking lot at CAPA (creative and performing arts) in South Philly at Broad and Washington. There are also Circus De Sol Lei there also. My daughter couldnt wait to see them break it open. I still dont know if there was really candy in it and if they did break it for the public. It was extremely big but you can also see that stuff at New Years Parades with their floats.

Honesty is the best policy.

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