Nov 7 2008Sure, Why Not?: Super Obama World


Super Obama World is an online game you can play and a take off on -- you'd never guess in a million years -- Super Contra. I jest, it's soon to be 44th U.S. president Barack Obama in Super Mario World. Except it's not actually Super Mario World, it just looks similar. You run around in Alaska stomping pigs and collecting American flags. It wasn't the worst game I've ever played, but that's only because I've had games played with my heart. True story -- the red team pulled it out Temple of Doom style and started kicking it around like a soccer ball.

Official Website

Thanks to Caroline and Romeo, both of whom claim there's a warp whistle to the White House hidden somewhere in the third level.

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Fried Chicken is good


im a cuuuuunt

barack wants to change the national bird to fried chicken

koolaid, watermelon, waffles, malt liquor, and spinners will now be tax exempt.

Obama in his quest to save Princess Change?

Jesus, there are some stupid mother f***ers on this site.

Does he fight common sense while riding on the backs of the media?

Hey Known. I didn't get first! Does that mean I'm not "ghay" anymore? If so, I guess you cant come over tonight!

lame. stupid political BS.

leave nintendo out of it.

I guess it was only a matter of time before the liberal messiah got his own lame ass video game.
@8 - It seems like you may have helped design this...

I have about 38 cents in my pocket, can I be president?

So to re-cap the over-used comments/trolling over the past month or so:

Never Back Down
Spare Tire?
Daisy insults/commendations
Insulting FRISTERS
LSD/Sharpie Insults
Penis ref's

Did I miss anything?

Urgent announcement:

All whites must report to the nearest cotton field tomorrow at 5 am. For a list of your local cotton fields please visit***

@13 You forgot to comment on the actual post. Don't forget relevance. Someone around her has to do it.

@14. Does that mean Baracks white half has to report?

Pew pew pew

@ 15 - see comment #11. Thank you for playing.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake, the shadows are all wrong.

This looks like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max played a videogame and used a superfluous spare tire to mount the TV on.

Nom nom nom!

Eat shit!

you forgot
- imposterizing
- what does AJ stand for?
- talking about how this site sucks because the comments aren't funny
- sucking up to GW on his impending divorce

Q - Why are divorces so expensive?
A - You get what you pay for.

AJ - ended up actually standing for Ahmend J- something or Ackmed or something like that, although I still prefer Ass Jockey.

Your comments have really gone downhill *elitist scoff*

BW - Forget that bitch, and come up to wherever the hell I am for a beer and shoe pukin good time!

@19 - thanks for reminding me!!!!

Bowser = McCain? Economy? Biden???

A NIGGER in the White House! What the f***! I'd rather have my eyeballs removed by 2 blind handicapped kindergarten children with toothpicks.

This is an outrage! That nigger will be in there soon with his 'homeboys' smoking weed, eating fried chicken, calling up his hoes, supping 40oz malt liquor, picking water melon seeds out of his teeth.

I bet that nigger is going to be receiving welfare while he's in the White Hou- sorry my mistake the Black House. Someone is going to have to tell him that being the president means having to do work, broken back, crooked toed rotten coon.

The most patriotic thing you will ever see from that thing, is an afro pick decoared in the stars and stripes, dug into his 'fro.

Way to go America, from Bush to a Nigger, you REALLY screwed up this time.

@all you useless, racist f***s

I could've been wrong when I first came to this site. I tought is was all about cool shit that the average geek was into. Instead it's turned into a forum for the sons and daughters of Adolf Hitler. Aren't we all supposed to friends of Lamar instead of some collective of ignorant, racist cob knobblers? What the f*** happened?

Could swear i've seen that post somewhere b4...

lol @ Right Fury


The comments on this site have gone all YouTube: completely racist or like a 12- year old wrote them. They used to be so clever too...

@16, you're right. You know I love you Thumperchica. If this were kindergarden, I would pull on your pigtails. Of course, if this were kindergarden, ass hats like #22 would be beaten and sent to the principals office until Mommy or Daddy KKK member would come pick them up. What am I thinking? Those people don't go to school!!

Pew pew pew on 22!

@ Mcgloin

HEY now! it's only black on the inside. I can't wait for Obamas kids, monique and unique, to get there new puppies! So they can potty train them in the lincoln room. How ironic, er i mean iconic.

please excuse my bigotry. My country has just been overthrown. Guess I'll go cling to some guns, before i start paying a %500 tax on ammo. Maybe I'll join his civilian paramilitary force when he starts it. I can go buss' a cap in some bible thumper ass. F***ing subversives, with all their family values and shit.

Yay #22, you and Daisy are my favorite. I wish you nothing but joy and luck... um... club? Is that racist?

PEW PEW on 22
Roses Are Blue
22 He hates the Jew
22 His dick won't screw.

Anyone else notice that all the racist posters can't spell, or use puncuation correctly.

Way to live up to your stereotypes, rednecks.

OOPs, forgot to fix my name, LOL

@27 - I usally am right... STOP LAUGHING!
@22 - You are a f***in tard.
@28 - LOL


had he promised that i actually would have voted.

if you dont like fried chicken and watermelon theres something wrong with you

I love the taste of fresh dingleberries

@13, 15 brought up a missed one,

PEW PEW PEW!! (or sometimes just pew)

@35 - IMNSHO - PEW PEW PEW is not used ENOUGH!

I'm Barack Obama and I endorse this video game.

I knew it was only a matter of time....Before the rest of the internet was gonna get a hold of the comment section one day....

When the hell did that happen?(has been away)

I thought Obama didn't like plumbers....

I miss Hedonistica. Anybody remember that? Before it linked you here?

Also, the game won't work for me. An omen?

you racist blog dogs amaze me. i did not know they had all that internet in the south!! yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Are ya kiddin'? We're stockpilin' tha internets for when the Y2k decides to strike again! Sher to be soon wot with tha negro runnin' thangs.

Daisy - pretty good link on your name there.



Ugh, I wasted all the time on the first level on that damn pointless bridge.

Do you burn the flags after you collect them? Do you save Achmadenijad or is he in another castle?

In level 5 the flags become guns, he's gotta grab 'em!

I loved this game till the level where obama has to take it in the ass from the U.N.

That was a little inappropriate.

Does anyone think Daisy is the GW pulling a prank on all of us?

OK, this officially kicks ass!!!

I voted for Obama and I approve this message......any negative posts please send them to www.gof***

due to the recent election results. the statue of liberty will be taken down and replaced with a statute of Aunt Jamima or Mrs. Buttersworth

@ 22: i guess you'll be signing up for disability with your newly acquired blindness. yes, time to be afraid.


Those pigs keep killing me!!!
If I jump on them will they die?

not to change the topic or anything but...I can't find the hidden whistle that takes you to the white house on level 3...anyone know where it is?



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