Nov 7 2008Stylin' And Profilin' (And Kicking Myself In The Nuts For Writing That) With A Mario Hoodie


Looking for a sweet new hoodie to rock this fall? How about a Super Mario inspired joint? The MarioFlauge hoodie is currently available for pre-order and will set you back 65 pieces of eight. It's jam packed with enough golden coins, warp pipes, and phallic mountains for even the most discriminating hoodier. DO WANT.

Product Page

Thanks to Dan, who wears a hoodie the only way he knows how: backwards. You see, Dan is special.

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Reader Comments

Does it come in "Underground Level" blue?

What about "Bowser Boss 1"?

I Want This. NOW!


Lame! I need this shit to come in super fat f*** size. It's getting to cold out for the tarps to work anymore.

It doesn't get cold enough here to wear that. Whats with the Mario resurgance lately anyway?

@6 For some of us (me) Mario never went away.

Times like this I need another sugar momma. Dayum, I want.

@6 Are you from Scotland or something?

The other shirts advertised on the site are actually pretty sweet.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows arew all wrong.

This looks a lot like the hoodie int he movie Never Back Down, that Baja used as a pillow then Max kidnapped her and made her ride in the trunk of his mustang.

pretty sweet. underground blue would be even prettier and sweeter.

@9 No. why? Does it not get cold in Scotland, or are you saying the Scottish don't care much for Mario?

I'm not a Mario hater, but I'm not going to parade around in Mario gear either. I'll save my geekie pride for Star Wars wear.

Besides, we have an employee here that looks like he could be the real life Mario. We want to put up some Mushrooms and Turtles and stuff on his wall. He's not going for it though.

Pew pew

@ 11 You read my mind. Or maybe the in the dark mushroom levels.

If this came without that gay thumb thing I'd consider buying it.

@14 - the gay thumb thingie is why I want it... hrm!


Your are hereby served reprimand for extraneous PEW PEW-ing unrelated to this post or your own comment hereby referenced. It is demanded that you immediately cease the use and distribution of all infringing PEW PEW PEWS, and all PEW PEWS, or even just PEWS, including electronic PEWS, of same PEW, that you deliver to me, if applicable, all unused PEW PEW PEWS, undistributed copies of same PEW PEW, or destroy such PEW PEW PEWS immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of PEW PEW-ing in the future. If we do not receive an affirmative response from you indicating that you have fully complied with these requirements, further PEW PEW PEW-ing shall be taken against you. PEW.


I love Super Mario! but more importantly....


This is cool as I grew up with mario like most here but only a girl could pull off wearing this as a guy wearing this would look.. bigtime gay-tarted (*See guy in above pic. I rest my case.)

@16, pardon me officer, but f*** you! (not 'butt f*** you')

That's pretty sketch...

@16, I think the Pew Police SHOULD click on my names link.

That'l learn ya!
oh and....
pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

I think I would like it with a Haunted mansion and a bunch of boos everywhere... yeah... boos.......

Yeah and that guy is gay-tarted

Aw shit, Rick Rolled PEW PEW!

P.s. Pew. Pew. PEW!

It is hereby declared that any and all offices of the identity known as the PEW PEW POLICE have been commandeered in a manner most hostile so as to restore the right of PEW PEW to the general public.

Heretofore it is also publicly declared that a ban has been placed an all future NOM NOM activity and any and all NOM NOMs shall be surrendered immediately.


They'll eventual sell this and shit like it at Hot Topic for emo kids who have been dupped into believing they're a unique snowflake.

this guy looks like some asshole that went to my college. i would love to slug him in the BH and give him a black blue and brown eye.

Wouldn't this look nice in underground level blue? That geezer's got a colossal chin.

They aren't even Mario graphics, they're third-world sweatshop knockoffs. Since when do coins have big "C"'s on them, and those warp pipes look like coffee tables.

skater clothes, mannn

I'd agree to dress up like princess peach, as long as it's pixelninja designed it and wore it first.

Wouldn't you?

Where can I get this?!?!?!?! Please email me [email protected]

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