Nov 4 2008Own Your Own Apollo Spacesuit (Replica)


You remember when you were a kid and wanted to be an astronaut? Well I still do. And I'm building my own rocketship (screw you NASA -- rules and regulate this!). Originally I was gonna blast the eff off in a pair of gym shorts and novelty t-shirt, but now I'm thinking I might need something a little more....official looking. Enter the replica Apollo 11 spacesuit. Made based on a real Apollo A7L suit, it looks and feels like the real deal -- and all for only $9,500! Which, incidentally, is more than my entire rocketship cost to build. Speaking of which, I'm now accepting applications for one lucky lady (or dude that's really convincing) to join me on my groundbreaking journey to blowing up on the launch pad and dying. Pre-liftoff lunch will be included, no purchase necessary, just send a picture and five bucks to help cover the cold-cuts.

Buy a real Apollo spacesuit and finally live out those childhood dreams [dvice]

e. -- I'll blast off with you any day. And, God willing, we won't explode.

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Reader Comments

Confusing titles.

so confusing, I couldn't read what dupe said correctly......
guess what I think dupe said...

....Marijuana helmet? Just rig it up so THC is blown dierctly into the helmet and go on your own moon walk!

What titties???


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can Tell, the shadows are all wrong.

This looks like when Max and Baja went to space camp in the movie Never Back Down.


It's what I always wanted! A f***ing refrigerator strapped to the back of a really uncomfortable tyvek suit! Plus all the hoses retain your farts for later use! Sign me up!

that is the most beautiful bong i have ever seen...

I want one. that's what I've been wanting all my life, a spacesuit. A freaking spacesuit. I can do all sorts of things, not just trick or treating but also getting an excuse from my wife to go play poker. Yeah, I need a spacesuit to play poker late at night. You never know what goes on the poker table.


Have Spacesuit, Will Travel


get one and just show up at nasa. tell them you are the ghost of buzz aldrin and demand to be shot into space so that you may rest in peace.

@13, What a half-cocked idea. Not even funny, because my cousin did that, but they didn't make arrangements for him to get back down to earth.

No he's floating around somewhere with no cell phone, or internet.

Dude, don't knock the intelligence of NASA. They construed an entire conspiracy about landing on the moon and convinced the whole country they didn't kill JFK, or his brother, or all the citizens of Jonestown. Who's been reading her history books? This girl right here.

Where there is a will there is a way.

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