Nov 19 2008Korean Soldiers Get New Halo-y Armor


The Rupublic of Korea's troops are stepping into winter fashion in a big way -- with all new threads and a sweet-ass rifle.

The new new battle uniforms would provide protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks, and would feature automatic temperature control. A new protective vest is also planned. In addition to keeping the lead out, the helmet will be prewired for minicam video transmission, GPS navigation, and assorted networking gear

And the gun?

The double-barreled K-11 assault rifle lets the shooter fire either NATO 5.56- or 20-millimeter grenades, all off the same trigger. Day and night aiming is accomplished with a thermal target seeker and laser that calculates distance automatically--a true point-and-shoot.

Oh man, WANT! I just question how legitimate this new gear is seeing how the picture looks suspiciously like someone Xeroxed the cover of an old sci-fi novel.

Hit the jump for a 5:00 video about the new rifle. Pretty sweet drop-test footage starting at 4:15.

New 'Halo'-esque look for Korea's troops [cnet]

Thanks to Hunter, who has Master Chief's autograph. On his chest.

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Looks like a motorcycle helmet and leotards




Great idea! Until NK nukes them and the emp fries all those fancy electronics.

Uh, which Korea, if it's North, that's bad

I hope thats South Korean...
Its bulky =/ but thats a pretty bad ass weapon =/

Now, wheres that armor they are talking about?

I am of number 5!

Ahhhh crap!!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake beacues the shadow's are all wrong.

This looks a lot like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max gets dressed up in cardboard armor and and plays PEWPEWPEW in the woods.

Is this a sign for the end of the world? Man, I'm scared...
I'm still a virgin. I will never get laid.

Hmmm..they should diverted a little of that R&D money to new parachutes...OH, maybe that's why they are showing how well the guns hold up from repeated dropping...meh.

A KPA soldier with a $100 flame thrower can take these out.

i love the black and white bitmap. gives a very original 'lost in space' action figure packaging feel.

The Republic of Korea is also know as South Korea. Thank you Google. You did it again.

ignore daisy campaign begins here.

stop imagining the troll and the troll gets bored and goes away.

Yeah, you can afford that when you only need to equip like, 100 guys. Rifle is cool, but dropping it like you would drop the groceries is NOT stress testing.

I shot a G36 so hard it caught fire during a 10,000 round stress test, let's see that thing put a couple of mags of grenades down range at max fire rate and see what happens.

"When the going gets tough, the tough go cyclic"

HOLY SHIT!!! We're done for....f***ing done for. The asians are going to get all our money, super-power their soldiers, and take over the world!!!!!! OH GOD!!!

This actually looks almost identical to the proposed suit for US forces. Of course that press release was sent out like 4 years ago, and obviously nothings happened yet. I wonder if the assault rifle includes the timed smart rounds. You use a range finder to set up the distance you want the round to blow up in and fire through dry wall to hit your target no problem!

Okay for those who don't know ROK (Republic of Korea) is the non-communist flavor of the Korean peninsula. I can just see our soldiers get all jealous working beside these dudes. The South Korean soldiers are some of the toughest in the world. Put them in these suits and watch out especially if they go ninja on you! The downside for the ROK army is when soldiers desert they can't shoot them from the main gate anymore. Won't be as effective with a bullet proof vest.

@6 ur retarded for thinking that there is a chance of this video being either from North or South. Its obviously South b/c the North will never prohibit a leak like this considering they have no internet for the public to use freely and they will not spend money on making rifles when they are already broke as hell making nukes with their last resources.

@18 It's inevitable as we are one of the largest population in the world so you can start running now but sooner or later we're going to hump you and everyone is going to be beige.

They're preparing to take over the world! Someone call Austin Powers! lol

This tech has been around for years. Check out the OICW program which this is clearly based on.

they cant afford to outfit too many soldiers with that =)
maybe one battalion or something.... or just the special forces at best. even then, the suit and gun are too bulky for a lot of operations. It looks heavy =p M40 heavy.

Holy shit! It's the guy from Daft Punk! XD


The autograph is on my chest, he signed it with a needler. I feel blessed.

Sooo...won't there be some problems with shooting 20 mm nades and regular rounds from the same trigger? Like, I don't know, trying to blow the buhjeezus out of an apc and instead sending three puny 5.56's pinging of it's side?
Maybe that's just me.

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The one on ventura?

FAKE!!! I can tell, because there's no Kimchi accessories. And yes, it'd be South Korea of either of the two...North Korea is broke.

no, in im oc

Better looking than America's 2025 soldier idea.

Mini-missile system?? FAIL

i think it looks shit. any soldier wearing that glorified leotard would probably want to die.

new ability for allow US to leave - we no want US troops - now we no need

@ 36. The feeling's mutual U.S. troops no want to be in that armpit of a country either.

They need an arbiter


Holy shit Strickland, I think these guys have nanosuits!!!
Those guys aren't supposed to have that kind of technology!

Should come with a built in mp3 player! Haha.

forty first!

kk guys i hate to admit but its true. im in the infantry 32nd battalion 2 division and we have been diverted from normal training to test these huge badass guns. kinda kool if u ask me and that mini missle diverter or something like that is a flare, kinda fail if u ask me but it works, anyway these are not rumors u can see more concept designs in but its in korean good luck

This is hilarious.

Not only did I put this ensemble together for the US Army's Army After Next display in 1998 (IIRC), but that's me wearing the suit. The whole thing was done on a shoestring budget (minus the OICW candidate, of course). The one thing they wouldn't let me depict was a lower-body exoskeleton, because they said it was "too futuristic". Guess what? We have them now (Google HULC or SARCOS for examples).

For the newest US Army soldier-system "concept car", go to, or look up "Future Soldier Initiative" on Facebook.

F***! they're going to make us their Grunt bitches! Where's my Needler? Good. Thank you, Flip Yap. Or are you Yap Flip? Wait, where's my amunition, asshole? The Brutes are doing WHAT with it? Fine where's my Plasma pistol? They're using it to Noob-combo the shit out of my brother with it? is to late to move to Korea? Damn. Bad cyborg! RUUUUUUU- *BOOM!*

Okay, so a good number of you think it's real... Look at all other cutting edge weapons tech, actually think about it, logically (yes you must actually use your brain for this!) then quietly tell yourself how much of an idiot you were and then go on like nothing happened... After all, we all make mistakes right?

Now consider this... Nations for some odd reason, tend to act like individuals... When the Jones family get a new car, it makes the Johnson family jealous... The Johnson family gets a new car... That makes the Jacobson family jealous, but they don't have the resources to get a shiny new car... So what do they do? They buy an old car, clean it up and change the way it looks and say it's a new car... As long as no one can ever get a really good look at it they can keep calling it a new car... Propaganda 101... In caveman terms, if the other guy has a bigger stick, you tell him you're making an even bigger one... I f he wants to see it? Well then you show him a tree... How about a frog? When a frog feels threatened what does it do? It puffs up its chest to seem bigger and tougher than it really is... Not the best examples I know, but simple ones nonetheless...

So why would S. Korea say that they have this awesome gun and then show bogus footage? Well with a Madman that has nukes living on their very doorstep I can sure see why they might want to seem tougher than they actually are... Who wouldn't? Everyone does it, one just has to learn to pick out what's real and what's propaganda...

Want real-world examples? Look at all the press releases during the cold-war... both countries kept coming out with new "war-winning weapons"... And while yes, there were definitely some giant leaps in the space and arms races... Much of the media-hype was, well, hot air...

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