Nov 26 2008Italian Police Find Cellphone Gun: Excuse Me, I Need To Answer This....PEW PEW!


Italian police discovered a .22 caliber cellphone gun during a raid on a Camorra (Naples Mafia) compound.

Fully loaded, the gun's capable of firing four shots in quick succession through the antenna using buttons on the keypad as the trigger. Officers also seized bullet proof vests, drugs, ammunition and thousands of pounds in cash.

Screw the gun, thousands of pounds in cash? Are talking pounds the monetary unit or pounds as in I weigh far too many of them? And if it is the latter, tell me they were all ones. Then give me a stack -- Thanksgiving at the strip club!

Mafia 'mobile phone gun' seized [bbcnews]

Thanks to Georgethefirst, who still rocks a pager gun because he's oldschool.

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pork f*** ninja troll device

this device has been around for a while now it's not new, along with the key chain gun that people been taking on air planes.

If it ain't touch-screen, I ain't takin' it.

Wait... What? A gun?

I definitely wanna have that dual purpose entity. A gun and a cell phone? F***in' A!

oh my friend had one of these! it has a camera in the back and everytime i took a picture of my shoes someone would scream. It was an odd phone, you cant ever trust samsung

i just wet my a little bit

my dreams are coming true

all i want for x-mas is PEW PEW PEW

Top 10
Pew Pew

PEW PEW can you hear me now? NO? 'Cause u dead beeeyatch!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is just like the scene in the movie Never Back Down, when Max gets a call on the cellphone he stole from Bajas drug dealer because his recent star wars puppet purchase from the dealer didn't have the 'product' it was supposed to have inside it. That product, bacon flavored ice cream of course, was later acquired by Max through a wheel of fortune chatroom scam that scored for him big time after he revealed the location of all the local Del Tacos on a pirate map that was posted online.

seen this ages ago, here's a vid if any1 wants.

It's viral advertising for this movie -

these things have been around since about 1999, but I guess you can't expect backwards ass police forces like Italians to have any concept of current events.

PEW rang?

This is old. They had guns hidden in telephones in 1957. And this is real and not fake.

Double PEW PEW... and yes i DO have a pager... nothing wrong....pew...

@3 whoa there. Almost all nouns, i'm impressed.

or, 100% verbs, depending on your slang.


Damn... i was too slow...

It's like one big run-on sentence.

Sweet, can I get one of those and an mp3 player taser, a bluetooth earpiece motion detector, a PDA EM pulse emitter, an Aston Martin, and a bevvy of those Bond sluts?


Oops, sorry about that, my comments above were directed @2, not 3.

I suppose that good for self defence/assassination purposes, nice and compact but fror self defence I like to carry one of these around in my backpack Muggers never mug again with no limbs!

This is so effing sweet. o.o

All I can really say is...


This is not fake or photoshopped. I work in terrosrism for my counties government. and we've used these in training. you pull the handle out at the back, this cocks the gun, then the 2nd row of buttons fires the gun, one bullet at a time...


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was bummed out because he was so small, and then he and Baja got locked in the freezer at the butcher shop, and Max was the only one who was small enough to climb out the window and let her escape. Her nipples were hard that day I can tell you.

Like anyone is going to believe that's a cell phone.

Maybe if it was the polish police....

thats really cool! i want one for christmas

Thousands of pounds in cash? I think they mean cash.

watched here:

I'm so proud to be Italian! Phew Phew Phewwwwwww

Can you bitches hear me NOW ?

Ring, ring, answers wrong phone and promptly turns head into canoe.

siko, weres teh trigg0r?

Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Chinga tu madre First!

I want one of those to call my boss...

wow, text me a bullet.

I want one
all my phone does is f*** up

HAHAHAHA! YEAH I HAPEN TO BE LIVING IN NAPLES RIGHT F***ING MEOW MOTHER F***ERS!!!!! shit is nuts out here! they have all this f***ing Italian army assholes in checkpoints and shit in my neighborhood. Checkpoint everywhere, they dropped a bunch of mother f***ers a couple of weeks ago. matter of fact they did a drive by on a bunch of little schoolchildren the other day just to show the Italian gov that they don;t give a f*** and they want their army out of the towns! shit is nuts! piles of burning trash and shit, dead animals on the side of the road, oh man all the traficking of people, yeah all them romanian hookers they have on the side of the road here (tasty) are sex slaves, man this town sucks! mother f***ers make good pizza though!! :) i think my landowner is a f***ing camorrista, but i don't f*** with him!

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