Oct 21 2008Website Makes Notifying Sexual Partners About Possible STD Exposure Quick, Easy, And Painless (Minus The Burning)


Does it hurt when you pee? Look down. Did the toilet lid fall on your penis? If so, disregard. But if not, get tested. And then use the inSPOT website to notify all your past sexual partners you may have given them something. Originally developed for gay and bisexual men, the site can be used by anybody to let their recent partners know they may have have been exposed to disease. I'm sending them instead of Christmas cards this year! Oh, hold on, incoming.

UPDATE: Great, just great. Now my penis is gonna fall off.


Thanks to Kelly, who urges Geekologie readers to wrap it up twice and still rubberband a Funyun bag on for good measure. Remember: you never can be too safe. Or onion-y.

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Reader Comments

FIRST...or second

YAY first on something noone cares about

anyone know where the f*** i put my bloody hedge clippers?

i think i saw them in the writers back...

Best part is, you can send these anonymously. Good fun for the rest of my work day

OK, so while this seems like a good idea... How would you like to get an email notification about a possible STD? Seems a bit chickenshit to me...

so, i take it that leaving them a note about how i gave them the clap on a post-it is in bad taste?

This is nothing. I already have one. my grandfather bought me one when i was little. it doesn't work. its just a toy. nothing to get excited about.

you know what i hate...clipping my nails...and then noticing that i forgot one an hour or so later

@9 thats happened to me before. do what they did in the olden days (cavemen) bite it off you f***in sissy

@10 I bit all my nails. its a nervous habit. but it works. i sometimes lick my grundle too just to see if its any different then my taint.

well i would bite them but i have big thick man nails...so i would need jaws from 007 to do that... anyone got an extra pair of clipper and can get through two security doors and two armed guards and bring them to my desk i would say thank you

LOL @7 nope. thats what the site i for. let that bitch know shes got the clap.


Thats an obvious photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

It does kinda look like Max's health homework from the movie, Never Back Down.

Or you could just e-mail them a link to the site. I'm pretty sure they'd get the point.

in other news, i watched TMNT 3 last night. it was f***ing awful compared to the first two. in hindsight, i now understand why i put off watching it for so long.

Dear Sharpie....

Wait, what does TMNT have to do with STDs? Unless, you have a turtle std, which would be pretty weird.

"Tag, you're it!"

That's how I would notify someone I may or may not have given them AIDS.

hey LSDiesel, is there tag backs? whats base?

*cough* I KNOW what base is

i don't think turtles are sexually promiscuous enough for stds. maybe raphael, that would explain his shitty attitude.

20&21 - Its the free clinic downtown across from the pawn shop

Yeah, that's totally what i was talking about, what did you guys think i meant?

two condoms is actually less safe. didn't you take a sex ed class in high school? not sure about the funyun bag.

Just remember, Herpes is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving. Oh, and Chlamydia is NOT a flower, and therefore not a nice suprise for your s/o

I would make more sexual jokes, but then I remebered it's against my religion. This is pretty offensive stuff here guys.

@27- Wow, that is deep... and, thought provoking.

Herpes - Nature's French tickler

@27, your religion is against sexual inuendo ?(but yes, this is offensive)

@ Jo Mama - wrong, so very wrong... and so very funny...

LIFE is an STD... discuss

I have a theory. Pregnancy is the ultimate STD. What are babies but parasites? And how are the parasites transmitted? Through unsafe sexual practice.

Thus, babies = STDs

@33, It's a disease we can't live without.

@11 - the hosebag love grundle licking. She thinks biting nails is gross though. Go figure.

@33 way to wordily copy what I said

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