Oct 28 2008Star Wars And Star Trek Dollar Origami


Won Park folds dollar bills. And so do I. But while he folds his into Star Wars and Star Trek ships, I fold mine in half the long way and give them to strippers. Obviously, we're equally talented. That's a $3 Millennium Falcon in the picture being pursued by what I suspect are a pair of $1 T.I.E. Fighters. But who knows, maybe they're $2 T.I.E. Fighters. One thing's for certain though: if you rip a dollar in half and then fold it a bunch, you can tip strippers twice as often for the same amount of money. Genius? Yes. Bouncer break my arm? Thank god for voice recognition software.

Hit the jump for a couple more of my favorites, including the Enterprise, and a link to the gallery.





Amazing Star Wars (and Star Trek) origami made from dollar bills [dvice] (GALLERY)

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I guess money and happiness ARE one and the same. What was I thinking???

Also, that is an obvious photoshop job. The shadows are all wrong. And wasn't that originally Jake's......spaceship from Never Back Down.

That didn't work out like I wanted it to. XD

i already loathe one person in here dont make it two...

@5, I take it you meant me, since everyone seems to hate me. Oh well.

i make these out of my poop. who wants me to mail one directly to their house just in time for the holidays.

actually i meant it @4... i guess i should have said that in my comment... sorry for the mix up

This guy has boldly gone where no man had gone before. I wonder if he can make a Princess leia out of a $20 bill. Or he could make anything out of $100 bill, I'd want it anyway

@8, okay good. Just to clarify, (and this is the ONLY time I will do so) EVERYTHING I say is only to be taken in fun. I mean no personal harm, nor do I wish anyone ill on this site. Anything I say that could be mistaken as an insult (cock smoker, douche rocket, jew bag, etc.) is only meant to test the creativity of those who repsond to me.

Now burn in hell, all of you.

Everybody loves you. Including me now.... wanna get cozy?

@10 i think the don wants to pet your one eyed wonder weasel...

@10, 12
I meant it in a good, CLEAN way. :)

But if you must insist, you could use the interpretation of Clean as in Wham, bam, Thankyou Ma'am.

LSD... everyone seems to hate you not because of ur constant use of creative insults.. but for ur dis belief in everything the geekologie writer puts up on the basis that the "shadows" are all wrong..

so y dont u go and f*** urself...... cunt muscle

@14 what the f*** are you talking about???

@14, nice name. It made me smile.
Btw, daisy was looking for you. She was mad that you get her and I mixed up, which is easy to do because I recently had a heavy photoshopping, and I look different with these new shadows.

Lookie.... Somebody got his boobs mixed up with his buns. That's daisly, dickbrain.

i dont ever use this in modern speech but... @14 FAIL!

theyre in the mail. the don, sharpie, diesel, and cbass will each be receiving my limited edition gifts that i personally made myself. with my feces, and shaped it with my feet.



nice i feel like im apart of something real now! yay

They'd probably arrest you at the post office for bringing shit into their premises. Even if you go there empty-handed.

The X-wing is impressive.

Me likey.

Oh YAY! More time extensive useless Star Wars and/or Star Trek Shit!

@LSD- you know we love your Sperm Burping Road Whoring ass...



This is an obvious fake. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong. It looks like they rendered these in some sort of currency paint.

Besides the obvious problems it kinda looks like a scene from Never Back Down.

Man, I was reflecting over my comment history here and I think I am now officially on FIRE ya'll. I get all worked up and jazzed thinkin' bout the heat I bring to this f***in' blog!!

not impressive due to the fact that it isn't made with a single dollar bill, anyone can make it using several bills.

I think these are awesome.

He'd better create all of these he can right now. When Obama's president he won't have any spare dollars to use.

TH1RTY TH1RD BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is an obvious reality. You can tell because the shadows are all perfect. Perfect in Dollar currency without any paint.

Obviously there are no problems. It's exactly what they used in the scene from Always Front UP.

Where's the 50 dollar Deathstar?

I wonder if the creator will donate about a million of it to my personal studio, or I can pay him a hundred bucks for a million of them. Does anyone know how i can contact him????

Creator ? Pray to God thrice daily before and after you meals.
And just write you accound details on the walls of every prayer house.

If someone gave me dollars like this in a strip club, I would give free lap dances.

Never lost.. i was from the bigginin.. tnx god.. cause army.. will not gonna catch the alien... i guess the predator will lose like usual.. alien..roswell

we see you.. from space.. we live in nations.. well but we are much intelligent then you.. see me .. http://www.iwasabducted.com/aliengallery/custody.htm check there the usa stupidities.. heh ... if they know it.. the alien leanguage they will not gonna comment nothing to the public like varner bush in 1947..
tnx god cause there was a microcip inside of the body...

with respect the captain. from ufo incident in 1947
if u believe in thelephaty you„ll gonna believe me !!!

@38, but if they gave you money to do a free lap dance....am I missing something?

http://orudorumagi11.deviantart.com/ <Before you say it's fake, go look at the rest of his work on his DeviantArt account at that link.

Must admit that this latest photo shoot was pretty corny. Not his usual fare.

43rd!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go f*** yourself

You are all retarded!

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