Oct 1 2008Protest Robot Does Your Protesting For You


Robovox is an 8 meter tall robot designed by artist Martin Bricelj that receives text messages and then speaks them aloud in his loud robot voice.

Its purpose is to serve as a tool for an individual, who's voice usually gets lost in the sounds of the mass, the society. An individual can send a text message using his mobile phone to the dedicated RoboVox's number. Upon receiving the SMS RoboVox says out loud the statement, the protest, the declaration of love, or whatever the message may read, thus lending its voice to the anonymous individual.

Awesome, I'm all for a good protest, I think I'll give it a go. *texting* "QUICK, SOMEONE BREAK MY FREAKING HEAD OFF BEFORE I KILL YOU ALL."

Hit the jump for a video.

Giant Protestbot Speaks Your Mind [botjunkie]

Thanks to zombie bob, who knows the only good robot is a peace-loving robot.

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Robots will soon replace us all.

Apparently the first sector of society they will replace are protestors. This is highly illogical as protesters are already unemployed neer-do-wells. This robot revolution will allow protesters the opportunity to sleep even later, and do less.

The robot will be surronded by old people saying "Klaatu barada nikto" and younger people saying "Domo Arigato".

man i can see this in front of abortion clinics everywhere.

I think this is the FIRST article in quite some time where some jerk didn't claim FIRST.

PS, Whats the number for texts?

*texting* HEY HAAAY, GIRLS

This is so last year.....according to the Kibla webpage

Martin Bricelj
RoboVox – Your voice

Main square in Maribor has been visited by a special guest with the name of RoboVox. His visit lasted from the 25th of October until the 2nd of November 2007.

RoboVox is an interactive sound installation by the author Martin Bricelj who was receiving your SMS on the number 040809908 and speaking them out loud.

You'll know my ex-girlfriend is there when the robot starts saying shit like


Agreed with #4, how on earth would protesters be able to buy this, let alone rent it??

I already got one and mine stands in front of McDonalds and protests the absence of the McRib

I'd imagine it'd get really annoying having to hear that monotone voice reading messages out all day.


That robot is a complete fake! Probably photoshopped. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

Plus, this is a rip off from a scene in Never Back Down!!!

I love that movie... it taught me so much. Like never backing down!

*texting* First!

*texting* PULL MY FINGER

This will never get used for what it was designed for. Watch the video. It had been up and running for less than a day, and someone already made the robot say he had a huge one. Way to enable every douche in the world to anonymously make penis and yo momma jokes...

@18 - speaking of yo mama, she has a huge penis.......mine. :)

@19 - nice...
*texting* Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic

*texting* Transformers, let's roll!

Haha. After looking at the first picture...

*texting* Max in SPACE!!!
(cookie for those who get the reference)

Also it kinda looks like a giant Gir. OMG the brownies and tuna you could hide in that thing.

wow what a great idea pause not

^------ thats a not joke

@22, (haha, it looks like ass)

Lea Thompson is sooooo f***ing hot.


texting- *SWITCHING TO KILL MODE* kill all humans, kill all humans

Wow, ever heard of a f***ing megaphone?

He doth protest too much?

@25 yeah... terrible movie. I think I still have a copy on VHS floating around somewhere. Lea Thompson.... definitely f***able. 8| I wonder what she looks like now?


Yup... still f***able.

got one in black? bloc style? able to protest and fight the cops when they rush?

@21 I do believe you meant. Autobots, ROLL OUT!

"Do you want me to sit in the corner and rust, or just fall apart where I'm standing?"

i heard you can do the same with steve hawkins. and it takes about the same amount of time to set him up.

(the soundtrack on that video, i felt like i was watching rugrats, that nickelodeon cartoon)

*texting* SHOOP DA WHOOP!


Why does langueae be in wrong=?!

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