Oct 15 2008Old As Hell!: G.I. Joe Pork Chop Sandwiches

Video, due to language, is probably NSFW.

This video is older than the interweb itself. In fact, it was first depicted on a cave wall, drawn there by a caveman who smeared his penis in the ashes left from a fire started when lightning hit a dry tree. True story. Anyway, for those of you who haven't seen it, this is a redubbing of one of the public service announcements played after a G.I. Joe cartoon ("and knowing is half the battle!"). There's a bunch more if you like it, but this is the best one. So, with that said, let the OLDing begin!*

*By typing OLD in the comments, you forfeit your right to ever have sex again.**
**Expect in prison, against your will.


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oh, i like the dog one better actually

"wassup dogg? ..... aww hell na"



'that smelled delicous'

many a friday night spent checking all of these vids out.

'mmbody massage'

The reggae is actually the best one.

I'm sorry, that was lame

This isn't that old. It's just a viral video from footage of the movie "Never Back Down"

Ancient? hell yeah! I didn't type old!

aw crap

Also, number 6 is correct. I had dreams of a black man staring through my window doing reggae. It was pretty awesome.

Thank you, i haven't seen this yet! it was probably popular way before i was even born. im 102 now. im old as hell. Ill never have sex again anyway, why i havent had sex in 72 years.

ohhh yeah i forgot about that reggae one, for realz... that does take the cake.

haha grandpa you crazy

Ooooh, I don't waoaoaoaoaoant a pickle,
I just wanna ride my motor-sickle.

Did they...I mean...was that supposed to be...funny? Even, like, a little funny? Because it wasn't Not even a little bit.

they were funny a long time ago.

I don't wanna die,
I just wanna ride my motorcy..........cle.

This shit is John McCain

why.. why was the best part the drunk guys singing 'GI Joooe' at the end?

I remember my grandpa telling me about these.
And his collection of steampunk penis enlargers.

you dont even try any more

whatever, old or not, i just looked these up again two weeks ago because man, i was so high the first time i saw them i thought i lost my ability to comprehend english. these were sooooooooo funny. they still are. they're marvelous and there hasn't been anything like them since. really. so f*cked up in such a twisted way. reggae man was awesome.

so im happy to revisit them. shit, you people seem so happy to criticize, you go out and find cool shit on the internet that nobody's seen before. i mean, you've apparently got all the time in the world, right? give the geekologie guy a break. for all you know his mom died or something. he wouldn't actually tell any of us about it, but shit happens and it might be quite serious.

hell, a robot could have killed him two weeks ago and this is an imposter.

:) xoxoxoxox

(Double Asterisk Fail!)

**Expect in prison, against your will.


It's like a bad engrish fortune cookie.

Wouldn't one almost always expect it by force in prison?

Let's face it, who says....."I need to go to prison so I can get some good lovin'."

I want a steampunk penis enlarger... not that I have a penis to use it on.

@23: Damn! You beat me to it. And you were much funnier in the process. It's probably better that way...

On a side note, this is my first comment. Amazing that I've read every post since April 3rd and still haven't commented. But now I've broken through! The walls are coming down! I can finally join the idiots that comment on this wonderfully wasteful use of bandwidth! Don't hurt me.

And finally, about the actual video: Haha. I hadn't seen it. Very funny.

come on man...now you just being lazy

got any titanic jokes you want to throw in on the next article?


Im f***ing 80 years old .. I forfeited sex when I lost a bet of U.S.A reaching the moon.

I've had a long ass life.. sigh..

Stop all the downloading.

I perfered the "Nice catch blanco nino..too bad your ass got saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacked." and "Damn these beats are soooo FRESH! SSNNNNNNAAAAP"

these remain some of the best overdubbed cartoons to ever grace the int0rtubez0rs ever. if anyone can top them (with ORIGINAL audio, not dubbing one found source with another found source, which can be hilarious but is much easier) then i may join in the OLD-saying (oh shit i just condemned myself to a sexless hell) but until then i'll continue coming back periodically to these for laughs. and also sifl & ollie. those guys r so fcuking funny!

oh btw @ 1: FAKE!!! that post is actually by Sean Faris, the star of Never Back Down!!!




Give him the stick DON'T GIVE HIM THE STICK!

So, I can voluntarily give up sex? I did not know that....
Come get me prison bitches, I got somethin for ya... OWWW I was kidding... that really hur- ohhh n/m... hehe

oh c'mon these are great. I do not think this is the best one, though it probably made me cry a few time from the pain of laughter. there are subtle parts of others such as "lick it stick it see ya later bye!" "does your mother still hang out at dockside bars?". oh my

oh and the site is my homepage because i need something to keep me going in the morning, well done keep it up

There's no retard in team!

Look at all your different colored hats...

And thanks for mentioning sifl and ollie.

I showed these to my friend a year ago and he said he'd already seen them awhile ago. I was disheartened... shamed. I just wanted to share my excitement over these with him. Instead, I was humiliated. But now the shoe is on the other worm that's turned, because GW is the one who will be slighted now, the one whose attempts at amusing us will be rebuffed as antiquated and un-hep. How does it feel GW? How does it feel?!!


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong. This kinda looks like the pilot Never Back Down episode where they tried to make it a Saturday morning cartoon.


Normally I would be on the "old-wagon" but I've loved these videos for quite some time, so I don't mind getting reminded of them.

Sgt. Slaughter's is still the best ... "look at all you in your little hats."

@42, I think I agree with you. Either that, or body massage.

Good catch blanco nino...but to bad your ass got......saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccked.............GI JOE!

Another really funny one is the dubbed version of the x-men cartoon... featuring the Juggernaut.... ring any bells? "I'm the mutha f***in juggernaut BITCH!.....I'll throw ya own pimp atchya!

That isn't the best one at all. GI Joe ice is the best thing ever made.

FAKE. the shadows are photoshopped.

Look I am making a comment from the future.

ANCIENT! (loophole!!!!)

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