Knife Skills: Pumpkin Carving Champion

October 27, 2008


Well folks, with Valentine's just around the corner I figured I'd do a bunch of holiday-related posts this week. And what better way to get things rolling than with some dude's L337 pumpkin carving skills?

Congratulations to Ray Villafane, a sculptor for DC Comics on his win Sunday night on the Food Network's Pumpkin Carving Challenge. The six and half hour event pitted four pumpkin carvers against each other in a three part competition. Part one involved a traditional Jack o Lantern. Part two: 3D sculpture. The final part, which was worth half of the points was the freestyle competition.

Ray dominated all three parts of the competition and took home $10,000 and two pumpkin groupies.

Hit the jump to see the two other pumpkins and the cutest damn werewolf-child ever.



Toy Sculptor Wins Food Network Pumpkin Challenge [youbentmywookie]

Thanks to Dave, who once brought a knife to a gun show.

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