Oct 27 2008Just Pull Over: A Lamborghini Police Car


Lamborghini, for some unknown reason, gave the Italian State Police a ridiculously policed-out 560hp 5.2-liter V10 Gallardo. I suspect it has something to do with not uncovering their illegal business practices, but that's purely my own speculation (and 100% fact). I'm not sure which officer gets to drive the car, but if I had to guess, I'd say they all fight over it. Like little girls. Little Italian girls with accents and mustachios.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures, a video, and a link to an even massive-r gallery.







Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Italian Police Car [hypebeast]
2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia [seriouswheels] (GALLERY)

Thanks to Jon and Jaden, both of whom could outrun that mother. Let's rob a bank!

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Reader Comments

First, and bad idea

FAKE!!!!.. the shadows are right.

I guarentee this wasn't in Never Back Down.

But it has the driver on the left....overseas the driver is on the right.....right?


That's an RC

Wow. I would so tell the cops I had large amounts of firarms and illegal drugs on me just to get a ride in the backseat.

Yes, but can it transform?

ummmm LSD there is no back seat. thats why i said its a bad idea.

waste of money.

Except there is no backseat, in which case the officer would have no where to put me after I just got through confessing to things that weren't true, (well, the firearms weren't true...)

To LSDfag:
You need to be butt-f***ed right now! Bend over bitch!

he's already been butt f***ed, thats why hes not thinking straight


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong.

It kinda looks like out takes from the movie Never Back Down where Max's lamborghini has been altrered to have police insignias.

They never caught me with it. Coz me and my boys ride in Ferraris. In Itialian slang, the word Ferrari means "Get outta my way Lamborghini biatch".

Sure, looks good driving on a totally smooth runway, but entirely unpractical on the streets in any real life police situation.

It's the second car the Italian police has received from Lamborghini. This one has a freeze-unit for urgent transplant organs, as you can see in the pictures. This is totally real and not photoshopped.

By the way, #2.....
Except for the Brits, all europeans have left-hand steering wheels in their cars. And guess what, they drive on the right-hand side of the roads!

OLD! NOT FAKE! It's in the Guinnes book of Records 2008.

not the first one of these to come out from Lambo, the Italian police have had these for a few years now.....In the states there was even a Countash version a number of years ago in the states (don't remember where exactly, it was many years ago that i read about that) that was used to combat the hot rodders.

Bet the cops are fighting over who gets to ride in it. But they're all outta luck - my money's on the mayor or chief of police.

@9, Sir, yes sir. Just go slow.

Daisy, get a life.

that pic above the video....
..you don't have to put on the red liiight..

is the daisy on here an imposter because she usually doesnt have a link. i like how shes usually in the first 4 comments but was late today.

Daisy's breasts that is!
Oh wait, there are none.

But the shadows on her vagina are all wrong. Clearly photoshopped.

It's actually from the scene where Max discovers that his mother's pussy is actually a very small penis, from Never Back Down.

i happen to live in milan and that is a car for transporting blood or organs and such across the country (for transplant not food)
p.s. the first time i saw it i shit myself laughing

Saw one in Rome last year, epic cars. Like already said used for transporting organs.

In a related story, police in New Zealand were recently given some really quick sheep.

I would like to see them try and catch an '09 ZR-1 passing it by while it is cruising at 205 mph. :-)

I can has

Lamborghini Police Car: All the crooks here are supermodels anyways, gotta ride in style...REPRESENT!

Dude this came out a long time ago.....

Isn't this old? Like by two or so years?

No, it isn't old, considering that's the new Gallardo.

There have been Lamborghinis given to the Italian State Police in the past, including a Gallardo, and yes that was a few years ago I believe.

one bullet in my shirt pocket. check. one driving shoe. check. one face that is entirely awesome. check. one ensie weensie little schlong. check.

this ought to be easyBOOM!!! an RPG to the million dollar police vehicle. aww, you're f***ed. srry. lol.

I'm italian. This is not a fake, and it's OLD. This car works in south italy and it is also used for transporting organs.

The news is NOT a fake, it's real, and the it's from 2004!!
It was a gift for the 152nd birthday of the italian police.
It works on an highway in south Italy and for medical emergencies.

I'm italian and i can assure that it's true and it's not the first one.

at #2: we drive on the right side, just as you.

Oh! Chase me!!!! Chase me!!!!!


Aw man... this is totally unfair! This not only plays on my lust of men in uniform, but also my love of men in fast & awesome cars! How am I going to play hard to get with a cop who drives one of these things?

Aww crap, this is how the NBD comments got started...

Do you think it's used to transplant organs?
Is not FAKE?
Is it OLD?
Or maybe, just maybe Lambo has given the police cars before?

I wonder how much trouble you would get into for boosting this 5-0's ride for a quick spin across Euro-Disney...

*pardon the snarky, I'm sick and that makes me bitchier than normal*

I'd let them catch me just so I could steal their ride.

I mean it has no back seat, so where are they gonna put me?

I would hate to see that on the auto strada and Italian polizia speed out the ass as it is in their Alfa Romeos so why this? It scares me, I should move to Switzerland, its less scary there.

It's real.
It's been a long time we have a Lamborghini among the police cars, here in Italy...

and here in europe we all have the driver on the left side of the cars... Only Great Britain islands has the driver on the right... oh well, also Malta, but who cares.


Italians drive it better!

werent there only like 150 Gallardo's even made

True. I saw the other lambo (the one a couple of years old) several days ago in front of the hospital I work in.

theyre real i saw one one holiday
that and the interceptors here in england are getting ferrari 612's

What ?!?! no Siren? cheap bastards!

FIRST...from the future o_0 MLIG

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