Oct 30 2008In Time For Halloween: LED LEGO Minifigs


Just in time for Halloween comes a DIY article on how to stuff an LED into a LEGO minifig's carved out head. It isn't too complicated, so if you have some LEDs lying around you could make a pretty sweet LEGO Halloween diorama tonight and be ready for tomorrow. And, honestly, is there anything cooler than celebrating the devil's holiday with LEGO minifigs? No, there isn't. Well, except for the rich family that hands out full-size Snickers bars.

Hit the jump for more pictures and a link to the DIY page.






How to hack LEDs into Lego minifigures for Halloween [evilmadscientist]

Thanks to Jenny, The Bloggess, for kicking this Halloween off right. And ass, kicking ass.

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Retards please comment below:

In order to get rid of trick or treaters, my family started handing out cans of baked beans. WITHOUT a can opener.

The lego zombie is my fav.


LSD i have a can opener can you say PARTY (WOOT WOOT)

to get it over with

That lego is totally photoshoper the shadows are all wrong that is clearly a megablox figure but lego will never back down


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

It does look sort of like the animated feature that ran before the original theatrical release of Never Back Down.

i know i messed up (photoshopped,megabloks)



this looks totally real. The shadows are all correct. It doesn't look like a photoshop job at all.

I don't remember seeing anything like this in the movie "Never Back Down"

Pew pew pew!



haha... when I first read that I thought it said 'Minifags'....

F*** the legos, I want a glowing head for halloween.

Man if I had kids I'd replace all of their lego men with a bunch of the glowing zombie lego men in the middle of the night.

miiiinifags, miiiiinifags
it's a song! no?
why aren't the horses eyes all evil and red? lame

@8, So did I, and I busted out in song right here at work thinking that my life long fantasy of sticking small homosexuals in my anus was finally a reality!

Imagine my disapointment....

@10 - There are a few prerequisites to that which you have utterly failed at. Foremost in that regard is your consistent inability to engage in sexual congress with a member of the opposite sex.

UBER OLD. Get on the f***ing game shitologie.

@2, whatever. we all know that you still hand out candy to the kids, by outta the back of your unmarked van.

Hahaha, Cute! :)

More Halloween awesomeness:

@15, it's not unmarked.

Does this look unmarked to you?


@13 rightly so. I fail.

@17, lol, you painted over the "joe the plumber" part.

this is not photoshopped, shadows are fine, and seriously, just look at the face, he didnt even do a good job of cutting out the face, if it was photoshop you think it would look so crappy?

that is one giant ass battery behind the guy riding the horse

i don't think #20 gets that daisy posts the same thing every time. ah well never mind

@22 no i didnt realize that, i dont really read through these and post too often unless someone is especially stupid

This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon


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