Oct 23 2008Halloween Ideas: Sexy Star Wars Costumes


Here's a little gallery of sexy Star Wars costumes to get you excited about handing out candy to undeserving teenagers who didn't even bother dressing up. Ha, you're probably just gonna leave a bowl with a "please take one" note aren't you? Well let me tell you something -- the first kid that sees it is taking it all. Bowl too. And, if it's shitty candy, shatter the bowl on your porch.

Hit the jump for several more.






Photo of Naughty Storm Troopers - 10 Sexy Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Thanks to ray, who allegedly did two Princess Leias one Halloween.

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Reader Comments

Do they come in size 18?

first.......... man that last ones hot
also man that star trooper looked better with the mask on

ok why is it Darth Vader looks like she has to pee really bad? Oh and GW what the hell is with the last picture? Why do you always do that to us? You are an evil man

Yeah GW, you didn't even get my dad's permission to post that picture. He did that ONE time when he was in college, and no one has ever left him alone about it.

Why doesn't anyone love me? Is it because i'm a fag? =/

Aaaawwweee.... come on picture #1... don't hide that camel toe! Show the toe!

@3 - That was my first thought...
As far as the last picture, it's not a surprise that Vader is into BDSM is it?

@5, It's not because you're a fag, we have no issues with fags here. It's because you're an asshat with douchenozzle tendencies.

Uhhh, yeah, I find that stormtrooper embarrassingly hot.

"No baby, leave the mask on. Oh yeah."


@7, I got the pictures you e-mailed me this morning. It was a lovely surpirise that took care of that morning wood right away. You should have your family over more often.

I was thinking the same thing, Thumperchica. Since when is needing to pee considered sexy? Unless, well, you're into that sort of thing...

Are the two fem troopers the same girl? one has a belly button piercing and the other does not. Poor darth has to pee. She should have hit the can before being zipped and tied up.

It's a cross between he man and Darth. Is that Ivan Drago under that mask?

it looks like that female vader has to pee...

The latex fem-Vader is a stripper named Jamie from Indiana. She does this as part of her act.

Too bad you can't fit in any of those Thumperchica... : (

@Dr. Steel

If that is true what a nightmare act that must be...

[Seductively reaching up to remove mask to thumping Meco Star Wars cantina music...]

"Good lord! Look at the exposed brain and hideously bloated face. Aaagh!"

[Clears room.]

It freaked me out a bit but still pretty neat.

HAHAHAHA I laughed so hard when I read #15
I cant fit in any of those costumes either... my penis is too large.

I want to piss on you.


This is an obvious fake, you can tell because not only are the shadows all wrong, but the backgrounds are messed up too.

These pictures look like they are out of the Halloween scene from the movie Never Back Down, superimposed on scenes from the movie Halloween 3 in 3d, except the last one which is from a Brady Bunch episode.

The last picture is my favorite. (really)

@Daisy, #19

Dear Daisy,

since you seem to be a professional in photoshop, could you please photoshop my dick in your mouth and tell me how it looks?



I think GW missed this one:


@Daisy, it may sound like an odd request, but Donnie boy doesn't put his pecker in mouths that have teeth.

I'm on a mac, and the resolution of my system won't allow me to work with anything as small as your dick.


Hello, anyone like me anymore?

blonde amidala is hottt.

i for one appreciated daisy's love of the movie never back down. have you watched the director's cut, daisy? it's amazing. there is about 2 hours of never before seen footage.

So The_Don, is photoshop the only way you can get that to happen? Is The_Don getting lazy in his banter? The comments seem to have gotten so much shorter.

the latex darth might have explosive diarrhea. she'd have to cut her way outta those pants to avoid ass spittle trickling down her legs.

mamadough, as disturbing a thought that is it's probably the worst situation to be in with that suit on. Just think for a minute what you would do if you were wearing that suit and someone just slipped you a laxative.

I imagine being in that suit feels much like being out in the sun too long.

Dude... That vader is Gascary.

Cover your @ssholes!

Hah, love the comeback, Daisy :P

holy shit daisy had a come back and I missed it, I'm glad I decided to read up through the comments again.

@24 - LMFAO!

that last one........ uncle bob?!

...Is it possible latex vader is a guy? That would explain the covering stance and... well look at the neck....

@boredom (27)
As you must have observed, class and style inspires imitation. That's why you see too many wannabes using my nick. But I have to give this much to them.... At least they have the taste to pose as someone of stature, otherwise they could've used your handle.

I've replied to your rants on the relevant pages boy. Don't be so hasty. And don't worry so much about smokingirl so much. She is presently with me, giving me the pleasure through her warm mouth. When I'm finished with her I might lend her to you if you promise to be a good boy.

Terrible, just terrible.

Why do you nerds think anything Star Wars is cool? This is stupid and dumb and you know it.

....so's your face.

@38 - doesn't the the lit cig burn? Or is she just that talented?

@ Daisy & Thumperchica

HA! Damn, you're both on point today with the brutal quips. Hilarity ensues!

If class and style inspires imitation then Sharpie's got a whole lot more than you. He gets impostered probably 3 times as much and there's no class and style there at all thus proving your point invalid.

Oh and in reference to my wondering where smokingirl is I'm glad to see you enjoy being pleasured by a woman so much that you are on this website commenting quite a bit while being pleasured as you stated, that's just sad. Also as Thumperchica mentioned the cigarette really must burn or are you just small enough to leave room for her to smoke a cigarette at the same time?

Is it me, or does the last one look like the love child of Humongous from "Road Warrior" and a too-small-for-your-head Vader mask?

fine! fine! The cigarette fits in my ass and the only sex I get is cyber so...f*** all of you mawf***as

Anyone know what convention Lyn Me (the fourth one) is at?

i luv dat vader i can just imagine spanking dat! =P

i wonder if it will hurt getting spanked wearing the vader costume...oh will i would spank her anyway i luv dat ass!


The individual in the Darth Vader costume is a man, and those of you who called his costume sexy are therefore homosexuals.

He looks like he has to urinate because he is a) tucking his junk, and b) contorting his body to look (somewhat) more feminine.

See you at the pride parade (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Looks like these guys would fit in with the photos above:


I sense that the force is stonger, or at least sexier, in these gorgeous earthlings....

hey whee can i buy that dark vater or the white costume at?

Hey! These are really awesome Star Wars Costume, my daughter is a great fan of Star Wars and she wants princess Leia costume for this Halloween.

I have always been a fan the Star Wars and these are some of the sexiest costume ideas i have seen. Would love to adorn these for nay costume party. Thanks for sharing such lovely ideas.

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