Oct 20 2008Explorers Find Alleged Yeti Footprint


On the left, a human footprint, and on the right, an alleged Yeti footprint. And possibly a turd. Japanese explorers stumbled across the print on an expedition in the Himalayas to track down the elusive beast.

The large hairy creature resembling a human or bear is said to live in the regions of Nepal and Tibet. While the scientific community largely regards the creature as folklore, given the lack of evidence, reports of the yeti go back hundreds of years.

Yoshiteru Takahashi, the leader of the Yeti Project Nepal, made the discovery leading his Japanese team's third attempt at tracking down the half-man-half-ape.

Half-man, half-ape, huh? Somebody's developing a new crush!

"Yeti" Footprints Discovered, Japanese Explorers Claim [huffingtonpost]

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Reader Comments


Apparently he was wearing heels.....

I'M LAST !!!


Not anymore!!!

Where are the other footprints?

FAKE!! Totally a photoshop job. the shadows are good, however the tape measure is totally fake. probably stole this right outta 'Harry and The Hendersons'

take that ^ Daisy

looks like something that just burrowed into or out of the ground, I don't even see how they could even think this was a yeti foot print.

That is obviously fake. Their ruler doesn't even go up to 12.

Isn't the yeti supposed to have two feet? Or do you think that this footprint was made while he was being impish and whimsical and hopping on one foot?

WTF. It was just them trying to get more funding for their expedition. It's been done before.


What obvious photoshop fakery by Japanese butt spelunkers. You can tell its a fake because the shadows and shading is rendered incorrectly. You can also tell its fake because the tape measure is in inches, but the Japanese use the metric system.

This is most probably a first draft of fan art for the upcoming Never Back Down fan convention to e held in San Diego this Thanksgiving day.

What they should be doing is looking for the hobbit that left the footprint on the left.

did i make it?

Hoax. Weight distribution is all wrong.


Daisy, I hate to break it to you, but that's a metric measuring tape. The segments are in tens.

Still a fake tho. Just not for the reason you gave.

I want to BELIEVE IT!

stew peds tori.

frist first fist frist.

forgot to press post..


that doesn't even look like anything. morons cling to myths.

@18 - thanks to your site, I will never EVER look at anyone named "Mitch" w/o vomiting, ever again...


Apparently we should be on the lookout for a on-legged yeti wearing heels.

If it's wearing heels, you know what that means... it likes the Dix.

Twenty-fourth AGAIN!

Anyway, this looks pretty, uh, not like a footprint. Even if this isn't staged as a hoax or some kind of lame attempt to be famous, it definitely isn't real (aside from that implicit, tiny chance that it is). Really, I'm getting tired of these! Tell the world when you actually find the damn thing, not something that might or might not be evidence that it exists!

give me tonight 1984

wow, i thought id never find my inbred cousin > . >

@17 - I hate to break it to you that you're a stupid idiot with no common sense. The measuring tape is in INCHES as stated earlier.

If it was in cm, this GIANT creature would have feet about 16cm in length. That would be approximately 6.25 inches. It would also make the measuring tape almost .25 inches wide. I bet that would spool very easily.

How does it feel to be stupider than me douchebag?

i'm sorry, that is not a foot print, anyone who thinks it is is now legally obligated to kill themselves.

It was a fat-ass dude!!
with a 10-year old corn on his heel...



I was gonna do more enters, but then I got lazy.

Obviously fake. There's only one living thing on the planet with feet that big and last I checked he is still playing for the Suns.

nah that just an imprint of my wang!

Sorry, Thumperchica. You'l be pleased to hear that I changed it.

@27, do you see the red 10. that means its measured in tens. aka metriccccc!!! god are people f***in retarded? daisy. if your going to make fun of something do it right or its not funny.

@34 - If you look a little closer you will realize the tape might be measuring in 10s but it has to be inches because the Yeti footprint is around 16 units long.

Can you or the coach (#17) tell us what metric unit it could be?

The 10 on the tape is 1 shaku or 10 sun.
It's a Japanese standard of measurement. 1 shaku is just about a foot.
These measurements are still used in rural Japan.
So it is more likely that hte yeti hunter is a farmer than that this is a yeti print.

On the plus side, @27, Daisy posted WITHOUT mentioning the words "Photoshop" or "Never Back Down" once.

According to many scientists, this realization should make Daisy's head implode, ending her miserable existence.

We can hope, but only time will tell.

@37, either that, or she's finally snapping out of it. Either way daisy, I'm proud of you.

@37 and 38, please check comment 13

@39 /sigh

God bless ya, but sometimes I wonder how you find your keyboard.

@39, Sharpie, don't be jealous just because your ol' uncle diesel said I was proud of daisy. Yes, she's brainless, but at least she's trying.

goodmorning buttf***ers!

yea shes trying, that's all that matters.

Hey dipshits! Last time I checked there were 12, count em 12 inches in a foot. As you can see, this tape is broken up into groups of 10. In the picture the print is roughly 17 cm which is approx 6.7 inches. Other reports have said that the print was approx 8 inches long which would be only about 1 cm more than the picture above.

@13, 27

1.) its not in inches. the ruler goes up to 10 because its a form of japanese measurement, cant remember the name.. but it is not inches.

its still definitly not real.

this has been tim jobs calling to alert you of the good jobs accomplished. bye now.

@45, who the hell are you supposed to be?

@38, 41 - Fake praise.

Your comments are obviously photoshopped. You can tell the shadows are all wrong.

You know I'm part of the Never Back Down movement. I'll never back down.

@44 - What kind of huge monster has 6 inch long feet?

Know what they say about Yeti with small feet?

@48, they're not 6 inches, they're 7. Ever considered the idea of an adolescent? If they are roaming around out there they don't just come out 9 ft tall with 15 inch feet. They have to grow up like every other animal.

Dude, thats just my footprint. It's nothing special

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