Oct 17 2008Another Literal Music Video: Head Over Heels

This is another literal music video from the same guy that brought us A-Ha's Take On Me. Except now it's Tears For Fears and Head Over Heels. Jesus, music videos were freaking weird in the 80's. Thankfully we've gotten over that. Or have we? I don't know, I don't watch MTV anymore. Because I don't have cable. Or a TV. Or electricity. Or wat -- holy shit, I live in my car.


Thanks to RyanThePerson and Kokopure, both of whom have an open invitation to sleep in the trunk any time they want.

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Damn you

finish him


I can sense the force is strong in you my friend

double kill

DAMNIT!!! I am in firewall hell.... woot-woot

But when life gives you lemons, just say f*** it and bail...

Thumper, is it cuase its your work PC?

Something I submitted was posted? *Girlish scream*
I love the flying part in the video. That was awesome.

@9 - yep yep yep

OSX 10.4.11

@11- well thats poop cause its a pretty good video.
@12 don't tease me with specs...Naughty girl


Thats a complete photoshop job. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong.

It kinda looks like the cigarette holder from the movie Never Back Down. Apparently they got the idea there.

Daisy did you change your name???

Thanks for teasing me, I love it when people tell me how great something is that I'm missing. Kinda like the whole "DUDE, you wouldn't believe what happened last nite after you left!" thing...


no blue balling here

Is that Dave Coulier? ROFLOMGWTFUPSBBQ!

wait.....so he got with the bitchy librarian right?

Do you mean like,Your best friend got two tickets two see your favorite band and took your sister instead fail? or like a, Crazy and Daisy need to find something else to say kind of FAIL???

@14 - I couldn't agree more. Except for the part about the cigarettes.

This looks like a photoshop of several scenes from the movie Never back down though.

oh silly boots.


I wish my public library was more like this growing up. Id probably would have read more. Instead i had to learn to read from the dirty mags in my parents closet.

I was hoping this would be the Go-Gos song... which is even better than this great song.

Sweet! I got snack pack today!

@26 aka No.6
I skipped lunch =(

I wanna have a pipe wrench fight with Dave Coulier!!!

Yawn City

MTV has music videos? What?


19. Mike Hawk - October 17, 2008 1:32 PM

Is that Dave Coulier? ROFLOMGWTFUPSBBQ!

F*** you butterbee, nothing the Go-Go's ever recorded was anywhere NEAR as good as this song. Don't waste my time, beotch!

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