Oct 15 2008Another Day, Another Flying Car


Another day, another flying car. Although the good people over at Terrafugia aren't actually calling it a flying car. They're calling it a "roadable aircraft" because they're a bunch of asshats. Anyway, it's a flying freaking car.

The vehicle, set to go on sale next year, will cruise smoothly on the road and through the sky. It will have four wheels, Formula One-style suspension, and a pair of 10-foot-wide wings that fold up when it switches from air to asphalt.

The Transition will run on gas, have a flight range of 460 miles, and is expected to sell at right around $194,000. Tests are still being completed, and the first Transition will take to the skies in November, with customers that put deposits down seeing their vehicles in late 2009. And, for those of us that didn't put deposits down, we can expect to hear about the first crash around the same time.


The Flying Car Gets Real [popsci]

Thanks to Ian, who made a very valid point when he noted that the only reason to buy a flying car is to get laid and crash the thing.

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Shotgun! - First!! and obviously very very very very FAKE!! This is what you call an expert photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are not lined up correctly and the background is off center. This also looks like it was taken out of the feature geekologie film Never Back Down in 2007.

and 2nd

and 3rd

and 4th

and i guess im the only one here today!

Get back to work, Sharpie.

yeah good point.......

oh FYI Lady Byrd , your f***in gorgeous.


Technology really is getting quite freaky. When I saw the future, the geeks were right. ;)

and Sharpie, now that you've rubbed your taint all over the newest post, are you satisfied?

Welp, looks real to me, considering I work with photoshop on a daily basis. Also, this thing has taken flight already, check u-tube for the first flight vids.

ok but for real. not to slide of topic but this kinda goes with my comment on the Porsche. I've seen a show about this car. good idea, but to many moving parts. its not practical for every family to own one. you still need a runway and you still need GAS!! and probably lots of it!, cant run out of gas in the air! They need to learn how to harness the energy from the air and use that to power hover crafts. not some gay looking step 2 kids toy. get real that thing was a waste of money and everyone knows it

slide show

The Back to the Future Prophecy came true!! Flying cars by 2015!!!

where's the hover board, damnit?

Waste of money? Your damn right it is! but then again who gold plates a porshe, or puts a really tackey fabric on a bugati? answer: the super rich, and what do they have lots of? Disposable INCOME!

There are lots of midwealthy people living on private airstrips down in WPB that are going to snap these up like hotsomethings.

As for runways, when you have 2 lane highways crisscrossing this great nation you don't need no stinking runways.

2015 is suppose to be a big year, i guess from what john titor says Russia is suppose to hit every major city in the US. After that happens the remaining people in the US supposedly unite stronger then most family's are today. read up about him, you don't have to believe it, but just know the info is out there. i guess in 2012 (the year that everyone think were dying) were suppose to get new technology. either from a greater source or just discover it. and i truly believe the new tech will be learning how to defy gravity in an appropriate manner for the public to use. This would make sense to the back to the future movie.

@14, I am a Back to the Future junkie. And by junkie I mean that I crush the movies up in a food processor, mix in a little (a lot) heroin and shoot it directly into my veins. Talk about back to the future flashbacks.....

and when i said runway, i meant a road in general you ass clown. probably 50-100 feet depending on how fast it can get air born.

@17, you've been spending too much time at ATS. John Titor's predictions have been wrong, wrong, wrong. If you believe in JT then you're dumber than I thought. Actually, you're not dumber than I thought. You are just dumb enough to be as dumb as I thought.....I think.

@18, Hey, you wanna go up to 88 with me? huh?

haha, i never said i believe i just spread the info. its up to other to decide if they believe, that's why i said supposedly. but yes. JT tends to be wrong on some topics. just makes you think cause if the LHC was turned on when they said it was, that would of given JT the start of his adventure.

@19, of course! In fact doesn't Websters define runway as "a road in general"?

No? Well then, whose the assclown now?

Remember, when I insult you I mean it with the worst intentions possible so don't get upset.

I beLIIIIEVE I can fllly!!!!!!!
*gun shot*

lunch, brb

Thanks for your nice blog
This topic is really interesting for me


@22, my thoughts are all voluntary.

HA ha haa
you shit in his weaties again today.. what time is it?
then let the shit begin.........

Nostradamus too amirite? .^...new age mongoloid wannabe...^

@21, almost missed you. I'd prefer to engage my flux capacitor with claire if I have to choose.

@30,It's alright, I understand that claire can take you back to the good ol' days better than I can. I'll just warn you though, kissing her will be like kissing your mother....

nothing makes me more comfortable than flying in an airplane with folding wings...

@31--did you just compare me to Lorraine Baines-McFly/Tannen? I'm flattered.

ps--I bang BTTF dvds/videos too. better than crack!

@33, I did. Lea Thompson is the hottest piece of 80s ass I've ever seen.

@Sharpie: Is Andromeda Music yours? I just took a glance at your MySpace profile and saw the player. I actually work for SoundClick as 1/4th of the Staff.

Oh, and thanks for the compliment.

@36 even if your lying or your not lying. no it is not "mine" it is another members of 3Past6 Ent. He live on the 2nd floor of my building. His stage name is Esblitz (Eloquently Steve Being Lyrically In The Zone) he started a sound click to we could sell beats we make. Instead of calling it 3Past6 Beats we/he decided to call it Andromeda Music

ugh, i failed on that one sorry about the typos:

@36 even if your lying or your not lying. no it is not "mine" it is another members of 3Past6 Ent. He lives on the 2nd floor of my building. His stage name is Esblitz (Eloquently Steve Being Lyrically In The Zone) he started a sound click so we could sell beats we make. Instead of calling it 3Past6 Beats we/he decided to call it Andromeda Music

I'm not clear why you felt the need to insinuate that I would possibly lie about my job.


Did my asking if it was you insult you in any way? If so, I apologize. I just get curious and like to learn about our members when I happen to run across one on another site. No biggie, doll.

And I hate to be that one who points out grammatical errors, but this one drives me absolutely nuts because of how common and acceptable it's becoming. "You’re” is a contraction for “you are,” as in “your typos really don't matter when you’re screwing up by using your when you really mean you are.”

Grammar Nazi out, y'all.

shit shit lots of wonderful shit that has nothing to do with any thiiiiing...

no it didn't offend me cause we're all in the same group. If you want to learn about us or him for that matter, add my on myspace and we'll talk there.

Sorry to go OT, homeslice. Let's get back to talking about flying cars and how hot Lea Thompson is/was.

MYSPACE WHORES!!!! Because I have loads of room to talk =)

they'll still be stuck in traffic like any other joe-schmo car.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong.

This is a photo mockup for the Movie Never Back Down.

and 47th

and 48th

and 49th

and 50th

Im still waiting for GW to show up at the doorsteps of the people that always claim, "The shadows are wrong" with a 3' dildo, shove it up their ass so it comes out their mouth. FUCKING RETARDED COCK SUCKERS!

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