Oct 2 2008$4,700 Sink Has Built In Aquarium


Let's face it, fish are awesome. And delicious. Well now you can pee in the sink and watch the scrumptious little buggers swim in circles at the same time. This sink makes a perfect compliment to the aquarium shitter, and all for only $4,700. It's like a dream come true, minus the dream, plus $4,700.

Moody Aquarium Sink makes for moody fish [slipperybrick]

Thanks to Silver Sided, who once ate ten dozen fish sticks in a single sitting.

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Reader Comments

hmm reminds me of a bad case of hemroids i experienced last year

Haha! This is so f***ing cool! Now all I need is a bathtub/aquarium.

i see

This combined with the toilet would make for a pretty pimp bathroom. Might as well go back to peeing in the pond.

Pretty neat, but impractical. Cleaning it every so often must suck...a lot!

I prefer my turtle mansion :)

Do you think you could fit a person with a cinder block tied their ankles in there? Just a hypothetical question. Just wondering.

too much f***ing work, where is the robot that cleans that shit???? and what do you when you have to clean shit???

hey, that wouldn't match the toilet
the toilet looks all lame and matches the style of an 8 year old
this... THIS is classy!

welll...... i hope it has a kickass filtration system, since everyone is so f***ing obsessed with doing goldfish as opposed to other fish that don't poop as much as goldfish, do you know each one goldfish needs about 10 gallons each? no? and people wonder why their goldfish die so soon, they actually live pretty long if people quit cramming them in these things!!!! use other kinds of fish that don't shit as much as goldfish, goldfish are like underwater pigs!


In short; No.

Oh man, they should do hamsters instead! That would be kick ass. Get them air through a ventilation system, feed them from the side. Sweet.

They could build the 'Richard Gere Gerbil Toilet ' as an option.

I guess you'd have to stay away from cold-water fish, otherwise the next time you ran hot water to wash your hands, you'd be preparing dinner at the same time.


what if they were already chopped up really small. We could leave the cinder block out, if that were the case.

@13, you just gave me an idea. Bonsai People.
Or babies in a bottle.

bonsai f***ing people would be cool, like what them japanese people do with cats yeah!

Miles, you are one Bad-ass Quilter Dude. :)


There was a bathtub aquarium on here a while back. And as others have noted, there was once an aquarium toilet featured.

How much for me to get every single piece of furniture and appliance in my house made into an aquarium? What the Hell, make the floor, walls and ceiling aquariums while you are at it!

Most of the time the pissing in the sink jokes here at Geekologie are a little bit forced; however, looking at the picture of that sink and not even reading the article, all I could think was, "I would get drunk the very first night it was in the house, just so I could piss in it." Bravo Geekologie writer, bravo.

@17 - There's a dance club in town that has sharks under the floor. I guess that's one step closer to the dream.

Here is another cool fish tank. Made with an old bomb.


Piss N' Fish...

weeelllll my computer is an aquarium if u guys hadn noticed!

sorry, just can't get over trying to clean the damn thing.
I couldn't even keep my kids goldfish alive in a bowl.

#22. read #9!!!!!!! goldfish are not suposed to live well in a damn bowl!!!!!!!! they need friggin filtration and 10 gallons per fish dammit!!!! they poop too much to be in a damn bowl.

Wow. This design was debuted over four years ago.

Aquarium washbasin. Italbrass' "Moody is not only a simple washbasin, but also an aquarium for goldfish, a Zen garden or a simple pebble river bed or whatever you would like it to be. It is completely watertight with a sand...
Posted in MoCo Loco on Monday, August 23, 2004


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