Oct 13 2008$43 Japanese Stress-Relieving Milk


Stressed? Love milk? How about a $43 bottle of stress-relieving milk straight from the Lon-Lon Ranch?

Tokyo-based Nakazawa Foods will launch the "Adult Milk" line of products in October targetting "adults who live in a stressful society," the company said in a statement. The milk is taken from cows once a week at the break of dawn, as they discharge a lot of a stress-relieving hormone called melatonin during the night, the company said. It is said to contain three to four times as much melatonin as usual milk.

Mmm, stress-relieving milk. But $43? No way. So here's what you do: go to a strip club, a really seedy one. Oh, and one that stays open till 5am (when melatonin production is at its peak). Then pay one of strippers that just gave birth $2 for a taste. And, if it's legit, offer her a five-spot to fill up an empty beer bottle.

Japanese can now buy stress-relief milk -- for 43 dollars per bottle

Thanks to Karina, who agrees you should be allowed to suck straight from the teat for $1.

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Reader Comments

epic comment from the gw

Would I buy milk from China lately? No thank-you.

Sweet Zelda reference.

I'm also glad that #2 has pointed out that China and Japan are the same country.

Good call on the Lon-Lon reference. I hope Ingo tries to hijack the company.

Last I checked for $45 you could buy 10 jugs of milk and a bottle of melatonin caplets from the supermarket.

sick mind, man =P

Hello one and all!

First off, they should be selling porn stars breats milk for $43.

you'd sell way more titty milk that way.

Hey Sell porn Make Money, I cant check your website out now cause I'm at work, but what are you running? Key-hole or affiliates?


Me and my buds can provide you with the best milk known to men (especially men on geekologie).

But you will have to collect it yourself --- you could give me a hand collecting that milk or something

if you know what I mean : )

8======D O-:

I will sit on your face, commentzor.

Motor boat my taint you bitches!!!!!!!!

@12, who are you? I'm Davo.

And @11, that wasn't me originally saying I'd sit on your face, but if the price is right...

I stopped considering consuming this stuff at "Adult Milk."
Relaxing cup of cream of Sum Yun Guy anyone? Guaranteed Fresh.

And why is it so much more expensive to milk the cow in the morning as opposed to the afternoon? If im going to pay $43.00, it better be for 2 jugs, and they better be attached to a hot milk maid!

is it breast milk? wtf...

I bet this milk f***s you up. You guys remember that fitty cent song, right?
" You can find me in da club, bottle full of warm milk... "
It went something like that. ...remember?!

i know something that comes in a s20 sack and provides a lot more relaxation than this milk ever can

#17: It's breast milk from cows...

$43 is a little ridiculous. I'll take 20 of them.

Isn't "melatonin" the thing that is killing people in China right now? From the excess of it in the milk?

"Adult milk"?? Ehm... let's just say that I wouldn't drink it. You know, just in case.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong. It kinda looks like a scene from "Never Back Down III - Tokyo Drift"

Interesting you would mention this. The hosebag got a faceful of stress releiving cream last night, and this morning she's in a happy mood, and getting me coffee, while I play on the interwebs.

Melatonin?? no, no that must be wrong. I'm sure they met melamine...

and #2...way to break the stereoptype of mistaking a japanese for chinese and vice versa...

@21 No. you're thinking about malanine. Melatonin is a hormone which regulates cyadian rythms or basically your sleeping patterns.
My advice: just take a damn melatonin supplement and screw the $40 milk are they nuckin futts!!!

actually this is old news from Dec 2007. The hot model is Liza from JJ magazine

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