Sep 3 2008Woman Gets Confusing Box Of LEGO Parts


So Jenny, The Bloggess, got a box in the mail from LEGO to celebrate their anniversary or a new line or something. But when she opened the box and pieced together the parts they army of trannies! Despite a plethora of the pink dress tops and female haircuts, not a single head lacked that handsome red mustache perched suggestively over a frown. What did LEGO have to say about this?

Each kit was supposed to contain an assortment of random parts; however, it looks like yours somehow consisted only of angry mustache faces. Please know that this was not at all done intentionally or to freak anyone out in any way.

First of all, where the f*** was my box of trannies, LEGO? And secondly, I'm not so much "freaked out" as intrigued to what LEGO is secretly doing. Are they trying to teach children an important lesson about diversity and acceptance? Because that would be awesome. And, as a guy who's no stranger to trying on his girlfriend's panties while she's at work, I've got to admit: thongs make me feel sexy!

Hit the jump for a closeup so you can see them better.


So I got a box in the mail filled with 80 body parts [thebloggess]

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If you try on your girlfriends panties, I'm guessing the lego in the bottom right of the top pic is you. That's even better than getting free legos, having one made in your honor!

I got dibs on the second one in, third row.

LEGO TRANNY-PANTIES! my set is complete!

If this was a random assortment, and assuming all of those pieces came in a single box, the odds of receiving all frowny mustacheioed men heads happening by chance are near astronomical.

I estimate the chances approximately being two to the power of two hundred and seventy-six thousand, seven hundred and nine to one against.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! the tranny-panty-bandit strike again!

Isn't lego skin color supposed to be yellow? What's with all the "pink" fleshy bits?

I love the bloggess...I'm glad you all do too! And those legos are nuts (literally and figuratively)

Why did Lego send her all these mini-figs in the first though? Can a person order a horde of random mini-figs?

Why did Lego send her all these mini-figs in the first though? Can a person order a horde of random mini-figs?

soooooo super creepy!

I lolled harder at this than anything else so far this week.

The day they mailed that out to Jenny/Bloggess was the same day that Harry in the Lego Distribution Facility switched the coffee creamer with Crack.

I definitely want a box of Lego Transvestites. That rules beyond all comprehension!
Not that it matters to anyone, but as someone with a nylon-clad leg out the closet door, it would be refreshing to have toys that reflect alternate lifestyles.

Oh man, thats definitely a sign from the LEGODs. I don't know what it means, but it should not be ignored.

@well_deepsubject Those torsos are from the Speed Racer line, and all licenced sets have flesh coloured skin.

I'll take the 5th fig, 3rd row off your hands for you... :P
That is weird.

what r legos?

Hi, I looked for you on ri ch k, but you weren't there. Please connect with me so we can keep in touch.

Having worked for LEGO customer services I know that

1) LEGO does never, ever send out any minifigs, period. (Minifig keyrings only)

2) A lot of people come up with very strange stories trying to claim monetary compensation for "disturbed feelings" from LEGO. You could fill an entire blog with those stories. All fake, just greed. That might be one of those.

3) Receiving a box of LEGO tranny minis does not mean that LEGO has sent them

Bloggess should post a pic of the LEGO box and the LEGO letter and email at least. Rather poor documentation.

I guess it is a hint from a secret admirer or something. Bloggess? Bloggesso? Blobutch? Who knows.

You totally made me squeak with this.

Also, ambidex, I had no idea you could sue LEGO for creating "disturbed feelings". So, what you're saying is that I have a case? PS. If you'll check out my comments you'll see that lots of other bloggers got packages of minifigs from LEGO to celebrate their 30th anniversary - although none of them recieved an all transvestite package that I've heard of. I'm going to be a f***ing billionaire.

Holy crap, I lol'd.

Bloggess, apologies for the snappy parts. I have also read the comments on your blog now. They always made a big fuzz about sending out minifigs, a big no-no at LEGO. If you claim that one minifig is missing in a set, they ask you to return the complete set, that's why I wonder that they send them out in bulk....

How ever, dealing with kids is a very responsible job, a big company like LEGO will not like the fact that the brand name is linked to tranny minifigs :)

I have listened a couple of years to customers little headaches, trust me, people come up with awesome stories to get some cash. But LEGO has a very good legal department, the stuff they sell is basically bulletproof. You can make your billions on ebay, though!

This really made me laugh.

Very creepy.

#4: agreed

#12: hahaha!

...real, not real. who cares. These are interesting.

Ambidex, just so you know, I think things have changed, because I called Lego about missing clone troopers, and I gave them the Proof of Purchase, and they sent me them free of charge, without any questions. :O

@25 that's because they were missing. they're not going to charge for something that should have been in the box in the first place.

The Bloggess rules us all!

c'mon! it was the official "LEGO bearded woman set"!!!!

The Bloggess is God.


Its a total photoshop job. The shadows are all wrong!

Made me lol in real life!never seen that before,XD.Period..

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

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