Sep 5 2008The New Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad

Remember when we posted that Microsoft was finally gonna stop taking it up the Vista and combat those "Get A Mac" ads? Well here's the first one, featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. It has a shoe theme. And, while I did like the commercial, I didn't get the commercial. Is there any getting to be got? It seems like an old Seinfeld episode. Is Microsoft selling churros now?


Thanks to Terry, who has enough sense to know that big cinnamon sugar pretzels pwn churros.

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i liked that.

I'm not even sure what I just watched, but it made me chuckle a few times. Definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

But what does it mean.... what does it mean?

This is a simple confirmation that the entire M$ organization is officially senile and without further clue.

M$: Before you fall face first into your porridge and fill your adult diaper, please, please sell Zune off to a younger, more capable company so it doesn't wind up sitting in your attic while you are in hospice waiting for that last stroke that will end the misery

I feel weird now. They're trying to make us feel awkward to re-zero our minds, man.

All I got out of it was that I wanted a churro...

That commercial left me more confused than Mccully Culkin after MJ got through with him. Seriously though, what was the point of that commercial?

odd commercial, chuckled a few times though.

i'm buying vista right now.

I'd be super confused/pissed about that whole f***off of a commercial, but the robotic spider out of Liverpool is going to kill us all, so I don't care.

I saw the ad last night and I didn't understand it at all until the every end.

Seinfeld and Gates are both lolicon loving pedophiles...I swear I've seen em on 12chan before under.

But yes...a deliciouses cake computer would be in fact...deliciouses.

Cakey computers....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Trying to market Microsoft is like trying to market Ebola.

Epic fail.

i thought it was funny, but didnt get it either. oh well.

i saw this last night as well. seems oddly long for a commercial, and as for being like an 'old seinfeld episode'? i think not. seinfeld made sense, this reminds me more of napoleon dynamite or it's dumb equivalent. larry david made seinfeld funny, and don't expect any microsoft ads coming out of him anytime soon.

As a apple enthusiast someone explain wtf is going on the mac ads are much better and the don't involve any hidden meaning the just tell u what its does this is like subliminal advertising

They are trying to get Gates out in public and by matching him with Seinfeld they hope to give him a hipster comedy edge as well. (Didn't work as Jerry was hip and Bill was nerdy)

After all, what is the Seinfeld theme?

It's a commercial about NOTHING!

I'd be super confused/pissed about that whole f***off of a commercial, but the super collider in denmark is going to kill us all, so I don't care.


I know George Constanza and Bill, you are no George Constanza.

This commercial works as well as Vista...

WTF?!!?!?! I say the add last night, I chukled here and there. I dont know what I wanna buy, A churro, A fancy shoe, or A gun to shoot the tow dumbass for belittling themselves in such a crappy ass confusing commercial about computer cakes, ( which would seriously kick ass until you eat it or it rots on your desktop). At least the MAC commercials where smart enough to go for the low blows on the PC's. Micro does nothing to my erection anymore, I love the singing lady for the macbook air.
PS: I'm a PC fan, go figure huh

mmmmmmmmmmmm......... churros

It's obviously part of a series of adverts.

My computer is already moist and chewy... I wonder what's in store for me.

This makes me love my Ubuntu Linux even more

Confused but entertained. I guess there's worse ways to be.

i loved it.
its great, its nothing. but thats why i love it.

seinfeld didnt have his high pitch whiny voice in this one, so he didnt bother me.

i love churros.

who knew geeks had hips?

those mac ads are getting really annoying, but this is really lame.

WHAT. THE. F***.

That was retarded. It's like family Guy humor - total nonsense.

#20 : Y - E - S

I'm having flashbacks of Chrysler's "Dr.Z" commercials. I'd have to say the Chrysler ads were better.

Hasta la Vista

The cake is a lie!

Wow, this is an ad for Apple without Steve Jobs having to pay a dime. This guarantees I'll never buy a crap-ass Windows computer ever again. I'm surprised Seinfeld didn't throw in a "Bee Movie" plus during the spot.

Seriously! that was awful. Was it even a commercial. That made no sense. Macs are still for faggots though.


Seriously! That was awful. Was it even a commercial? That made no sense. Macs are still for f***ing awesome people who like an OS that doesn't suck balls.


Your OS doesn't suck balls because YOU ARE ALREADY SUCKING THEM ALL.... (p.s. fixing posts is for fags)

Even Vista commercials don't make sense.


Your homosexual reference is obviously underlying some pent up tendencies towards that sexual preference in your personal life. There isn't anything wrong with being gay. I'm not personally into it, but if that's your thing, that's cool.

Plus it wasn't even that insulting. You might as well have done a "your mother's a whore" attempt at an insult.

My dad can beat up your dad, and my penis is bigger than yours.

There is no cake....whoa the Mexicans at the window knew about the "Conquistador" because Mexicans shop at discount stores?!

...and the churro was thrown in there to distract you! On some, "Oh! We like Mexican treats so we're not really making fun of them!" tip.

Nice Microsoft. Nice.

I'll stick with my Mac.

I think I may throw my computer off the top of my house just because of this.

to 41 baboso!

i grew up on payless, and kmart shoes. muthaf***aaaaaaaaaa!!

That picture of Gates on his crazy clown card is his NM arrest photo. Nice throwback.

DAMN, i was gonna post how that is his mugshot as well, and thought nobody had noticed yet, but no, number 44, the last post before mine said it win R...this time, but one things for sure...that dog will not hunt Mon Senior.

Were they trying to sell something? I couldn't tell.

Owning a macbook and being an Apple fan I would also like to point out that this doesn't do anywhere near a good a job as the 'Get A Mac' adverts. I think it just proves that money still requires creativity. Microsoft could turn London in to a giant windows logo, But would it do anything?

Probably, Yes.

maybe the point was it wasn't supposed to be about his show...

get it yet? it's a commercial about nothing. just like seinfeld.

come on people, work with me here...

i just noticed there are several people here who pointed this out before me.

well congrats to you gentlemen. kings among men, you are.

@19, I think your reference whooshed over everyone. However, I can honestly say that you get a gold star for the best retropolitical adaptational reference of the week.

Does that make sense? I'm just trying to make up words as I go along.

This is a simple commercial, all the Mac commercials portray Microsoft as a senseless loser who tries to go about business the "wrong" way all the time. This commercial portrays Microsoft being "normal" just like everyone else. I highly doubt Bill Gates walks around the mall trying shoes at an outlet talking to strangers. But the commercial takes an approach showing how he is just as normal as anyone else in the world living the regular life even though he is worth billions. Then they added the talking juke box Jerry so they don't notice how boring Bill really is in actual life.

They took more of a gentleman approach on not insulting their competition like Mac did, which I find hilarious. So I believe its pretty much an indirect way of Microsoft saying "F*uck you, we are older generation who won't respond directly to your dumb commercials." Oh and notice how all the cast members are not in the younger generations.

I'd hate to say this, but churros pwn big cinnamon sugar pretzels.


most of you guys really know nothing about marketing at all do you? =\

I have no idea what it was, but I liked it enough to watch it twice. And #17 had it right - It's like Seinfeld because it's a commercial about NOTHING!

i don't hate to say it at all: churros THOROUGHLY pwn big cinnamony sugary pretzel thingies. there, i said it, and i'm proud!

Cakey computers pwn churros and big cinnamony sugary pretzel thingies.

I love churros (must be becuase of my latin background).

But I love Macs first.

Sorry Jerry

Are they trying to make us remember this commercial for the fact that it didn't make much sense?
Cause that is how I'm going to remember this commercial.

Funniest part is when Bill whips out his ID. The photo is his "mugshot" from a traffic arrest. Check out

I saw that last night, it was weird... I stared at the tv for a while after then decided I liked it, but I still hate Seinfeld
I do! really!
AND I hate churros...

that commercial is an unfunny hot mess.

WTF??? The only explanation I can think of is that this ad is a cry for help. Bill Gates recognizes what many of us have long suspected - more than eccentric, his cosmic greed and arrogance have pushed him over the edge.

Get. Help. Bill.

So maybe the commercial made no sense... But you're all talking about it right? therefore it worked. They got you to think about Microsoft.

And I think Churros are just as delicious as Cinnamon Pretzels. And I'm hispanic.

I think I kinda got it actually... but its 5:39am here and i should sleep!


Well done your so so smart and clever for stating the obvious that none of us "idiots" get that the advert worked. However, it is still a hideous pile of coorporate wank and how dare they mind rape us this way. ;) x

what is that like a bread stick it looked good

uh btw u mac fags can suck my cock lol this commercial sucks but PC is easier just use XP vista sux

or maybe the commercial is about the fact that microsoft is something we're familiar and comfortable a well worn in shoe, or a delicious churro.

and if mac was so amazing wtf would their selling point be "ooo we can use microsoft office now too!!", seriously, when your major selling point is that you can use software designed by your main competition you're teh lame. nike doesn't advertise by saying they're more like adidas. microsoft is has so much of the market cornered they can make a commercial featuring a turd with a lil microsoft flag in it and still make 10 billion dollars.

Could they take the money spent on Seinfeld and fake positive Amazon reviews and just fix Vista & Office '07?

But I still wouldn't get a dickass Mac.

Well, you know the saying, When the getting gets got, the got gets getting! No I didnt get it. It wouldnt load... doh!

Yay! It loaded! Although I still didn't get it, it makes me want to see more!

@51 Yes! Now I get it lol! But itsn't he actually buying shoes at a mac store? This commercial is pretty philosofical if you ask me :p

This advert let me down so badly. All I understood from this was that Microsoft just can't compete when it comes to slagging the other company like Apple Mac can. Sorry Microsoft, this is one field you can't compete in.

I didn't get it at all until my dad explained to me - I think the shoe is supposed to metaphorically represent the Mac and the PC. Before Seinfeld comes, Bill is trying on some shoes and they are just not working (Mac) - he is doing it all himself and its too confusing (even though hes been a member since he was young). Seinfeld comes along and picks him the right shoe - the conquistador (the PC) - everything is done FOR Bill, so he doesn't have to worry, and its a "10" cause its so perfect and easy (like a PC)

Bill and Jerry

Would be a good sitcom, would'nt it?

That's what Bill should do in his retirement, act!

#23's got it. This is the "pilot episode" for a series of commercials. This one was the attention grabber. Now people are more likely to watch a second episode (read: advertisement).

#73: good explanation...that's the subplot, or the subliminal message (or at least one interpretation of it). It goes with the other subplot
#51 talked about

Now you might ask something to the effect of 'why would people analyze a commercial?" Well, that's the age we live in, where psychologists, writers, analysts, and marketers are used for just about any advertising project through the media.

...just sayin'.

#73 = Logic Fail

You know why MS has to spend hundreds of million dollars on these lame ads? It's because MS fail at deliver quality products. Thus instead of spending money to try to make their products better (they tried, the result is Vista), MS is trying to pull wool over your eyes.

They can't even do an ad right. Why? Majority of people said WTF... lame... after watching the ad. MS already has to explain its lame ad as an "icebreaker" [sic: Microsoft Senior VP Bill Veghte].

I guess the real meaning is Shoe clown = Microsoft?

Actually, if you have to listen to some bullshat explanation of an ad -- it failed.

Oh man. I feel like throwing up. Yeah.. This ad is horrible. It just feels like Microsoft saw all the cool kids having fun and wanted to be like them, and it resulted in a vomit inducing advertisement. STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW. Let's be honest. Microsoft's last ad was bad enough. A bunch of mac users got into a room together and complained about vistas bugs, and then two actors introduced what they said was a new version of vista. It wasn't, but the mac users said it was great. UHHH OHHH! The only problem is, it would have been the same frigging thing reversed. Plus, they thought they were in a Microsoft commercial. You don't get paid if you say the product is shit. And seriously, did they think they were going to convince anyone that vista isn't more full of bugs and viruses than Amy Winehouse? Mac has problems too. When you buy one, you usually have to upgrade it because it doesn't come with enough memory. They suck for video games. They usually don't come with a decent little mac version of Microsoft Word. Both computers suck at some things, and excel at others. But seriously, this commercial sucks. STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW.

Wait so in the FUTURE we can eat our computers?

...So your saying I should stop putting ketchup on my monitor and take my mouse out of my mouth?

See this ad does have a purpose, -- I learned something..I must wait alittle longer to eat my pc I'm just hungry - well my tv might taste good...hmmmm

Saw something totally inspiring today... The McRib is back!

The last word of the ad is Delicious, isn't Delicious a type of APPLE?

I loved it. Of course, I have an entire blog dedicated to shoe-related humor and trivia.

riiiiight PC's are so perfect and easy to use, thats why that commercial made complete and total sense!!!

you see what i did there?

I use Mac but I absolutely f***ing loathe the advertising strategies that Apple employs. Everything they advertise, be it their computers or iPods or iPhones, have the most f***ing retarded commercials of all time. I don't even know why Microsoft even needs to respond, even though this commercial was decent enough. Mac owns what, 4% of the computing market? Hmmm, that ain't shit.

Another note, is it just me or is this site getting more popular? 83 comments? Wow, I seem to remember back in the day when 10 was a lot.... I guess we're slowly but surely pulling in some of the Superficial crowd. This site is the best out of the three!

I think the point of this ad is to show that Microsoft has something huge up its sleeve and is trying to get us to not write them off. Remember in the early 90's when Microsoft raped Apple and nearly put them out of business by introducing Windows?
Recently, Apple has come back as the sexier nerd and provided us all with cool gadgets. Don't forget who revolutionized the computer industry and changed the way the entire world operates less then 20 years ago. They're about to do it all over again and this is the heads up.

"Windows not walls" is a campaign to slow the Apple train... although Microsoft does make it's fair share off of Apple products (and always has) with Office. I think the ad falls a little short.

What I do find weird is that most people above me call Bill Gates boring and dull (more or less) which is completely untrue. The guy is hilarious and couldn't care less about his wealth or how others perceive him. Hasn't anyone watched some the in house videos produced staring him? I think the commercials could have have done without Jerry, Bill could have carried the thing himself.

to #79.

shit, the McRib is a marvel of modern science, where the even the bone is made of meat!

i think this ad is working. apple users are complaining about the commercial and making up stuff to complain about. cause the commercial was about nothing. the commercial didnt say anything yet you are crying about something. about what who knows, maybe its nothing.

Yeah because MAC is destroying the market right now with it's OS. lol. Microsoft doesn't need to make up lies (or just tell you the high points, and not the low points) to it's product....they just dominate.....

i didn't like the commercial at all. at first. then i started searching the net...

i didn't catch all the little points in the commercial (let me take care of you, you're a ten, delicious...) but thanks to you guys, now i'm starting to warm up to this approach.

this commercial is obviously having exactly the effect that one would want. people are talking about it a LOT.

mainly i think i like the fact that microsoft just made a commercial and didn't bash anyone. that's the biggest way to say fxck you, and they did it. mac spends all its time trying to make microsoft look stupid and gates seems to not even notice. why? the ads are crap, and the market is the biggest measuring stick: microsoft is still winning, no matter what mac does.

bill gates takes the high road - he just walks on to your screen, cool and calm. he makes a few moments of akward comedy, and closes. face it. gates and microsoft are so successful that they can make a double-length commercial that makes no sense, says nothing important, doesn't highlight or bash anything, and he even shakes his butt at the camera, and his product will STILL sell just fine.

i have to agree with gates on this one. let's not even respond to macholes. business goes on as usual.

Has anyone heard of Windows 7 yet? They're trying to make up for Vista, and this is how they're leting us know about it. Duh!

My guess is that this ad has something to do with Windows 7

I cant beleive i had to get to comment 91 before someone mentioned that this commercial might have something to do with..i 7. at the end jerry asks about possible innovations in the computers to come and from what i understand, windows 7 is supposed to be quite innovative. Also... The Future -- Delicious....pretty obvious why the commercial was made.
Of course this isnt to say some of the mentioned messages arent also true.
And yes, definately badass that they didnt have to mention apple even though MS has been ridiculed in every mac commercial that i can remember.


Microsoft paid $300M for this? I am so let down, and am almost tempted to go buy a Mac out of spite. I've read other posts claiming that this references Windows 7. Fine, but the people visiting this site are somewhat technologically-educated. Do you think the average Joe 6-pack has any idea about the forthcoming Windows 7? All they take away is "What the hell did I just watch? That wasn't funny." Microsoft failed to connect with an overwhelming constituency with this ad. They did succeed in generating buzz...about how confusing and (pointless) it is. Kudos. And finally, yes, these ads are just further proof that Larry David was the real genius in Seinfeld. The titular character just isn't funny (you just have to watch his stand-up to prove that, though)

reading way too deep into it.. they made a commercial that mocks seinfeld. jerry seinfeld is very familiar and has a very high approval rate because of his oh so popular sitcom. the average person is going to see this and associate the greatness that was seinfeld to windows. very simple

Funny that Jerry would do a Microsoft commercial when throughout the whole Seinfeld TV series there was always some model of Apple computer on the desk over by the window in his apartment. Maybe Jerry is secretly making this commercial a total flop to boost Mac sales. Way to go Jerry!!!

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