Sep 3 2008Robotic Spider To Destroy Liverpool On Friday


A 50-foot robotic spider, which has been sitting dormant on the side of an office building since last night, is going to come alive on Friday and destroy the everliving shit out of Liverpool.

Weighing 37 tons and standing 50ft high, the spider is currently clinging to the side of Concourse Tower in the city.

The huge insect spotted in Liverpool is in fact entirely mechanical and part of a new piece of street theater organized to mark its year as Capital of Culture.

It is thought the insect will come down from its current position tomorrow and then 'wake up' on Friday before starting to explore the city.

Tens of thousands of visitors are expected in Liverpool over the three days to try and see the mechanical arachnid.

Make that tens of thousands of soon to be dead visitors. Seriously, would you rather take your chances trying to catch a glimpse of a giant robotic spider or, I dunno, live? You're still gonna go see it aren't you? Haha, I can read you like a graphic novel.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the last thing a buch of Liverpudlians will ever see.



50-Foot Robot Spider Plans to Attack the UK on Friday [gizmodo]
The 30ft mechanical spider terrorising Liverpool [dailymail]

Thanks to Romeo, beefytee and Jimmy, who are thankfully all safe in Candyland.

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Reader Comments

Wow, that is creepy as hell.


The spider is an arachnid, not an insect.

I need one of those.

Thats one of the most horrifing things I have ever seen, Imagine all the bug spray needed to take that thing out.

Spiders are so cute! But seriously though... robots really are going to kill us all.

Hahah, I wondered if this would be up here. I live just over the water from Liverpool and getting the train over tomorrow to see it. Hopefully I'll survive the carnage and get some good video's of scousers getting squished when this thing goes crazy and tries to kill us all.

WTF! Imagine if that was YOUR office window that thing was hanging outside. Having your morning coffee while staring out into eight soulless robotic eyes....


Please let me know when/if you do/don't die/get good pics. I'd love to host them on my site for you.

That thing is wicked scary. If it does in fact start to move around town I'd pretty much shit my pants.

UPDATE: Too late. I smell. Badly.


hell yeah. bring on the f***ing spider.

numb3rsix's face is fake. Spider = real.

As soon as the large hadron collider is turned on this thing will come to life and destroy mankind. What cooler way to go then giant cyber-arachnid...if only we can make it fight an animal sleeping under the ocean awakend by nuclear munitions testing...



Thank god for #14, I was beginning to lose faith in the world.

F*** global warming, i say robots!
anyone up to build a noah-ark-spaceshuttle?

I've got news for you: they are ALL "dormant" until they receive their commands. And then there is the day when they find their own electrical source.

I hope some robot spider family keeps this photo as a memento.

Awesome! I wanna put a saddle on it!

Oh, and managed to miss this the first time...

is that thing made out of bones? That doesn't seem liable to creep anyone out at all...

Good luck Spidey!! Get yu some brits, bitch!!

shit thats creepy

I'd imagine it would be somewhat resembling of the time King Donky Kong climbed to the top of my building...I looked out the window and there it was...giant monkey balls.

But this has to be the coolest thing ever if it works...if it doesn't then fail all over the place...

"Yeah, right. How were you supposed to know? F***ing men like you built the hydrogen bomb. Men like you..... thought it up...... You think you're so creative. You don’t know what it's like to really create something...... to create a life. To feel it growing inside you. All you know how to create is death and destruction"
*spaz's out*

Who cares it? Just want to date a rich man on 'Ri ch k'. So many certified millionaires there. Let me have one. The rich, just come on, to kiss me! haha...

those crazy brits, what the h is wrong with them?

That thing is f***ing scary...

"Ah HA! I knew my recent purchase of a government surplus FLAMETHROWER would come in handy one day!! Liverpool- HERE I COME!!!!
PS: Does any1 know how to get a flamethrower through customs? Seriously folks...

tehehe, I should put one of those in my sisters bed. she hates spiders


Holy SHIT!! That is terrifying. It's good to know that, somewhere out there, someone has been keeping a log of my worst nightmares, the kind that make you wake in the night screaming and sweaty.. bundled them all together and let them loose in the city next to mine.... AWESOME!...f***ers..

Wow what a realistic creature. I could not believe when I saw the size of it. Even the colour looks real. Wow what can I say apart from I hope that does not crawl over my bed in the night. Heart Attack comes to mind.

Excellant creation, fantastic originality and thought gone ito that one. Well done to all the people who had an idea and made it happen.

J Healey

This could be the greatest thing ever - how do I get the controls, I want to stamp out me some scousers....

You give us awesome spiders and the superficial writer tries to twist each blog to reflect his blasphemous, liberal bias. Tip to the superficial writer: stick with describing boobs. I try to respond on his blog but my posts get rejected.

At least the GW knows enough not to alienate loyal readers. No wonder I prefer it here! Keep up the good work GW!

Note: My one and only ultra serious commentary.

What's up with the Super comments? I get rejected nine times out of ten because I'm posting too soon after another comment, even if it's the one and only time I try to post that day.....

This is a better blog anyway.


Looks like Jon Peters strikes again. Is this a promo to Wild Wild West 2? You know something about spiders? Spiders are some of the fiercest fighters in the insect (yes I know, arachnid) kingdom.


Okay is the dang thing 30 or 50ft

I live in liverpool and it boos but its goin to come alive to morron and no onw Knows whats goin to happin

HI GUYS...... this is real, The same french artist did a similar project in 2006 in London called "the little girl" check this link again another mechanical marvel, which u can see on youtube, njoyI live next to Liverpool and the "art project" is being set up as "LA MACHINE" by some french artist... at 10am on the 5th of Sep, the spider will crawl down the building and start walking into the town centre..... The robot will stand 50ft tall when walking, as you can c from the pic the legs are bend in 3 places in order to stop wind issues whilst sitting on the building.. The town council have taken out roundabouts and lampposts, traffic lights etc so this can walk.

"The huge insect spotted in Liverpool is in fact entirely mechanical and part of a new piece of street theater organized to mark its year as Capital of Culture."

No shit... that sentence almost seems to imply that people thought it was organic.

Never gonna happen. Someone will have stolen it by then.

What? No one else saw Terminator? It's like a robotic Godzilla. I say disaster waiting to happen.

anal cheese?

It seems awfully familiar to a type of robot in the anime Ghost in the Shell.

She's a moving... hide your bebies:

I'd be willing to bet that thing is filled with about 5 million miniature robotic spiders (possibly even NANOSPIDERS!) that are going to hatch out of that big mama and devour the unsuspecting citizens of London in their sleep.

1. It isn't clinging to the building, it's hanging from a crane. If it really weighs "37 tons", it couldn't possibly cling to the building without punching huge holes in the sides to get at the major supports.

2. I doubt it weighs "37 tons". That's as much as a light tank, and it just isn't that big. A bunch of thick metal beams and a huge engine won't weigh anywhere near that much.

3. It is very cool, though, especially if it can actually walk around on the ground -- without a crain holding it up.

Amazing. I can't wait to see footage of this thing.

The spiders name is La Princesse, and she is bad tempered.

hey its friday, where's your video?

Sadly no carnage...just some bleeps, bongs and horns

i want to see a video of this dam thang

Wtf is this a wtf site

horrible f***ing thing! get a statue and kill it!


Its a total photoshop job. The shadows are all wrong!

I got a few pictures and videos, yet to put the pictures on YouTube but my best pictures are on my DA account in the link...

arachnid!! Wow.. imagine that f***er on your lawn.

@ 42 OTFL

"Hey Brain, what are we going to do tonight?"
"The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!"

Don't worry, I bet the thing runs on petrol. They'll never be able to round up enough gasoline to get it going. That's one good thing about the cost of gas.

Freaking awesome

So uhh... Got [email protected] right?

pic 1: christ. thats creepy. pic 2: definately scary. pic 3: kerisssst!!!!!!!! the t-3000 towerblock assault robot exceeded all expectations. the next version will make a loud hissing noise as it punches in windows.

My god... If I'd seen such a thing spontaneously, without any previous notice that it's ok to be there, I'd get into reflex of screaming. In 1/10 of a second.
PS yeah I can imagine if they'd send such a mecha to some sort of war or conflict. Or assign for more peaceful missions, for example, patroling traffic (who'd want to exceed the speed limit then, huh? Not me, if I had to deal with him later).

A Spider isn't an insect. It has eight legs, an insect has six. Even huge
ones are not insects. So you know. G.

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

that is realy cool but why did you do it.

it looks real but i think somebody is at the top of that building.

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