Sep 2 2008$173,000: Microsoft Sunglasses For Sale


Need a new pair of sunglasses? Looking for an 80's pair that screams "I love Microsoft and don't care if I look like Billy Joel's grundle"?

What you're seeing is the only pair of 1980's Hot Green Microsoft sunglasses around! A reliable source said these were only given to a handful of employees and every pair has been broken or lost over time... Except for these! These sunglasses were in use while Microsoft Office (word, excel, etc) was created and released! These bright sunglasses were the reason for many bright attitudes during the rise of Microsoft, and those bright attitudes might be the only reason for Microsoft's success. These hot green shades were making a fashion statement on a desk at Microsoft while stocks split and and the company developed! These magical sunglasses deserve thanks for many things, without them the world might not have developed into the world we know and love today. Enough can't be said about the history and importance of these very special sunglasses.

Yep. Bidding starts at $173,000 and the auction ends in 12 hours, so you better get on it. Or, if you want, I'll sell you an iconic Apple hat. It's a real apple hot-glued to a Red Sox cap! Use the 'Buy It Now' option and I'll throw in a watermelon bong. I'm a fruit freak!

Hit the jump for two more pictures (in case you don't know what $0.60 80's glasses look like) and a link to the auction.



eBay Auction

eBay Watch: $173,000 Microsoft Sunglasses [techeblog]

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Reader Comments

this makes my ass hurt.

Those might be worth something if it wasnt for the fact that any one in china could mass produce does without microsoft being able to do a thing about it. This is obvious but theyre anything but special, if real.

Those might be worth something if it wasnt for the fact that any one in china could mass produce does without microsoft being able to do a thing about it. This is obvious but theyre anything but special, if real.

No one better buy that piece of shit for $170,000+.

Holy crap. I'm speechless.

I, eh, is there anything to really say?

I guess 'this is stupid' seems appropriate, but yet it just doesn't fully express my disbelief.

Annnnnd people are already bidding on them...

Is the 20% going to Malaria No More an attempt at fooling rich people or corporation who buy expensive junk for charity? Cause they usually prefer when the seller isn't making over 100,000 dollars in the deal.

godamnit, i had a little quip about how the founder will post under a fake name and buy them so people witll think it was the cool thing to do and i cant for the life of me remember his f***in name

lol i dont want to cheat and look him up but all i keep thinking is steve jobs. WTF is that other guys name. Damn this DQ chilidog wiped my brain

BILL GATES!!!! lol f*** me running

That was an epic fail you all just witnessed on my part

Wish I had known that.

I threw out dozens of those over the years.

I didn't think boys HAD grundles.

Anyone else realize that the name of the ebay seller is "supportamericanotchina"?? Yeah this seems like a legitimate place to send $173,000. There are 2 bids.

You didn't know guys had taints?

Well then, let me let you in on another little secret: Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.


Wish I could see the item he got negative feedback for. Perhaps another pair of sunglasses?

I thought grundle was essentially just the rear view beaver shot like the lady dangle?...I thought taint was taint.

Your ineptitude at anatomy and it's slang is astonishing. How did you even figure out HOW to have sex much less manage to procreate?

It was difficult at first, you can be sure of that. maybe because I kept trying to ram my penis into her taint...

The odds of my unholy semen making its way up her rancid birth canal undamaged enough to actually conceive make Santa's little helpers odds look like a lock.

so how much do you think i could get for my poo?
i would totally sell that for 100 grand.

That's a little out of my price range... maybe if you told me that Bill Gates wore these while shitting in his toilet made of money, then I'd buy 'em.



1. Perineum, ie area of skin directly anterior to the anus. Generally refers to the male version.

The space between your sack-o-nuts and your whale hole.

(n.) the grundle is the area between your balls and your asshole. it can sometimes be referred to as the gooch, gouch, or gleek

The prime piece of real estate located conveniently between Scrotumburg and Anusville.

it 'taint the balls, and it 'taint the asshole

Just the kind of senseless bullshit you'd expect from Microsoft.


My childhood dentist had a full basket of these in every examination room. THAT'S why check-ups costed so much...

How do you "But It Now" on ebay? is that a new function?

"without them the world might not have developed into the world we know and love today. "

Holy melodrama Microsoftie!

I love how this turned into a discussion about taints and grundles.. this blog is way to upscale for me.

2 Bidders so far...
Looks like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs want to get a hold of that thing.

I wonder when they'll auction that ancient manuscript Book of Mozilla?

looks like a bullshit auction, making bids private on high price items is always a sure sign and no f***er is stupid enough to spend that on some sunnys no matter how rare......except the mr.geekologie writer of course.....

They are the most expensive sunglasses I have seen upto now.

I have the White pair, single logo vintage 80´s Microsoft sunglasses. Send me an email if you are interested.

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