Sep 17 2008Marble Maze Table Looks Fun, Expensive


Remember when you were a kid and your parents wouldn't let you have dessert until you ate everything on your plate even though they convinced you it was rattlesnake and Rocky Mountain oysters (fried bull nads). Yeah, that sucked. But at least you would have had some entertainment if you ate on this Marbelous dinner table. Certainly brings new meaning to the phrase (which my mom originated but was later stolen and altered by a popular rock band), "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your balls?"

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups of the table.





Marbelous furniture: lose your marbles at the dinner table [dvice]
Marbelous Table, We All Know that Grown Up Furniture is Lame [uberreview]

Thanks to Delphine, who allegedly found Toodles' marbles.

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Reader Comments

Firsts unless im not then im 2nd or possibly 3rd anyway it reminds me of those marble and plastic toy thingys you used to build as kids

First and surely this table will be deadly if there are old people in the area one loose marble and its bye bye hip grandma

ok second !

the ultimate law suit table! ask a company to buy it for you to replace your old desk then slip and break a bone ---> set for life

@1: Those plastic marble contraptions were all that was good about my childhood. Shit, I should try to dig those up sometime...

That table looks like the coolest thing ever, who can outgrow rolling marbles on an elaborate track? I'd just be afraid I'd trip on and/or eat one of the marbles.

simply Marbelous

my cat would love it

They look like ball bearings to me.

uncle eccoli........ YOU=FAIL, i know you were busy trying really hard to make a clever comment.........

@9, you won't be getting any comment awards yourself.

I bet the comment awards would have good thank you speeches. But message boards are still a shitty format for an awards show.

Oh yeah, and we need a video of this table.

Oh yeah, and we need a video of this table.

This is awesome except for the fact that to enjoy the table's marble-spinning fun, you have to sit your ass down on the filthy floor.

seems like it might be dangerous with all those rogue balls all over the floor. So definitely something for grandma.

P.S. I hate you grandma.

I think this is awesome. I want one. Though it's probably expensive, so instead, I'd really want those plastic marble contraption things that others talked about. Man I had so much fun with those! So what if I went into my little sister's class room to pick her up and play with those, they're still fun! I'd so have a large one I can put together in my living room and play with marbles!

@16 - Well you know they make a jellybean ramp machine to dispense the yummy goodness of jellybeans after falling down several ramps. They rule!

@ #6 bad puns ftl.
But this table is pretty awesome, so things balance out.



This would be funny to get for a person with an extreme case of OCD.



@1,5,16, I believe you are referring to Marble Works, unless multiple companies made such toys. Also those spiral column things are awesome and look like they would be difficult to carve that way.

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