Sep 19 2008Macs Used To Help Make New Microsoft Ad


Uh-oh. It's been discovered that some of the images used in Microsoft's new 'I'm a PC' commercial were created with Macs.

Four of the images that Microsoft made available on its PressPass site today display the designation "Adobe Photoshop C3 Macintosh" when their file properties are examined. The images appear to be frames from the television ads that Microsoft will launch later today.

One of the images is of a real Microsoft engineer, identified only as "Sean," who resembles John Hodgman, the actor who plays the PC character in Apple Inc.'s iconic ads.

Well seeing how Microsoft hired ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky to create the commercials, it's not surprising that they were using Macs since there wasn't a "no Macs" clause in the agreement. Probably should have been though. I told you to let me handle the law, Microsoft, I'm mad legal. Ha, well technically I'm 17, but I have a good fake.

On a side note, today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so get out there and avast, ye maties and whatever the hell else pirates do.*

*Raping unacceptable, pillaging fine.

Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' ad images made on Macs [computerworld]

Thanks to Stephen and Huggy Bear, who are both half PC, half Mac, but 100% pirate.

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Oh the irony.

Wait does this prove that Macs aren't still for faggot ass cult members?

No it doesn't Oh ok..Who cares.

id be more impressed if they made it on a Z X SPECTRUM, the mac daddy of all computers

I'm a PC.... but I think I'm cool enough to be a MAC despite the fact that I can't afford one :(

That just made my friday.

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@8, Seriously? No one cares. Shut the f*** up.

nick bacon, stfu.

You're rapidly becoming my least favorite person on the internet. And that's saying something.

I am really confused as to how a company as well funded as M$ can continually suck when it comes to marketing. Get a new agency, problem solved.

The "I'm a PC and I'm a MAC" comercials are sponsored by MAC not Microsoft! So of course the pictures are going to be done on a MAC...

haha, dumbasses...
I'm in the advertising business and everybody knows that Macs are the Standard in design and video editing... only wannabes use PCs for that type of stuff and they're the laughing stock of the business. I honestly bet they did it on purpose just to see if people would notice.

lol.. Talk like pirate day, eh?

Pass the rum!

#4 - stop being a faggot
you're just jealous of my sweetass Mac that can run circles around your puny little you sit at playing world of warcraft on all day because you can't get a real live girlfriend.

macs are overpriced crap.

thread is over

Yeah, I was brought up on PCs, but they are inferior.
I'm not one of those people who says you should run out and BUY A MAC RIGHT NOW but if it came down to pure choice (as opposed to money) I would go with a mac.

..And the truth comes out...
Just as we saw the Iphone pics of the asian girl in the factory or whatever had pc's in the background. Seems that they work with each other all the time.

Yeah! Suck it Mac. Ok, I'll admit, I’m a Mac owner and yes, they are a superior product over PCs. I just hate the hipster douchiness associated with buying things from Apple. Hey, check out my sweet iMac, iPod, iTV, iPhone, iiiii, me, me, me!!! The people at Apple should be kissing the ground that their designers walk on. Who knew that releasing your product with nifty colors would have such an impact? That being said, most people don’t actually need a Mac for their computer use - ie, surfing the web for porn and playing Minesweeper, or at least that’s what I hear most people do, cough, cough. If you do any sort of artistic work, buy a Mac. If you just want to email smiley faces and pictures of glittery kittens (I’m looking at you Mom), buy a PC, it’s that simple.


Macs are in no way superior to a Windows machine. You can tell yourself that since you paid 200% more all you want though.

The only reason people say macs are good for any type of media work is because companies pay people more who use mac systems, which is pretty bad.

@20, I suggest you do your reseach before you let your ass start talking online. You're starting to look like a fool.

I purchased a Mac Pro a couple weeks ago for my photography/graphic design work, and in REALITY, after comparing the hardware specs, I only paid about $300 more for a Mac than I would have if I had built my own PC. And I didn't have to put it together, load the OS, etc.

The argument that Mac's are ridiculously priced is, well, ridiculous.

You get what you pay for.

@20- Survey says, "X". Thanks for playing, though.

It may have been made on a Mac, but it was technically Adobe Photoshop, which is still completely ass slow on a Mac compared to Windows. Yes, even CS3.


That's weird, because I'm using BootCamp and I just timed Photoshop startup on OSX and Windows. OSX won by about 3-4 seconds.

You fail.

If I had a dollar for every time my PC froze and crashed, I would be able to afford a Mac!

Tee hee I have a mac its cute and it doesn't crash cause all i f***ing do with it is surf the internet and blog and play with I tunes.

Have fun paying too much, getting no help when it breaks, and not being able to run the bad ass games that a PC can.

Plus you can customize your PC much more. Macs are gay as f***.


Your whole argument is invalidated by the fact your put your display name as "Makes are for bloggers".

You fail just as hard as 24 did.

I don't know of a single quality design studio or ad agency that does work on PC. (Mac isn't better—it's just the standard. So working on anything else would be silly stupid and inefficient, and probably cause your hair to fall out.)

Therefore this isn't really news.

The argument cannot be a simple reduction to "one is inherently better than the other." You have to think about what you're going to use the computer for, how you're going to use it, how many computers you'll need, who will be using them, what software will you be running, what experience do I or others already have, how much will things cost vs. benefit and the above factors... the list goes on. You can even honestly throw Linux into the bunch if you're talking about, for instance, science applications.

Unfortunately, most people don't like to make things more complex than a simple "yes/no" or "this/that." That's where marketing (and politicking!) comes in and helps people think they're making informed choices. We're also liable to vehemently support our choice regardless of hard data backing it up, because we don't like to think we're wrong.

tl;dr you and 99% of the world are idiots. Stop trying so hard.

NOT okay to rape? Ooooooooohhhhhh boy... Ooooooooh man. I need to get my cutlass and find that wench!

macs are for fags that dont know how to use pcs

Macs are disgusting.

@ 33 - LOL you spelled douche wrong. Moron.

It seems like some of the comments here are confused, like post #12. First off, it's just "Mac," not "MAC." That makes me think of the make-up brand. And it's sponsored by Apple, not Mac. Anyway, that's not a big deal.

But this is why this new Windows campaign is horrible - it confuses people. Windows is sponsoring an anti-"Mac vs. PC" ad campaign right now, that totally rips off Apple's campaign, rather than coming up with something unique. These particular ads were made to advertise PCs, but the news is that the ads were actually made on Macs.

I don't think the actual commercials were made on Macs, it looks like it's just the print and web materials. It's still funny, though, even if Mac is the industry standard for design.

Now that I think about it, Macs are gay as f***.

Of course it was! Most graphics are easier/better done on a Mac...
BTW- for Halloween, I'm thinking of going as a VamPirate - I vant to suck yaarrr blood matey...


@16 You Fail!

I think PC is code for Piece of Crap.

Wow, welcome back to the retards of the internet. I just got told that "I fail" - like we're five years old.
What people don't get here is that it's just Adobe Photoshop. The fact that it was made on a mac is largely irrelevant since they're available on both OS's. Also, benchmarks now show that they run pretty much equal (even though historically PC's have always been faster at running Photoshop).
And really, nobody's failing here.

What's a "Mac" again? Oh, right... that overpriced, uncustomizable piece of garbage computer that really has nothing going for it since a regular "PC" can do everything it can do, plus tons more. Macs are made of 100% pure grade-A fail.

@12 no retard. It's the I'm a PC commercial that Microsoft is putting out. Read before your comment.

the mac versus pc debate is so silly. if i was a gamer, i would have a pc, and if i was a designer, i would have a mac. it's like comparing apples and oranges, but people just won't drop it ;)

It turn out to be fake.


@Robin: Seems like you're the one who's silly. Gaming on a PC wont make you better than if you gamed on a mac. And designing on a mac won't make you any more talented than on a PC.

I will pwn you on a mac for any hardcore FPS you choose, and I will embarrass your cute photoshopping on my PC. Get your f***ing information correct. N00b wannabe d3signer.

that is amazing, makes sense too. macs are the shit! love them.

lol i love this stupid pc/mac debates were people talk without trying both.
i was also like these "mac sucks" guys until i tried one (really try, not just clicking a couple icons and quit) and the thing is, i changed to a mac, and no, i am not a computer n00b so i know what i was doing in both OSs. of course some people don't like it... hey some people also don't like linux too and i like it. but the thrust is, mac is a LOT more stable then win.

I've used both Mac and PC and prefer Mac by a lot. It is less customizable, I think, but in general more user friendly. I've found it better for graphic work, particularly because of what's developed for it (I love Final Cut). I spend less time cursing it for blue screen of death, and the hardware is a lot easier to get fixed when there are problems, as the Apple Store has all the parts for every model you might have. My cat picked a key off of my keyboard and broke it- they replaced the key in three seconds, no charge, and you coudln't tell the difference. Not all PCs match remotely and getting things fixed really depends on the individual hardware provider. I use computers fairly roughly, and mac has just been better to me.

PC isn't bad. It is just not for me.

I also game on my Mac. There are fewer games developed for it, but I'm a hardcore WoW fangirl, so it works out in my favor.

I don't really see the point in fighting-Macs are superior at most things, and then PCs do the things that aren't worth putting on a mac. Which is "better" is solely defined by what you want in a computer. Are you... a scientist? ...a graphic designer? architect? ...a musician? (...a hipster?) (...addicted to porn?) Macs are better. Are you... a gamer? ...poor? ...fond of the color blue? ...a modern Luddite? ...decidedly uncool? ...punishing yourself? Then a PC would be a better choice for you. I think it's shitty when people are judged on their computers, though.

F*** you all. Etch-A-Sketch FTW. Bitches please. Betta recognize.


see.... square boobs.

and in the "Coup de Grace," that will probably get me banned from this and any future threads...

I knew GW writer didn't have the guts to ban me.
It was worth it, If i had to do it again, I wouldn't cha


Uh, she happens to be right. If you're a huge gamer, you'd want a PC. There are more compatible games, and they didn't tend to run as well on the older Macs. (Different story now with the intel chips and GForce graphics.) But the computer gaming industry is still skewed hard in favor of the PC.

Macs are industry standard in media and design. It doesn't matter if you're great in Photoshop, if you have to go from PC to Mac and all your fonts go bye-bye, it's still a pain in the ass. If you want to work in the field, you have to know how to use a Mac, end of story. And most people (but not all) tend to find the Mac more tailored to design than windows. I was just doing a project and I had to have a ton of reference pictures open at once. Very nice to give the old mouse a squeeze and be able to look over them all. (Just a small example, of course.)

I run a Mac for design, and a PC for gaming, and it works out pretty well for me. Yeah, if you're unskilled, it won't make as much of a difference, but that's not the point. (Nor is that what the poster you were calling a noob talking about.) They tend to work better for different things. I just don't get the weird hatred on both sides.

Also, I have an ass like a toaster.

Look, I like both the Macs and the PCs, but like I said, I have an ass like a toaster and it ain't easy. So make fun of me, or stuff bread in my ass, either way, I'm happy with it.

Well.. this just goes to show that linux is better than everything.

Well..... Not that anyone cares, but I use Macs, just saying I have had PC's before, and well....... for some odd reason my PC's would all crash way too often, my Macs, never, plus I'm not big into PC games, so, I mean, I don't think one is "better" than the other I think it depends on what you want to do with it.
I also kinda feel like the mac is a lot user friendly, like easyer to operate, and the PC had way too many little annoying things about it, it's just me though.

So about two months ago, a friend of mine who works at a mac store, sold Pharell Williams two macbook airs. Hmmmm...?


might have been on a mac. but i heard they was running windows on the mac. macs blow donkey balls, i used to have to do after effects on that shit. and everytime i had to do an effect like blur that shit would freeze up the mac. and then i would have to reset that thing. god damn i hated that stupid start up sound macs make!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i killed a child when i heard it on that shhitty pixar movie about johnny 5.

Really? If one was hands down better than the other do you all not think that one would have run the other out of business already?

From my observations (I have both and use both) Macs are better suited for graphic design, music and video editing, photography, and many other design oriented professions. PCs are better suited for engineering and programming based applications and for gamers and for people who know how to build and program and customize computers. I use a mac for music composition and photography purposes, but for my job as an engineer I use a PC.

For basic purposes, Macs are easier to use and less prone to viruses and spy ware. Beyond that, it's apples vs. oranges.

Damn communists.

This is about as interesting as dirt and not the good top soil kind.

iv never had a problem with either. i just dont own a mac cause you could probably build 5 unique computer with that type of money. maybe someday when i can afford with straight cash.

You guys are so dumb... Nikon is waaaay better than Canon!!! Oh wait, sorry, wrong window :/

Oh that's so funny.

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