Sep 16 2008It's About Time: Anti-Theft Lunch Bags


There's nothing worse than nagging your mommy to pack you a really good lunch only to have it stolen by some dick of a coworker. Enter the Anti-Theft Lunch bag, a Zip-Lock with moldy looking splotches printed on both sides. Created by designer Sherwood Forlee, you can email him to be notified when the bags become available for sale. Or, I dunno, make your own. Another option is to just bring two lunches so if somebody eats one you've still got a backup.

UPDATE: Who the hell steals two lunches?

Hit the jump to see what a sandwich looks like inside. Spoiler: Moldy.


Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Thanks to Matie and Frank, who both protect their lunches the old fashioned way -- with explosive booby-traps.

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Reader Comments


Now we have that out of the way, these are clever, but catfood sandwhiches work better :)

Thos is so good. I like saggy w;men

Oh good, my coworkers were looking for another reason to throw out my sandwiches.

i had this jerk at work who would always take drinks of my soda while i wasnt looking. so this one day i pissed in a pepsi can and left it there for him. never happened again

How would I distinguish between this bag and the actual moldy one?

So instead of someone stealing it they'll just throw it away because it looks so gross.

what is "the jump" that i'm supposed to hit to look at your images?
you have to assume that SOME people will come to your site for the first time and want to use it. "the jump" is not explained anywhere i could see so i'm leaving.

@jamie: haha, n00b, go cry with your emo friends.

No really, the jump is the page you got to when you entered your whiney comment saying you couldn't find it. Somebody call the irony squad.

That mold makes the sandwich look more delicious that it already is. Mold = free spice

Yeah, good idea in theory, but like someone said before, it will most likely get thrown away. Although, people are pretty lazy, so who knows. I like the "catfood sandwich" idea though, that's pretty good!

The problem with the catfood sandwich is it looks so yummy I always forget, and lick the knife.....

I just wait for my sandwiches to mold naturally and then I bring them to work. Penicillin is good for you.

@5, you are a liar.
@8, don't let the blog hit you on the way out.

#8 - when you see this phrase used over and over again on several different blogs sites, you can pretty much figure out what it means. but if you can't figure it out yourself.....nobody is going to tell you cause you're effin retarded.

who would steal 30 bagged lunches?

I'll tell ya who, it was that damn Sasquatch!

Uh, that sandwich looks a little moldy all by itself...

hey #8... wouldn't you then assume that all these people leaving comments have had their first time on this site (my first time was great btw, hope it was for you too, GW). So we all had to figure it out ourselves. As you will do for a lot of things in life. But obviously you are a quitter. You need a copy of Never Back Down.

That doesn't look like mold at all. It looks like a sandwich inside a bag with food coloring on it.

@15, I'm laughing so hard I can barely type.

Plastic halloween props work well too. Betcha no one's gonna steal my sandwich if they see a severed finger in it.

that's bitchen!
why don't they have a cockroach shit one?

Just spray green food coloring on the bread. That has the bonus of grossing out anyone watching you eat.

Or walk into the lunch room with a worried expression. When someone asks you what's wrong, say loudly, "I forgot to wash my hands in between cleaning up after the dog and making my sandwich this morning." Then wait to see if anyone leaves suddenly.

The best protection is to put one of those car alarms on your lunch bag. You know, the one that makes about 15 different "authentic siren sounds". That way, when the alarm goes off, everyone in the immediate area will shoot whomever is holding the bag. Not for stealing someone else's lunch, but for making the alarm go off.

I definitely love the dick coworker link... Jamie you suck j remember never back down

MUAHAHAHAHA! WWJD? is this jamie individual asking? lolz!!!!!!!!!11

"what is this hit the jump you speak of?"

lol Wow, that made me laugh so hard!

Poor, poor jamie. I remembered when my girlfriend first showed me this blog and GOD did it blow me away. I always wondered what "hitting the jump" meant when I first saw it, but it wasn't hard to figure out. You know I always thought Never Back Down wasn't a real movie, but it actually is! Not the best movie, but it's not exactly bad either.

Kokin, shut your mouth and keep chewing my food.

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