Sep 5 2008Epic Failure: How Not To Parachute

This is a video of basejumper Hans Lange vampire suiting around in Norway. Everything goes smoothly until his parachute fails to deploy properly and he ends up tumbling down the mountainside until he's stopped by a tree. He caught it all on film thanks to a helmet cam. Hans, you are one lucky mother -- an improperly deployed parachute is better than no deployment at all. Seriously, I went on one of those discount skydiving adventures once, and, long story short: they pushed me out of the plane with a freaking bookbag. Thankfully, my ghost is a hell of a blogger.

First Person View of an Epic Parachute Fail [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

It messed up the way he talks.


Holy Shit... i felt that!!!

I like how he shouts 'no' in English.

His only injuries were a broken leg and ego, and a shit filled jumpsuit.

Complete control, huh?

everyone knows that umbrellas work better than parachutes

white people are crazy, why dont ya'll stick to real sports like football and basketball, always gotta be doin these crazy ass extreme sports

Because white men can't jump.

What a horny bastard. He falls out of the sky, bounces down the hill and then jerks off. After he gets off at the 0:50 mark. Then he wipes off his hand, and picks up the helmet cam to say a few words of gibberish.

Is it just me but is anybody else hearing the 'woah, this sucks' at the 0:59-1:00 mark?

made me laugh.

Yeah, I heard that. And remember, if we we're meant to fly, we would have grown something better than those dumb vampire wings this guy had.

I once parachuted (bedsheeted) off the roof of the garage and broke my jiggawad joint. My father then promptly kicked my ass for hurting myself.

Good times.....

The "Woah, this sucks" part was dubbed in by a disgruntled ITN editor.

I hope they made him pay for the rescue, the twit.

HAHAHA, i packed his chute for him.

He was a jerk.

#6: my thought too...he likes being in complete control...much like he's NOT in this video. Good work Hans

Dude the 'woah, sucks' did freak me out.

Kick ass... Jump and jump some more!

How much pre-jump instruction was required if any?

Why do people enjoy taking such risks?

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