Sep 25 2008Best iPhone Application EVER


paiTouch, an iPhone application created by Japanese blogger Technohippy, is a virtual breast. You can poke and prod it all you want and it kind of jiggles around. It's actually pretty crappy. You can test it out here, just click and drag the cursor around. I've got to admit: if this is what touching a booby is like, I'm not that excited about it anymore. Now a penis....JK!

Virtual Breasts, Coming to Your iPhone [inventorspot]

Thanks to Phil, who touches enough of the real thing to not need a stupid app.

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This app is lamer than PETA


Hmm Not all that great.

Holy god. First comment, ever.

Shit app.

@2 - Fail

There I beat you to it.

Technohippy is clearly a terminal virgin.

Water balloon tit. IS crappy. And STILL wrote about it! EVERY crappy coder is going to try and get you to publish their...well...crap!

@ 1 & 4 - your need to knock yourself down saddens me more than your original fail...

Obviously the developer of this App has never touched a real breast.

And judging by the lameness that he actually had to create this shitty app to begin with, he will never ever touch one. Ever.


@ 9 - He could have probably just grabbed his own and figured out that his app = FAIL.

yeah, but you guys don't understand where this guy is from this shit will be the f***ing bomb! we're talking Japan here! them f***ers buy body pillows with schoolgirl pic on them and hump he shit out of them! we're talking about the same people that sell used panties in vending machines! I have seen then too!

Wow many of the Geekologie readers are going to finally know what a boob is like! in a way...

Feel like a bag of sand! Me so horny!?!?! ME SO STUPID!

OMG! quadruple WTF!? I remember I made this program in my c++ class right after I pooped in my friend's mouth. So WTF huh? STFU

What are these "breasts" everyone keeps babbling on about?

If boobs behaved like that in real life, I would be paranoid

that actually seems to behave more like a fat f***er's belly

I don't think boobs are supposed to act like aqueous blobs....or maybe mine just aren't doing their job correctly. I imagine if they did work like that, it'd be like grabbing a handful of Gak.

Am I the only one who remembers Gak?

I remember Gak!! I had sent in a sample of my breasts to the Nickelodeon laboratory and that's how they came up with the stuff! My boobs are gross!! =)

That is a simulation of a water balloon in low gravity.

who could forget gak!!!! Its right up there with Orbitz mmmm who doesnt want floaties in there drink. RIP Orbitz 1996-1996

What he said.

This guy has never touched a breast before, as obvious from him making this application in the first place.

@22: You stole my thoughts.

Amy I didn't think you would be into that kind of stuff...

ya know C++...

Ew. Shut up. I am way too hot for any of you stupid ugly assnerds with tiny baby hands.


It looks like low quality animation done as a storyboard for Never Back Down.

Mr. Mitchell, you may or may not be suprised what my Amy is into.

Amy: Assnerds? (groans) I just got all cleaned up from the last time and now you uncork a bottle of "assnerds" ( eyes roll back in head and knees buckle).

bR1an you made me LOL again until i pee-peed my panties a whole bunch homie!

Okay guys, all humor aside, how many of us actually went to the link to try out the boobie app? *raises hand*

Oh, uh....the "other Amy" is back. :/ We really gotta stop all this confusion.

For the record, I repeat, only the last three comments are actually mine. I dunno who this other douche is trying to steal my geek identity is, but they win the douchebaggery of the year award. I don't think I'm that hot and I certainly don't get off on insulting other people, especially when they're fellow nerdkin like me.

Oh wait and this one too.

PS, you're all a bunch of wankers, and I revel in watching your worship of me. Tell me about your fantasies and such.

this boob sucks !! i'd rather play with my own boons instead!

this boob sucks !! i'd rather play with my own boobs instead!

stupid geekologie posts everything so quickly !

#36....... I think they intended this app for guys with no means of ever getting to touch a real (girl) boob, so if you are a girl and have boobs of your own then of course this boob sucks, it acts more like a water balloon, I too would rather play with your boobs instead.

Aha, finally. A tit simulator. Just what the world's been waiting for.

I'd love it if both 'Amies' were the same - terminally bored - person.

@38 - I think there are more than 2.

This is why Geekologie needs to have login access-only content for posters. I'm sick of this.

I'm removing any links, personal pages, etc. I've used in the past. I don't know why you guys continue to do this, or why, but all it does is show your extreme lack of tact and maturity.

Or just plain jealousy.

@39 - Chicks with multiple personalities are the best.

@37 you're always welcome to check out the real thing

changing the world one geek at a time ;)

wow by real thing do you mean like, your hooters? that wouls be uber sweet then again how would i accomplish that, yeah you should make an app of your boob, you know custom made

I think we had this Imposter Issue back when this was Hedonistica. They got some login system sorted out, but seem to have forgotten it along the way.

Multiple Elvis Juleps. Sweet stuff.


@ 45 - F*** Naruto!

Exactly, Al.

Have you been here this whole time? I can't decide who I think is writing here now. You're one of the candidates, mind.

@ 45


whoever invented this obviously did not base this off a real boob. Anyone with boobs like that need to reconsult their plastic surgeon.
more info on how it works and
for the full "game" the same as the pic.

I wish my girlfriends boobs still had that kind of a physics engine.

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