Aug 12 2008From Me To You On My Birthday: A Gallery Of Women In Princess Leia Golden Bikinis


There's a website out there appropriately named Leiasmetalbikini that is dedicated to, well, Princess Leia's metal bikini. You can buy them, sell them, discuss them, and, most importantly, peruse a huge gallery of chicks dressed in them. I flipped through and posted a bunch of my favorites after the jump (which you WILL look at), but there are literally hundreds -- so make sure to check them out. Just consider this a little gift from me to you. That way, you can't say I never got you anything. Seriously though, this might very well be the most selfless act ever performed on a person's own birthday. Quick, saint me!

Hit it for the MASSIVE gallery.






























Leia's Metal Bikini

and the
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Thanks to Jon, for finally making a 15-year old's birthday wish come true.

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Ancient or not, front row, second from the right. I'd hit that. Just sayin.

The best First ever...

Happy Birthday!

Wow a gift to US on YOUR birthday, and such a glorious one at that. Thou are a Saint indeed. BTW. Happy B Day

I'm sure you guys don't ever look at their faces, but the woman in the first picture is Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show.

great photos!


Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Holy schmoley! Is it just me or are these girls hot? That has to be the most sexy outfit. I think I'm growing a fetish.

I almost forgot: I'd definitely show them my lightsaber.

Olivia Munn! Dude, you shouldn't have.

Aw, your birthday was sooner than I had my costume ready. It isn't a metal bikini, but its kinda neat.

My yellow fever is going off the charts. As I went down the list of pics I can say without a doubt that I will never be cured of my illness. Still trying to recover from the sight of the girl under the Darth Vader pic and the one that is 14th from the bottom. . . CHRIST!!

Do they come with the chain?
I would chain them to my bed :)

IS anyone else weirded out by her fawning over luke (her brother) and worse Vader (Her Father) both sorta killed my happiness. CreppyCosplay incest is still Creppy incest, they just added another word.

@ GeekologieWriter- I see how this is a great gift to YOU and the boys... but what awesome post are you putting up for the girls?


Thank you! From the bottom of my pants.


OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love it , its like a B-day present for me

Wow some of these chicks are really fugly

Is anyone else bothered that Jabba is shiny?

Crap, I didn't get you anything. All I have after looking at these pics is a couple of balled up tissues. Do I have to wrap them?

What is it exactly with the little star tattoos? I see them all over the place now. Are they just the modern day cute little butterfly or what?

I'm a girl and I'm still fascinated by this!

ew these girls are disgusting.

but i love them more than anything because they are beautiful.

I liked the bodybuilder

Wow all those pretty girls, but, they're in the wrong place if they want to find a handsome guy! Nerdapalooza!!!!!!!

Oh my god, I love you.

Happy Birthday...
Thanks for the pics. The bottom picture shows what my body would look like if it wasn't covered in scars. Wheeee.

Again, Happy Birthday!

This is deserve a second Happy Birthday to you!

Er...why are those two Leia's all up on Darth Vader in that one picture? Weird.

It's also my Birthday and this is great. Thanks, you shouldn't have. But really you should have.

HEY! I know that guy. It's Jamin the Slave Master.

hit it
hit it
hit it
let the Stormtrooper hit it
probably hit it
absolutely hit it
I don't mess with the Vader's women
"It's a trap!"
too frightened
I would ruin that chick
AAAHH!! wtf?
fist of an angry god
we'd hold hands and then share a milkshake
I'd do Jessica Rabbit
at the same time
Orgy #1
Orgy #2
hit the one on the left
Orgy #3
Orgy #4 (damn, I'm exhausted)
hell to the yes
probably hit it
wanna play?
only from behind
meh, why not?

To #34: I think you got a bit exhausted towards the end there, there were definitely some misfires among the last dozen.

I just shot out some midaclorians (sp?) in my pants...

Dude #3s knees could kill you.

Some of these women are good looking, one of them is fat and one looks like a 15 year old. The last two have nice curves though.

Many Happy Returns of the Jedi!

Hey baby, wanna check out my lightsaber? Splooge.

no black chicks?

They're not wearing underwear.


most of these women are hotter than the original...

Long long time lurker on these sites, never commented before... ironically I'm the photographer of the first photo after the jump and a few others. Never thought I'd see my photos end up here someday! The site should have a ton more photos of the 2008 comic con Slave Leia shoot within the next week once I'm able to get them the bulk of the shots.

#2: I'm with you, buddy. The blonde one with the braid? Hell YES.

It was OK til I hit the bodybuilder, then it went downhill from there. One thing that always intriuged me is why did Lucas pick this type of outfit for a princess supposedly in an advanced future? I would expect more clothes as women become more equal (LOL!).

Anyway, are you going to milk this birthday thing all week?

Really? Well let's just think for a sec. Who is this outfit for? Princess Leia? No. It's for any slave girl that will be shackled to Jabba the Hutt, a notorious gangster. While I'm sure Jabba has loads of respect for his bitches, ultimately his use for them is as a form of erotic entertainment...and as a meat sock for his schlong.

(I wont be going into the logistics of how that would work)

Jabba's probably got a whole closet full of different slave girl outfits for just such an occasion when a hottie (or anything with boobs really) drops by. The last thing Jabba is thinking about for a the female's "equality". Lastly, "advanced future"? Does "a long time ago" ring a bell?
So this is a most appropriate outfit actually. Plus it's dead sexy.

Is the fifth one down grabbing that other girl's boob?

There are a couple of travesties and a couple of fuglys there but many good prospects for slaves.

And #11 it's a trap! indeed...

@47, you have certainly cleared up my confusion as your description has jogged my memory.

Problem is, I only watched these movies once each (sorry, lose...uh, I mean star wars fans).

fat chicks are the best...

The chick in the eighth picture. Yeah, you all know who I'm talking about. She is the only one who has to wear briefs because the skirt can't cover all of her ass. Yeah yeah, there's nothing wrong with a woman with some meat on her. I'm not against the fatties. But damn it, this is the cliche fantasy for so many, why would you ruin it for people by allowing your photo to be taken while wearing that outfit when you surely shouldn't be. No boners will come of this, only vomit.

I wish I was Han Solo...

Yipes. The bodybuilder chick in the 11th picture could rip you in half. "You think anybody thinks I'm a failure because I go home to Starla at night?"

Judging from the rapid progression of hot to ugly I think I'll pass clicking the link.

oh god i'm in love with the one in the 13th picture from the bottom, with the green purse.

GW give me the link to the original photo so i can find her! hah

i wonder if any of the hot chicks in the pictures are actual star wars fans. or at least know who leia is.

probably, familiarity with star wars is inversely proportional to hotness, just as it is with men...


@ 19 - I hear you, especially the fat chick next to Darth Vader. She and fat-bastard-Vader from the other Comic-Con post are perfect for one another.

heres one i snagged @ comicon. nice collection!

almost forgot about these

The one that's standing in front of the Thanksgiving turkey looks like her boyfriend makes her dress in that getup all the time.

wow, how on earth could you jerk off over some of these fugly women...!? TBH i probs only touch 2,4,8 and 10 the rest can be ignored easily! guys know that the second picture is that chick from G4, right?

I'd make even the fat one pregnant.

I've never really understood the fascination with slave Leia. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and yes a lot of those girls are attractive to be sure. But personally, I prefer Leia at the end of ANH, or Padme on Geonosis. And even then, I'd take season five Counselor Troi or Dr. Crusher over Leia any day. Low maintenance.

Seriously, Olivia Munn is a friggin' GODDESS!! Sooo hot!

Yow, I'd hit ANY ONE of those in a second, except for the weird tall one all in black. What's with that guy?

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This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

WOW some of those chicks should NOT be wearing those barely there bikinis!! I know that sounds bitchy but DANG!!

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