Aug 12 2008Highly Realistic 3-D Facial Animations


Alter Ego, a division of Pendulum Studios, is apparently kicking ass and taking names in the field of 3-D facial animation.

The guys over at AlterEgo have developed proprietary "facial performance software", which combined with special mo-cap hardware, can produce unbelievably real digital faces in record time. Their work has been featured in motion pictures, commercials, animation and video games including Dark Sector and the forthcoming Silent Hill 5.

There's a video after the jump of some faces in action (that I lovingly embedded in high quality so you could get the full effect), which is pretty impressive. So the real question is this: what does this mean for the adult entertainment industry? Because I'll tell you one thing -- I wouldn't be caught dead watching a damn CG porno.

: Ha, so I was wrong.

Hit the jump for another picture and the video.


alter ego 3d facial animations are really, really, real [technabob]
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First - awesome software...

I saw this a few days ago. It scared the crap out of me. This coincidentally is what I imagine Cerberus, guardian of the gates of Hell, looks like. IMO the lady doesnt look as realistic as the dude or the wrinkly old man. Frankly I would have been more impressed if this were a swatch-like transition of testicles as they age. (ending with the old man in the middle).

sorry for the double post but isn't this the shit they used for Beowulf?

Something Oddly creepy about those.....

Is it creepy post day?

wow. gorgeous.
now once they perfect breast physics I'll be set for life.

The people DO look creepy..and life-like, but not human-like. We ahve a way to go yet.

I love how you can see the absence of souls.

The woman doesn't look nearly as realistic.. I love how she doesn't have a single crease on her forehead in the top shot, even though she's raising her eyebrows.

They still look creepy as all hell, though.

#4: good thinking, but no. From what I understand, they used a form of motion capture and body scans, altering things. Also, they used other software...slower, but still good.

This is quite interesting. Anyone smell a Final Fantasy movie sequel?

Lion face, RRAR!! Lemon face, OOHH!!

The clock is ticking for your local news team. That will be the first wide spread application, guaranteed. All you need is something to read the news, and make a happy face, serious face, and frowny face. These things are over quallified!

Looked awesome until they began to talk. Looks like they still have a ways to go with facial movements...too rubbery!

the chick on the left looks like Mindy Main

#11 A third Final Fantasy movie would be great as long as it isn't like Sprit's Within.

Uncanny valley, here we come!

It's amazing, but they need to do more work on the female face.

I'm scared. Hold me. *sniff*

Does anyone besides me find their movements and facial expressions reminiscent of Keanu Reeves? Especially the laughing part, total evil robot Bill and Ted.

'Uncanny Valley' much?

So OLD it hurts

That is cool, but really frightening at the same time. It's coolrightening!

The guys are great, but the chick is awful.

They all look like they're trying to push out a big one.

dont real man's adam apples move when he talks?


This is nothing, go to and look at their Contour Reality Capture.

Her hair doesn't move enough

Sims anyone?

big brown brian beats his brother with a baseball bat...

Whoa, straight out of uncanny valley!

But at the same time, pretty cool...

Will is power.

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