Aug 5 2008Just Because: A Tesla Coil Guitar Amp

Well we've seen Tesla coils making music before, and we've even seen a pretty wicked plasma speaker, and now -- a Tesla coil guitar amp. Unfortunately, I don't have any more information on the thing, so I'll make some up. The device was actually constructed by the thunder god Thor out of a welded hemorrhoid donut he discarded after his ass was all better. They'll be available as mods for the latest Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, and exposure to the arc has been proven to regrow hair, but only if you lick it with a mouthful of Pop Rocks.

Tesla Coil Guitar Amp: Ride the lightning [dvice]

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Reader Comments

Pretty cool.

dude that thing is f***ing sweet and I'll buy 3!

That rocks so hard =O

Sounds like shit, good job.

That is really cool but this guy wants to be careful. That will probably be emitting X rays. Using it for prolonged period of time or doing it frequently could do him some damage, as well as the camera man.......

It definitely is also be producing ultra-violet light that is harmful to the eyes but doesn't hurt and the light will cause skin cancer. The same thing happens in an arc-welder, which is why welders glasses have special lenses.

Something tells me they won't be for sale in shops any time soon.....

If you're interested in the dangers please look at section 5 on the following URL:

That was interesting, I suppose.

Tesla coils have never been my thing.

Are Tesla Coils really anybody's 'thing'? Besides Tesla, that is.

SmokingGirl, you must not realize how remarkable Tesla's work was, then. Course, not many people do. They think Thomas Edison was a genius, though...

The amp is very cool, but the groundbreaking shit Tesla did is really what I like.

I know none of you will care..but I'm going to go out on a limb anyway.

Maybe someone will learn something.

Actually, Buddy, I do realize the genius that was Tesla and his inventions. Infact, I know that it is he, not Edison, who should be praised for many of our feats of technology, especially in respect to wireless electrical currents.

With that in mind, Tesla coils still are not my thing. And Daniel, there are people out there who find Tesla coils very, um, erotic...if you know what I mean.

Electric guitar.
UV light.
Skin cancer.
Harmful to the eyes.

give it boobs and youll officially have the coolest thing ever.

yeaaahhhhhh I agree 200% with octogooch

So when does Hugh Jackman's clone fall into the thing full of water underneath the stage?

old, been in my favorites for months.

But still, the way it generates sound could make a whole new style of electric music.

massive respect to anyone who finds a guide to make one. i would go learn how to play a guitar if i knew this was wat waited for me

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