Aug 14 2008How To: Make A Cardboard Boba Fett Helmet


There's an Instructables out there that teaches the do-it-yourselfer how to make their own Boba Fett helmet out of cardboard. You know, so you can mix universes and play PEW PEW with this kid in his backyard. Unfortunately, no matter how good your helmet turns out, you're still a 30-year old Trick-or-Treater. Which is just pathetic unless you score a couple full sized candy bars and some wax lips. And if that's the case, quick -- gimme a sheet, I'm coming with you! Also, hand over a freaking Snickers.

Hit the jump for a picture of the comfortable interior.


How to make a cardboard costume helmet [instructables]

Thanks to Alexandra, who once got an apple for Halloween and was obligated to egg the person's house.

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2nd, i have no life........

Gotta say, It's not quite as amazing from the inside.

Not bad.

I personally like adult trick or treaters..because what else am I going to do with all those rotten eggs I have been saving in my fridge?

Ahhh crap...i'm sixth!!!

PEW PEW...gimme a f***ing snicker!!!

You're getting funny in your old age, Geek...ologie writer.

I have an easier way to do this:

1) buy a brass or steel Greek helmet off eBay (price varies), like this one:
or this one:

2) unscrew or saw the plume off, if any

3) saw the nose off

4) paint it with Boba Fett colors

Presto! The result is, thus, made of something better than cardboard!

The point is for people without a lot of money.

alright now put it on your head... ok now im gonna baseball bat your head to see if how well your heltmet works.... ok im gonna run away now.

the most funnest part of this is ripping it off da person's head and stompin it into 20 or 30 pieces....BLUTO!!!

i'm totally banging alexandra.

Aw that's my husband's fave character, just awesome, thanks <3

that has been on instructables for a VEEEEERY long time and you just NOW noticed it?

Boba must be PISSED about that gatt wound to the head.

Why are most of the people here acting like pricks? "I want to break it", "You are just NOW noticing?". What the hell people? Were you raised to act like trash, or was it inherent in your nature?

Great scratch built helmet by the way. '-'

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