Aug 15 2008British Ministry Of Defense Plans To Start Using Bomb-Dropping UFOs Within The Year


The British Army plans on deploying these little UFOs within the next years to drop bombs and bugs (listening devices, not earwigs) behind enemy lines.

Without any external blades and using a two stroke petrol engine, the unmanned aerial vehicle can enter a building either through a window or door and send back high-quality images on its video camera feed.

With efforts being made to make an electric engine that generates little noise, the Fenstar's inventors, hope it could be quiet enough to snoop into rooms and plant listening devices without being seen or heard. Similarly it could also plant explosive devices to kill the enemy.

Yeah, you definitely need to work on the noise factor, otherwise that thing'll be PEW PEWed out of the sky quicker than you can say "Holy shit, miniature aliens!" But seriously, how come every piece of new technology has to be used for war. Planting bombs? How about planting trees? I'm talking weed here folks. I don't know what that has to do with any of this, but it definitely does now. Am I right? Well let me finish. Say, you gonna eat the rest of that? Okay, so the enemies smoke the weed, right, and then -- seriously, give me a bite, I've got the munchies. Mmm, this is good -- what do you call it? A wet-nap, huh? It's real lemon-y.

Flying saucer that can plant explosives or bugs set for frontline [telegraph]

Thanks to Blumama, from Redpapa.

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The British MOD spells defence correctly-with a C!!! :P lol

Omg! a government using UFO's to kill people off?? that sounds strangely familiar....

I've yet to here a 2stroke petrol engine that's quiet enough to fly into a house, drop a bug, and not be noticed !

Bring them on, i can do with the target practice PEW PEW PEW !!!

i've got your two-stroke engine hangin'...

Great one step closer to robot apocalypse

aren't they technically not UFOs since we know what they are and they are, hence, identifiable flying objects?

Uh, can anyone say College Girl Changeroom? DUH!?

Of course, batteries are *not* included.

"hope it could be quiet enough to snoop into rooms and plant listening devices without being seen or heard."

Sure, with that blinding yellow tone it should be easy as hell to go unnoticed!

kinda cute. usually, i don't equate military with cute, but this little thing is so cute, i just want to pinch it's batteries until it's side panels fall off.

If they marketed a civilian version of these, they would sell like crazy and the creators would get rich.

Do the evil sunglasses come with the control box?

You've completely killed whatever "funny" the PEW PEW joke had left.

Although they have created them, I assume they are still under entitlement of "Unidentified Flying Object?"

a flying killer thats controlled by the terminators dad. lovely! the evil computers that secretly run the world would once again like to extend their warmest congralutions to britain.

That was cool! Soon, robots became the tool in war.

I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much!

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