Jul 31 2008Sure, Why Not: The USB Memory Nail


The USB Nail is the first product from a company called plankton and is a 2GB flash drive shaped like a giant nail. It costs about $46 and is sure to get a rise out of the IT department. You know, because they won't believe you paid fifty bucks for a giant nail drive. You've gotta admit though, it does bring new meaning to the phrase "nailing your computer", doesn't it? Haha, I had sex with the hole in my CD tray!

"nailed" memory stick - stop: hammer time! [technabob]

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Reader Comments

lol first


Looks cool. If I saw it I'd be confused.

@3 - you weren't first... heck, you weren't even second.


that things huge for a nail..
then again, looks about the right size nail they used on Jesus to nail him to the cross..

you think this is made by a catholic owned company?

This is stupid. And it only holds 1gig,
In case any of you carpentry geeks care.

i'm all for a new idea instead of normalcy, but was this the coolest they could come up with?

Did u guys see the one that's a bullet. Just saw it the other day in Hot Topic, but I haven't had the chance to see if it came without the CD it was packaged with.

#8- Did you even read the article, or do you just randomly post random shit? It clearly says it's 2GB, along with the website.

#10- Did you even read the comments, or do you just randomly post random shit? #7 is clearly the one you want to be yelling at. And yea #7, did you even read the article, or do you just randomly post random shit? now lets drink martian water.

#7 #8 #10 #11... lol !!

Hehe I kind of like this.

"I had sex with the hole in my CD tray!"
WTF dude. I've heard of CD Trays being used as coffee holders, but a sex toy.


@ #10 & 11

"The USB stick is made of polyurethane and iron and has a 1 GB memory capacity."


@16.. youre still not reading it. read it. read it again. now read between the lines. then read it twice. now read it backwards. and youre still not reading it. now read it out loud but speak it in farsi. now shut up. you dildonic plague.



the linked page IN the article says 1 f***ing GIG.
I'd rather be a dildonic plague than a moronic douchebag who is not capable of clicking on a f***ing link and reading the article that was the purpose for THIS post.

Everyone take a bonghit and relax. Youre all kind of right. The article linked says 1GB, but if you follow the link back to the product page:


you see that it says "NOW: 2GB"

so it probalby changed in between the times the geek writer and other articles were writtin, but the writer checked the product page. Now, everyoneo hold hands and lets sing a song.

@ 18. no, no, no. youre still not reading it right. read it again. twice. you are dumb. just read it three times. now stop reading it. ok read it again. now read it with your eyes closed and pinch your nipples. ok unpinch one nipple and read it halfway. no unpinch the other nipple and read the 2nd half backwards. god you are seriously the biggest interwebs idiot i have ever run across. no seriously. ok now read it again. good job. idiot. now get all worked up and emotinal and keep trying to prove the point which i understood the first time but keep getting a serious reaction out of you by pretending i have no idea what youre talking about. so read it again. and again. and again. it says 2 gigs dude. just read it. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL @ YOUR FACE ALL DAY LONG!

says theres a 1 gig and 2 gig....... i dont get why there is confusion over this....

.read the entire article....dont skip through it looking for numbers (like a retard who doesnt realize that something can be taken out of context)...and there really shouldnt be any reason why someone less than average should be confused about something like this...

there are 4 sites featuring this thing...- you have 4 different sources- explaining the exact same things
one site actually has the "gig #" next to the icon...and 1 gig tag next to another......

how can you use the net and still not be able to read.or understand an AD (something visual intended to get through to anyone regardless of intellect or age)

...thats like putting in effort to stay stupid....
my point? -
id rather see a geekologie article about #18 trying to use the net..and read that f***ing usb article than another product ad (which i can find on oh gizmo )

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