Jul 9 2008Super Mario Bros. "Landscape" Art Installation


I don't have much information about these pictures except they're part of an art installation entitled "Landscape" and feature, well, a landscape from Super Mario Bros. The installation may or may not have been created by a woman named Antoinette J. Citizen -- which is either the coolest real name ever, or the worst porn name ever. Let's see, what else? There are some interactive question mark boxes that play Mario sound effects when you push them and I totally want my bedroom done up like this. Fine, the guest bedroom. The wife would kill me if I took down any of her Johnny Depp posters in the master. Just kidding, those are mine. But seriously, they're not coming down.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and a link to the gallery with even more.







Thanks Zachary, I want this as well. The chicks would be cool too.

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This is full of win and I want it badly.

Wow, this is almost as cool as the Mario Cake!
The http://prewife.com will love this too!

My room is decorated in early dumpster.

These inquisitive photos are done by mary routherford lebou please someone tell the auther of this article. This would be more suiting for a child's room don't would think. *chuckles about how redicilous this would look in a grown person's room* ^o^


Ive got a Game room in my house with some old arcade machines, pool table, big tv and some consoles. I think this would look sweet in that room.

There's a hidden warp up to the attic level; just take the drainpipe.

This design is awesome!

And @4 - I don't think a child would remember what the O.G. Super Mario Bros. landscapes looked like. I think it's way more of an adult theme.

My room has random vegetation growing all over and exposed pipes coming out of the walls and floor. . . I don't really get a Mario Bros. theme from it though. . . it just looks like i live in the back alley of a strip club. . . which i kinda do.

@5 - I'll be over with a 6 pack tonight.

I'm expecting twins in Dec. and this is so what their nursery is going to look like but I am planning on cheating with these http://www.whatisblik.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=B&Product_Code=NIN-SMB1

I know this might sound like blashpemy to some of you but....
I have seen enough interpretations of Mario to last me ten lifetimes. let it go people. there i said it. *shields head from stones*

Why are those girls pretending to karate fight in the second picture? Is there some bizarre Streetfighter/Mario warp zone that I don't know about?

Great.....Now that damn song is back in my head after it took ten years to get it out.

#13 it's back in my head too you're not alone.

@4: wow so everyone here probably thinks you are a loser

@5: dood you are freaking tight

@artist: yeah you are amazing, it is perfect and i love you.

It would be nice if "Franklin Shores" would enter an adult education program and learn how to spell. What do you think, Frankie?

Sorry, everybody. My 15 y.o. daughter just informed me that I broke protocol by referring to Franklin Shores by name rather than just "#4". I guess that makes me "#2" in the posting world. But my point remains the same: Dude, you need grammatical assistance. Now!


Aww adult education program thanks but I don't need any help with my sex game. That whole numbering thing is world wide web talking shit protocall you betta recognize before you talk shit son! Its funny how you all think im a loser when you all masterbate to super mario brothers a game that is easy to beat and stupid. I mean he doesnt even f*** the princess at the end what a rip. XO

@19: English, mother f***er, do you speak it? Even trolls like you should be able to type in fairly decent grammar, saying as how you probably have the brains to, but, after all, it is hard to type correctly with one hand on your dick.

Hey v! I just got done wacking it to some zooporn when i stumbled upon your little limerick of bullshit. Damn you must have really good grammer all those commas. Here i'll sound smart like you SUCK, MY, F***ING, DICK,. Look at that four commas in one sentence extra bonus points!!!!

@10 - Are you going to dress your twins in mario & luigi?

Wow. It's like they have no life

i want this room ..

That's actually pretty neat.
I wouldn't want it as my room, though.

Gosh, I would love to play for just a day in this room!

this was done at my university, the Queensland university of technology. I went and saw this :p underneath those blocks, you can push a button and it makes that sounds that they do when you hit them and stuff comes out :p

super mario, super room :) thanks..

i done my bedroom myself with a friend! only with more characters like Homer Simpsons, Bender, Bomberman, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Etc.

Check it out!

check out what i did for my nephew on my myspace page. [email protected]

that sure do look like a nice place to live at. I reely like it!

Very cool. i want this for my room :)

I am expecting a boy in Dec and I am using something similar for my Nursery Decor . I'd like to know where you can get these musical blocks for the wall , it'd be a nice touch . Also , Franklin , please get a life .

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Wow. It's like they have no life

Creepy. You would have to know what it looks like in real life to recreate it,

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This is great! Really. I'll make my own little contribution to the list soon

Very cool. i want this for my room :)

was really good, congratulations :)

You have designed a very nice room, thank you very much for the pictures ...

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