Jul 30 2008Sure, Why Not: Trees As Artists


British artist Tim Knowles ties markers and brushes to tree limbs and makes the helpless botanical bastards create art.

In collaboration with the wind and local weather conditions, calligraphic gestures and automatic drawing readings are recorded on paper. The amazing thing about Knowles' Tree Drawings is the unmistakable signatures that each drawing reveals as an indication of the unique characteristics and even genus/species of a specific tree.

Interesting. Ooooh, nice work Mr. Pine, another, um, turd. While I find the actual art of questionable merit (my maple could do so much better), I do love the photos of the trees painting. Regardless of my personal feelings, I do hope this style of art sells. Tell me I didn't just staple a Sharpie to my penis for nothing.

Hit the jump for several more pictures.




TREE DRAWINGS! Tim Knowles Arbor Interpretations [inhabitat]

Thanks Superficial Writer, but I still pissed in your thermos.

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Reader Comments


this is slavery!!

I think the photographs are more artistic then the paintings themselves haha.

I have an idea! Imma give my dog a rash in his ass then dump him in paint and see what kind of shit he can draw.

Greenpeace is gonna have a fit. Trees don't deserve to be treated like that!


How about you dunk your head in some hydrochloric acid and whip it against the brick wall? THAT'S art.

Art is dead.

WTF seriously! damn everyone is trying to come up with some sort of "original" meh..... can't beat that one Andres Serrano guy, now his shit is art! literally kinda.

literally everyones a critic. everyones a comedian. everyones literally an artist. nobody is anything. i am literally everything. we are nothing. but together literally nothing is everything creating art and comedy for critics that literally are nothing but literally are everything. so we are literally going to be doing everything but with literally nothing to do it with.

#9... MY.... HEAD.... HURTZ.... NOW...
STOP... WRITTING.... CO...................................................... araaanghhg

This is like a tickling tree fetish for super tree huggers.

That's one lazy artist


If Hans Jenny and Andy Goldsworthy had a lovechild...

LOLOLOL @ jeramey

and at trees.

I can't stop laughing.

Surely, the wind deserves some credit for this art as well.

The photographs of the trees painting look nice, but seriously, the actual paintings look like, I dunno, somebody wiped their ass on a canvas. A freaking huge canvas, then displayed it like a priceless work of art. So now humans are so lazy that we cannot even make art ourselves? Damn.

As a British man and on behalf of the British people I would like to apologise to the world for having this jebrone inflict this crap on you.

That's a really lazy ass way of gaining notoriety for your paintings.

and "display it like a priceless work of art" .....what???????? its just hanging on a wall in a gallery...kinda like most art...- priceless or cheap......

.you assume art is about doing something really thought out and precise for a long long time -- and its just an assumption...you dont know what your talking about...and you dont know art just because you have cliche van gogh print on your wall....(starry night or sun flowers i bet)

guy does an experiment involving a tree----and you certain this means he is lazy....wow.....you know what......those tree drawings, as lame as they are, still better than what most of you have to say........

"That's a really lazy ass way of gaining notoriety for your paintings."

what does that even mean----the guy found a way to get attention..and i guess because it was not a compluicated enough or challenging enough way of getting people to look it is wrong .......

what is the point??
the lesson i guess is that if you have something to sell or show,..you must put in a lot work into how it i noticed....i assume this is because the future ad campaign will actually effect the quality of the already created work.

f*** the tree project-----i am gonna attack pencil to your moronic head (17 or 19 --i assume its the same genius)..and see what happens......look forward to another art post soon guys!!!

who gets to decide whats art and whats not??

This is what's passing for art these days? If only Jackson Pollack were alive today.

Alright m, #20, whatever the hell you want to be called:

Kay first thing, this is not to be overanalyzed, I mean honestly, there's way more argumental websites that probably have less funny crap that you could waste your time on(although, given, I am arguing too.) And your post was also rather hard to understand, c'mon, can you please finish sentences? "you must put in a lot work into how it i noticed" What? "How it I noticed?" What does THAT even mean? I never stated it wasn't art, I actually really like the photographs, and the actual paintings, while not much to look at, were created in an interesting way. And I was exaggerating when I said "priceless work of art." We are not the same genius, and there is no cliche print on my wall. You think me stupid for assuming, yet you are doing the exact same thing, for the WHOLE POST.

Think I covered it all. Until next moronic argument.

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