This is a video of a guy lying down on a motorcycle and text messaging, all while cruising down the highway in New Delhi, India. No way? Yes way! And also, holy shit!

Have a great weekend everybody.


Thanks to Lockjaw and Julian for showing me the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

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whaaa? how is he even steering? his knees aren't even on the handlebars!

And I thought that driving in my city was bad.... Holy SHIT

lol I watched that this morning on another site , I wish someone would just kick him , what adouche bag

......i do that all the time....breaks the monotony of the journey.

ha wow, i've heard that song in the beginning, i think its like Chasing Pavements by Adele, some fat bitch lmao

shortly after his roadkill ass'll be getting scraped off the road

First off, the other cars in this video are the worst drivers ever. Second, holy shit that motorcyclist is f***ing amazing!

how is that more comfortable than just sitting on the damn thing???

Why do all vids like this, the ones where the guys filming are trying to pretend like their witnessing something pre-staged, always sound like total douche bags?

"no way bro... ha ha ha... bro! no way... BRO NO! WAY NO BRO!"

ass hats.

Still quite the stunt though.

I love it when foreign people use American slang...for me that was the best part!

that takes balls!
How does he keep the throttle open? is that really how they drive there? They are not even in the lanes!


I've never wished pain more on a human being than I just did on that guy.

"He's just chilling!" Who knew three little English words in an Indian accent could make tears roll down my cheeks. ROTFL!

The sheer coolness.....it's....too much....

Anyone ever notice:
1. The Superficlal and the I Watch Stuff writers have the EXACT SAME sense of humor?
2. None of these websites update on the weekends?
3. The Superficial has de-evolved into "Women in Bikinis and Some Gossip?"

I gotta say, compared to what I've seen in Hyderabad myself, this is the most responsible, organized video of Indian traffic I've ever seen.

This kind of thing does actually happen in India. There's also a video somewhere of some guys just walking across a motorway frogger-style.
They're crazy!

Can someone explain how he's keeping the throttle open?

'Anyone ever notice:
1. The Superficlal and the I Watch Stuff writers have the EXACT SAME sense of humor?
2. None of these websites update on the weekends?
3. The Superficial has de-evolved into "Women in Bikinis and Some Gossip?" '

I thought they were written by the same group/person anyway?

Also, the throttle is the big question here yeah!

All of you go try this right now.

#19- Are you new?

I actually find the I Watch Stuff has the most high brow sense of humor. Geekologie's is "I'm a fat loser with a walrus girlfriend and a wife with a hook for a hand and a vaj as big as Yankee stadium, someone kill me" and then The Superficial's is "Look at my manly chest".

Yes, the Superficial has gotten to be quite inane...although I think that's more due to the people who write in the comments section more than anything else.

And this stunt was crazy, but when you heard the guys who were filming it talk, did anyone else think "thank you come again"? I know I did.

i saw this the other day. we're finding the same shit at the same time. what's up? i'll send you some robot shit this weekend. don't make a special trip into the office for it though. ...because i may forget and send it on monday.

that guy's still better than half the drivers from new jersey

He probably has a "throttle lock" which is a small device many motorcyclists use to keep the throttle locked in one position for long drives. Kind of a poor man's cruise control.

Also, other countries don't really have the same road laws that we do in the US or in Europe. In most other countries, you can just kinda do whatever, as long as you don't hurt anyone. Plus, they tend to have a slightly lower police force (or more lax) to enforce the laws. So yeah... lanes? What lanes?

big deal i do this in my desk chair all the time.

Lane Discipline is a new concept in India... so are lanes. Also, he is only going about 25 to 30 mph max. Their motorbikes are puny compared to elsewhere. I believe they are 250cc max! As for not using the handle bars to steer. Remember riding a ten speed??? Same thing. Just lean a tiny bit towards the direction you want to go. The only thing that has me perplexed is how he is throttling it?!

Motorcycles steering is sort of counter-intuitive, particularly at speed. For example, if you want to turn right, you would turn the bars slightly left, which would cause the bike to lean and thus turn right. At speed it's not difficult to steer strictly by leaning, however, this is extremely dangerous because, if you hit a bump, it can set up a nasty oscillation in the handlebars that results in you reclining on the pavement.

That's nothing new. Some people even stand on motorcycles. That guy is just boasting. lol

i thought some motorcycles have cruise control, that would solve the problem.

its India, he could've just duct taped the throttle where he wanted it for all we know, not very advanced as far as cars and bikes go..look at the tractor with like 15 people on it near the end.

Watch my POV crash

maybe that worked

This isn't real - i hope u all know that

Indians sound like high Americans.

haha, wow.

Garrett... I can't figure out if you are being ironic or speaking from a position of ignorance.

I've done it myself... although I skipped the texting part... that's just dangerous :-)

There has to be at least one person who denounces everything that's cool as "fake", thus making them even cooler.


Is it bad that I felt shocked until I read the bit about it being in India? Jesus, the fact that he did it at all was bed enough, but switching lanes? Bizarre!

i'm surprised these comments have reached 40 and havent been tainted by a bunch of f***ers clalming 'fake', excluding the one jackass

not that i'm going to weigh in

that guy was totally right about 'lanes' in some countries. It's almost as if they saw western roads and thought 'yeah we need some white median strips' but didn't really follow through with road rules. Not that i'm slagging them as being primitive if it sounds like that, it's just a part of developing nations. once someone becomes accountable for road trauma then rules might be more strictly adhered to

im sounding like a wanker now so im going to beat ppl to the punch and just admit to being one

You can't really say this is played out and they're trying to talk like Americans....you know India was subjugated by the British Empire for almost a hundred years right? Indian's most of the time speak English to one another - not Hindi or any other form.

I've been on that road, and those people are freaking crazy so... yep, I believe it.



You thought that because you're a cunt.


wtf. how the hell he do that??!

i must learn!!

he's not a pro-rider they would not do that?
sh*t happens when some one else has the problem
tyre blows or something you know the scenario

My only hope is that Darwin was right and evolution will take care of everything, including this Bozo.

No Wheezing the Juice!

i think i've seen that guy in my hometown. . .

This guy's insane. He'll die soon if he does that often.

Make fun of Indians all you want, they have 100% of the country speaking their native and respectable languages (hindi, urdu, etc.) AND they all speak english. They get high marks in schools and become professionals wherever they go. And their food's good too :)

Hey, f*** all you guys. This guy is my hero. You're jealous. I don't ever ever ever talk on the phone while driving, and especially don't text, but this takes it to a whole new level. What a beast. Texting while lying back on a motorcycle, steering with his knees.... ON THE HIGHWAY. SERIOUSLY, COME ON. That's talent. It may be inspired by stupidity, but still amazing talent.

i think crazy motorcyclist is a pretty cool guy. eh texts on the highway and doesn't afraid of anything

He's probably keeping the throttle going using one of those bike cruise control things, just a clip that keeps it twisted. But seriously what a dumbass. He'd be dead for sure if he came off that. Looking at how those idiots drive (see how close that first car cut across? Nearly took the bumper off) if he came off that bike, he'd not only lose most of his skin, but he'd also be run over about six times.

well i live in india n its not fake
we see these things everyday and we r not surprized

u can tell this is somewhere in asia cuz that's where real motorcycle skills come from.


the accents of the people filming are funnier than the actal motorcyclist.....lol


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If people are wondering how he's steering.... you usually steer the bike by leaning more than turning the handle bars.

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