Jul 25 2008Man Jumps From Helicopter, Catches Marlin

This is a video of a guy helicopter fishing, or heli-fishing, or jumping out of a helicopter onto a Marlin if you're not into the whole brevity thing. Allegedly it's real, but there were a couple things that made be believe otherwise. Like the guy filming in the water is already right freaking there (I think he tranquilized the fish), and jumping onto something with a spear-nose seems dangerous. Nevermind, people are always doing stupid, dangerous shit. So I guess that makes it real. I'm trying it.

UPDATE: Turns out I don't live near the ocean, gonna have to improvise. Oh oh -- got it!

UPDATE UPDATE: Okay, I jumped off the top of the bedpost onto a whale and finally caught it. Not the whale, herpes.

Have a great weekend everyone, XOXO.

Mad Aussie Guy Catches a Marlin from Helicopter [gizmodo]

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Holy crap that's the funniest thing today.

so exercise pants and a polo shirt are all i need for marlin diving huh? i love how he just harasses it for a second then lets it go. he should have given it a noogie.

damn it michelle. you made me look like a total interwebs idiot. i take my "FIRST" back.

yes, the bull is also suzy blue balls, who is also Svetlana... and the Fonz

Those fish are so ridiculously strong, there is no way he could have held on if it wasn't tranquilized or stunned or something.

@5: Thanks Derek! The attire and sunglasses didn't give it away already - you're right - the most ridiculous part of this story is that this dude didn't look nearly as strong as most marlins. Spot on!

You're all forgetting that he's an Aussie, and they're all clinically mental - it's entirely feasible that this is real.

I dare you to wrestle a salmon!

Well I double-dare you to wrestle a tuna!

I double-dog-dare you to wrestle a marlin!

Get the helicopter.



That is all.

i'm glad people with death wishes have so many outlets nowadays to conduct their likely-to-induce-death activities far away from where it might hurt us normal people.

i wonder how did they know where to place cameraman in water before they spotted marlin.

or is it another fake?

@12... im sure they did it like every other DiscChan or NatGeo special where the polar bear will be hunting a seal and out of nowhere theres a camera in the seal's den as if the cameraman knew where the bear would be attacking... its called time-travel. get with the program.

Crickey? Is that American for Crikey?

that guys not aussie sounds like this was shot by new zealanders. FESH!

Marlin: F*** THEY CAN FLY NOW!!!

@14, thank you

This guy is quite clearly a Kiwi.

To see Extreme Aussie fishermen in action try and get hold of a documentary called "Great White Hunters". It was a Tropfest short film entry where beach fishermen bait Great White Sharks by paddling out on a surf borad and dropping a baited hook in front of them.

Aussies don't need helicopters!

I'm pretty certain they're New Zealanders, not aussies.

too bad it couldn't have speared him with it's um... spearing thing.

That thing didn't look tranq'ed to me!!! The thing took of like pretty good. It did just have a 175ish' pound man jump on it's back!

Fake...stuffed fish with cuts of live action.

possibly real man and real fish but fake jump:
- obvious cut
- sunglasses
- jump from boat

He didnt catch it, he only grabbed it

I agree, freakin fake!

But, going along with @16... MARLIN: Jesus, I do believe this guy wants to f*** me. Don't you know fish and human DNA just won't splice. Or is that pig and elephant DNA? Oh whatever, I like it rough, grab my nose bitch and hold on!

HAHAHA he slapped it on the ass an THEN let it go, damn that Aussie- aren't sheep good enough?

yeah imagine being that fish... then out of nowhere! some crazy australian dude jumps on you out of f***ing nowhere! scary shit!

I can hear Steve Irwin shouting from his grave, "Danger, danger!"

Come on people!
This guy fakes all his stuff ... (I know him) ... as do 99% of TV shows.
An it's not even done well ...
Interesting (comedic) attempt ... but come on people!

haha.. the dude lost his sunglases, thats funny.

There are so many cut-ins to that video that it's obviously fake. Funnier than shit though!

damn first crazy aussie jumps crocs and now marlins....wtf has the world come to?

oh yeah, nice lebowski reference geek

hey guys he's a kiwi. ie; from NEW ZEALAND

He's a Kiwi from New Zealand, not an Aussie.

I should know - I'm an Aussie. My friends at work are Kiwis they sound fanny thee talk.

bullshit!!! i fish for these fish for a living. im sure this fish was caught, dragged around for awhile, then he jumped out of the BOAT, not the heli

its new zealanders that like the sheep not aussies and that guy that jumps on the fish i might add is obviously a kiwi you no they say sex but they mean 6


i wonder how did they know where to place cameraman in water before they spotted marlin.
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