Jul 15 2008Magic 3-D Box Displays Images In 3-D


The gCubik is a little 10cm (~4 inch) cube designed by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) that can display 3-D images via integrated imaging technology and its multiple sides.

The NICT wants to significantly improve the display quality within 3 years. A wireless version is in the works as well. The institute aims at commercializing the gCubik for use in business and science. They say their invention could be used by video game companies, too, for example.

Sure, video games, that would be fun. But let's face it: the box was designed for 3-D porn. Can you imagine what a boob would look like on that thing? Yeah, pretty shitty. Still, it's a step.

UPDATE: I've decide the box looks like a ghost containment trap from Ghostbusters.

Amazing mini 3D-display cube developed in Japan [crunchgear]

Thanks Romeo, just imagine how awesome Portal would be on that thing.

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Reader Comments

Looks like the guy in the green shirt is giving the guy holding the duck a reach around

@1 Touche!


3 screens arranged in a cube with a crappy image? Surely it would have been easier to stick 3 x VGA panels together (They're using big assed cables anyway). National institute and all they can come up with is this?

I love the iomage of the boffin who obviously thinks it's great. News for ya geggy theres no nobel in that 3d box..

Geekwriter, you want 3-D cubed boobs? Man, that's just wrong.

Adds a new meaning to "dick in a box."

@4, keep your day job....if you even have a day job. I don't know many companies that hire asshats.

Not to say you're an asshat, I'm just thinking outkeyboard.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see any 3-D images. Looks like a LiteBrite to me.

@4 "It's my duck in a box"

Link busted...

@4: Way to not get jokes. Try googling it, next time, instead of accusing someone of being an asshat and looking like a f***ass.

@8: Link works fine. Try clearing your cache and all that.

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