Jul 10 2008Iran Photoshops Pictures To Hide Failure


So apparently Iran Photoshopped a picture of some missiles to make it appear as if they have the capability to launch four missiles instead of three and a dud (unphotoshopped pictures after the jump). A bunch of newspapers printed the photo before new things came to light and revealed it had been shopped. Uhhh...doctoring a picture to have four missiles instead of three? What the hell's the purpose? Why not go for the gusto and have 9 missiles shooting all over the place. That's what I did (picture after the jump). See how much more intimidating that looks? BOOM -- missiles going everywhere. You could learn a thing or two from The Geekologie Writer, Iran. I have a Photoshop portfolio, you know. Including, and pretty much limited to: the missile picture I just did, and my penis with a few inches added that I use for internet personals.

Hit the jump for the original picture, the doctored one, and my own version.




In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many [thelede]

Thanks Geoff, want to join my group of 1337 photohaxors?

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Reader Comments

Ah, the Islamic propaganda machine - ubiquitous, blustery, and generally transparent.

Hi-larious! Pew Pew Pew! ROFL

is it somehow confirmed iran did this? it seems more like western propaganda to scare their own citizens.



watch it over at


Damn Geoff... you just gonna jack my email and turn it into a Geekologie post, and give me no props? Just like a Malawian.

your picture looks like the end of Terminator 3

PEW PEW PEW! HAHAHA! oh man that one had me rolling for quite awhile!

It wasn't doctored to make it look scarier. It was doctored, most likely by Iran, to eliminate the failed launch of #4. You can see a missile sitting on a launcher in the undoctored picture.

And, like everyone else, the "Pew! Pew! Pew!" bit still has me laughing.

Now you need to make another version with the kitten firing the machine gun added in and perhaps add the line "i can has missilez".

Awesome, I just set PEW PEW PEW as my desktop background.



The Pew Pew Pew pic really had me laughing for a while. XD

I almost peed myself when I saw your photoshopped version. At work. That would have been aaaaaaaakwarrrrrrd.

I really wonder how the next US president will motivate the invasion of this insignificant country. Using the second image would be a good start. I'd also scream the "PEW PEW" part in the microphone to make it look more dramatic.

Omg brilliant man! LMAO :D

the last one is too amazing.

Nice. Now they look intimidating AND are going to blow themselves up.

I like yours the best! xD Pew Pew Pew! I can't believe they shopped a pic... LMFAO

oh brilliant. XD
Now everytime I see pictures of missiles, I'll think of "pew pew."
If I ever see a real one though that's coming at me, I don't think I'll have enough time to think of it.

#13 - me too.. but I quickly forwarded to everyone else so that I wouldn't be the lone person in wet pants. :)

But seriously, pew pew pew = epic.

Pew pew pew made my day.

Pew pew pic made me pee pee

I guess we have to wait for the Danish to have the balls to photoshop Mohammed riding one of those missiles like Slim Pickens.

Deena (#8) made me laugh with the "I can has missilez" imagery. Thank you.

And don't tell me that a country being ruled by an insane dictator lied, that is just too shocking for words. Persians lie? Surely you jest...

This is the picture they should have sent the newspapers: http://eagled.com/mcg/screenviews/misslecmd.jpg

probably your finest work

you should seriously get a peabody award for the last pic! i pissed myself literally at work. i was excused from work today. thanks for the half day geek!

Hahahah, now you need to impose it on the newspaper with your headline.

@ smokinggirl: persians lie? why you you have to ruin the joke with your quasi-racist comment? go count your carbs or something, stop trying to be funny.

i have a question, how much is a good but not too extensive version of photoshop? pew pew pew inspired me to make funny pics of completely different crap

@ 30
Photoshop is hella expensive, unless you get it through illegal means, in which case it is free (unless by illegal means you thought I meant prostitution, in which case, it'll probably cost you something I don't want to think about.) 30 day trials exist on the Adobe website, but there's all kinds of other free photo-editing software out there - a simple web search would probably find you something.

The picture isn't even photoshopped well. The bottom of the fake missile tail doesn't look anything like the rest.

PEW PEW PEW !!!!!!!!!! LOLZORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This f***ing rocks. Long live Geekologie.

OMG the last pic of PEW PEW PEW cracked me up!

The writer's picture rocks.

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