Jul 23 2008Hitachi Releases Cartoon To Explain What A Terabyte Is To Stoners, Possibly Children

Hitachi just made a 3:00 cartoon to explain how large a terabyte is to, I guess, stoners.

As Hitachi GST embarks upon its latest educational campaign and debuts a new market vision which it encapsulates as "The Dawn of the Tera Era," the company knew the time was once again right to produce a new video animation, given how successful these have always been in the past. This amazing collision of Capacity, Content and Culture has resulted in explosive growth of the amounts and types of information people are now storing. Megabytes are long forgotten. Today, gigabytes are being replaced by terabytes, hence the Tera Era. It's happening now. This is the Tera Era.

Geez, I had no idea. It's the Tera Era already? And all along I thought it was still the Porno Period. Boy am I rosy in the cheeks. And, okay, palm.

WARNING: The song in this video can and will get stuck in your head.

Hitachi makes a cartoon to explain what a terabyte is. If you are high...now is the time to watch it. [icantseeyou]

Thanks George Clooney, and I don't care why my girlfriend says, I think you're hot.

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Reader Comments

Surely this can't be real?! Who on earth were they marketing this at at? Why do children care what a terabyte is and if children do care (which they clearly don't) why are the teenage ninja mutant turtles not doing it instead of what appears to be a disabled tic-tac claiming to be a "bit"

I don't know why, but this video somewhat scares me.

Holy shit what the hell were they thinking or smoking....

I feel a little less inteligent after watching that

HEY i'm a stoner and I HAVE a terabyte external drive sitting next to my computer thank you very much!!! :P

p.s. this movie is gay, I (being a stoner, of course) am not entertained.
p.p.s. did i mention, i'm stoned?

I feel dumber for watching this. If you know what a gigabyte is, and you can multiply by 1000, you know what a terabyte is. The rest of that was just dribble. Who the hell has 333, 000 pictures that they don't know what to do with?

@5 Internet porn addicts, that's who has 333,000 pics (and climbing) that need to be stored.

P.S. - Kimmie Camera is HOT!

Joey Joystick reminds me of my friends cat.

When the guitar shows up, was that supposed to be Teletubbies?

That was nothing short of surreal.

I just got high from watching that video - I feel so wierd inside.

It is, in fact, hilarious. (And pot does, in fact, help.)
But now I'm gonna have that dumbass song stuck in my goddamn head all day.

Thats some gay ass shit!!!

Song didn't get stuck in my head.

However, I can imagine an hour and a half movie would be about a gig for pretty good quality... So, wouldn't that be 1,000 movies with perhaps some spare room left? Also, I don't know, but, uh, saying as how my average mp3s and wmas are only about 4-5mb (ranging from 900kbs to 20mbs), their calculation would be about right... Only, if you have lossless quality, you're not going to get 250,000 mp3s. Maybe more like 200,000 in the end.

It reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock. Which it was kind of gay too.

Nobody's gonna mention that a terabyte is actually 1024 gigabytes?

@14: And I have an old mp3 player that's 256mb, but can only hold 244mbs.
Shit happens, etc, you're not likely to be able to use exactly 1024 gigs. Thanks manufacturers, for all the extra bullshit no one needs or wants on their computer.

Considering this is made by a huge company, they are probably officially against piracy, but how could any-freaking-one afford 250,000 mp3s?? Or 500 games for that matter...

I'm really surprized Bit says "You kick ass!" at 1:57...

So very.. high.

Um. Wow. Surreal, much?

alright, that guitar head was creepy. very creepy. that video puts you in a lucid dream-like state. except you cant control shit. get away from me gutiar head!

As a stoner I can safely say that was pretty awesome. If only for the song. I have, however, seen more fun cartoons kthx.

But why on earth is there really a need to explain what a terabyte is?

wow what's with all the hating? movie was pretty awesome... sure are a lot of fags here

Honestly it reminds me of a pour attempt to knock off the Beetle's "Yellow Submarine" and "School House Rock"

You can barely hear it. The words are like from stereo and the music is too loud. I want to memorize this!

Hey, #17, Bit says, "It's a gas" instead of "You kick ass" -- which would have been soooooo much better!

its a terror era?

@23: Pour: (v) 1. To send (a liquid, fluid, or anything in loose particles) flowing or falling, as from one container to another, or into, over, or on something: to pour a glass of milk; to pour water on a plant.

Poor: (adj) 1. Having little or no money, goods, or other means of support: a poor family living on welfare.

best video ever. lighten up! i dont know how anyone can really hate on this. its fun and funny.

no video!!!!

Man, where is my weed man.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im way 2 high 4 this shit to dam funy an tripy

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