Jul 31 2008Air Force Seeks Anti-PEW-PEW Spray

In a recent request for proposals, the Air Force has asked for the development of an anti-laser spray or embeddable layer than can be retrofitted on equipment and prevent it from being damaged by pew-pews for up to five seconds.

The idea isn't to render the weapons "impervious" to ray gun blasts. The Air Force just wants the shield to delay the laser burning through a weapon's skin -- five seconds or so ought to do the job. The best way to make it happen, the service believes, is with "a thermal protection coating (e.g., spray-on) or a broadband reflector embedded layer on [the] munition['s] skin."

Basically, we want to be able to get a missile to target without being lasered out of the sky. After skimming over the request (okay, so I didn't actually read it), I quickly filed a proposal.

To: Whoever dishes out the grant money
From: The Geekologie Writer
Subject: Request For Anti-Pew-Pew Technology

Two words: Duct to the muthaf***in' tape. Cash or Paypal preferred. Thank you.


Note: The video just demonstrates how laser shoot downs work.

Air Force Looks to Laser-Proof Its Weapons

Thanks to Richie, who actually coined the term "anti-pew-pew-spray".

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Reader Comments

few! few! firsw!

Quiero uno!


Instead of mirrors, how about highly polished aluminum foil?

Pew Pew Pew!

I'm writing my congressman right now to rename it to Anti-PEWPEW.

On that note, someone register www.antipewpew.com

I fink I know a few chaps that could use some anit pew spray...

What would be really good is if they made a little flash game where you were the lazer shooting down the missles. But instead of missles make it falling women to show how women are evil and should be killed!

Ok, now you're ready to rule the world. I don't care, since I'm heading to Mars. Plenty of Martians chicks and fresh spring water to drink there. I'll just bring with me a lot of beer and.. ha! You Americans can have this stupid, little planet.

They could use this to keep birds away from airport. Pew-pew indeed.

Anyway, this laser is insanely expensive, has huge power requirement and must therefore be pretty much immobile. Hit it with a couple of scatter bombs and its gone. Also it gives away its position from miles away. Just triangulate the origin of the ray.


Remember kids: 7 layers of Duct tape will make ANYTHING structurally sound!!


all i want to know is can you cook a hotdog with it? *crosses fingers* (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes)

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