Jul 30 2008Drinking Buddy: Malaysian Pen-Tailed Shrew


Well folks, I've found myself a new drinking buddy. The Malaysian pen-tailed shrew subsists entirely on fermented nectar from the pertam palm plant, which can be as high as 3.8 percent alcohol.

A new study found that the tiny animal subsists on a diet roughly equivalent to 100 percent beer... Amazingly, though the tree shrews drink like fish, they don't seem to get drunk. The researchers, led by Frank Wiens of Germany's University of Bayreuth, videotaped regular nocturnal feeding sessions and followed the movements of radio-tagged tree shrews. Though they measured blood-alcohol concentrations in the animals higher than those in humans with similarly high alcohol intake, the tree shrews showed no signs of intoxication.

Well folks, no sense hiding it now -- I had sex with a shrew. The pen-tailed variety, dear reader, is my progeny.

Tiny tree shrew can drink you under the table [msnbc]

Thanks to Chad, the only man who's ever come close to beating my pen-tailed progeny in a drinking contest.

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I wonder if this discovery will lead to anti-intoxicants.

That's exactly what I was thinking while reading it Eccoli. I'd still wager I can put down more Jeager before the little tyke falls over dead. TAKE THAT SMALL CUTE MAMMAL!


It'd make a really cool pet, and an even better drinking buddy~
Just imagine, going to the bar with your friends, and you pulling him out of your pocket, then giving him some budweiser, heineken, coors, molson, carlsberg, guiness or whatever, and the furry creature downing it like no tommorrow..... Now that would be cool!!!

i'm wondering what the nectar tastes like.
...and where i can buy a pen-tailed shrew.

Awwwww, it's so cute.

I wonder if it likes vodka?



awesome! i love little drunks!!

Yup, he looks like a drinker...

Did anyone consider that the tail helps him balance so he just doesn't look so drunk walking around?? :D

i wonder how many more of these furry little bastards i gotta eat? i dont even feel buzzed yet.

I ran across the same article yesterday, and made this little dude my company mascot. Congratulations to evolution's big winner!

For further ruminations on animals and alcohol: memeticpress.com

Dude, your title. Is it supposed to be "Malasian" or "Malaysian"?

I can't believe nobody's mentioned Bender from Futurama yet.

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Apparently Sboy drinks piss water - i would have to mention Ruination... or WipeOut... or Arrogant Bastard..... or a hundred other beers that arent made from piss....

HA HA!! I can see it's penis!

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