$100,000 Jetpack Coming Next Year?

July 29, 2008


48-year old New Zealander, Glenn Martin, has spent over 26 years developing a jetpack, and believes it may be ready for sale next year. The 250 lb (part of it rests on the ground at idle so you don't have to lift the weight), 200hp, twin-rotor (it's not actually a jetpack) beast produces 600 lbs of thrust and can be flown for over 30 minutes on a tank of gas. Is it safe? Who cares, I want to fly. And, maybe afterwards, learn to swim.

"People come up and go, 'Is it safe?' " Mr. Martin said. "Safety is a relative thing. We think we have done a lot to make this by far the safest jetpack ever built." But, he acknowledged, "It's not a high bar."

He added, "I've got to get my head around the fact that at some point, somebody is going to have a very bad experience."

Well, at least he's being realistic. But seriously Glenn, I want to be that somebody.

Hit the link for a video of the thing and a way long article that was really long that I may or may not have read all of.

The Jetpack: From Comics To a Liftoff in the Yard [newyorktimes]

Thanks damn luddites, I'll race you to the sun.

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