Jun 12 2008Wow: Little Kids Firing Automatic Weapons

This video is old. Old as anything else that was filmed in 2005. But I hadn't seen it until now, and it's awesome. Awesome in a "holy shit, four-year olds are blowing up cars with automatic weapons" kind of way. Make sure you have the volume down on your speakers, it gets kind of loud. The video was taken during "Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot", an annual event in which kids with no motor skills destroy things with automatic weapons. Just watch it. I love how at 0:14 when the car starts rolling and the kids start firing at it, you understand just how dangerous a weapon is in the hands of a child. Now I'm not sure how many people typically die at this awesome annual event, but if I had to guess I'd say oh my God they're training these kids to be in a militia.

Toddlers shooting machine guns at cars [bbgadgets]

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Dude! That's exactly how I reacted when my dad went home from work and I knew he was going to yell at me; Get the f*** out of my house you little bitchretard or I will kick your ass if you don't leave that pacman-dude alone!
Maybe I spent a little to much time in front of the computer.

damn it I'm on a roll today...


ok, I admit I have nothing else to do but religiously check geekologie for updates... what, like you're curing cancer?

Heheheh, soon my child army hall be COMPLETE!

Umm, didn't the ATF burn down a compound in Waco for shit like this.

Holy Shit. Rednecks blowing shit up for no reason whatsoever other than to distract themselves from their miserable existence as useless human beings. How can anyone possibly think this is a good idea?

The thing that scares me is that people like this choose our presidents.

That's certainly the smartest place in the world to do shit like that.... Jeez.

@5 Holy words man, holy words.

Gun ownership should automatically bad someone from being able to vote. What retards.


How did these rednecks manage to steal my Sonics?

@8 two people in a row that think like me, the average non-violent idiot... this must be a dream. And since I'm still sleeping I bet that if I concentrate I can make two hot lesbians appear out of nowhere. Because, you see, non violent idiots like to have sex with beautiful women intead of shooting at empty old cars.
Strange, uh?

At 1:40 it sounds like a guy is yelling "I LOVE MEN".

... are they firing tracer rounds?

Ahh americans. what a race of excellent parents

I wanna know how many parents get shot at this

Do I HAVE to be under five years of age to participate???

Hold on everybody. Little point of correction: these are not your everyday typical run o' the mill rednecks. This stuff is EXPENSIVE. The guns run to the tens of thousands and the ammo can run a thousand dollars PER CLIP to fire fully auto like this. These folks are wealthy, like millionaire wealthy. These folks are more like Blackhawk than Waco.

Agreed with TommyP,

These things cost tons and they've got to be damn wealthy to let little kids fire out in to nothing but open air. Anyway, It looks fun but I don't live in America so I don't have to fear my life from these people :P

How do you spell Big Fat Stupid American Rednecks? R-E-T-A-R-D-S.
They should shoot themselves in the groins so no reproducing could be possible.

Tracer rounds!! <3 So much love. I remember watching with glee as the rounds hit the berm and shot into the sky during our night-fire exercise. It's so informative to be able to see where your rounds are going. Of course, machine guns are much more effective when being fired in short bursts, you have much more control ... but I would expect kids to do exactly what the kids in the video did - burn through as much ammo as possible. I wish I got to do this as a kid! I just got to fire off dad's rifles and pistols. Of course, getting paid to do it in the Army was just as fun. :D I think it's great that these kids get to see the destructive power of firearms. How many kids grab the kitchen knife and play with it, hurting themselves? Not many, because most kids know that those are tools, not toys. But it's the kids who don't know that guns are tools, who think they're toys, that end up hurting or killing themselves or others. This kind of education is the best, most effective way to prevent "accidents". - As far as "banning people who own guns from voting" ... well, I'll just have to agree to disagree.

@19: did you never think in the first place about NOT HAVING GUNS AT HOME?! That would the safest way for children not to hurt or kill anyone with, geez.

Stay in the army please, don't go out on the streets now, you're not safe for others...

I'd like to comment but I'm busy curing cancer.

Whoa there, little one. Short, controlled bursts.

People are so freaking naive... Oh, and rednecks don't go on shooting rampages - suburbanite kids that watch too many movies do.

Kelly, you and this video are the greater part of what is wrong with this country.

And the liberal crap parade keep rollin along!

Although I think these kids are far to young to be handling any firearm it is also important to teach children gun safety. You rarely hear of accidental shootings in rural hunting communities.

Clearly, this is the result of responsible parents reacting to the threat of sick f***/child molester Tom Frost. I for one, am pleased to see parents taking their children's safety so seriously. Instructing them in the use of automatic weapons and high explosives, may very well save their lives, or at least their assholes.

aren't tracer rounds illegal now??

WAM, If it wasnt for a gun in my home, my wife and I and our 3 kids would be dead now. I wounded two of the bastards and chased a third off before the police arrived. If it were not for KELLY and our other brave men and women in the military you and your uneducated family would be speaking german or japanese. When one of your kids (and god I hope not) get shot by one of his friends that was not taught gun saftey, dont go running to blame someone else for your ignorance. SUE, What is wrong with this country is the liberal judges that give more time in prison to unpaid parking ticket than to a criminal that holds up a liquor store. People like you want to blame the tool and not hold the person responsible for their actions. I tell you what, keep depending on law enforcement to keep you safe and see who attacks you first, a redneck or a repeat offender. You people are ignorant sheeple.

hey becareful about throwing the word redneck around there is many different subcategory's of people that get put in with the redneck group I am in the category of Good'ol boy the difference between Good'ol boy and rednecks is rednecks are dumb and I have been to many of these full auto shoots they have them twice a year at the Hernando County Sportsmans club in Fl where I live it fun to go to a few times but i prefer to get out my .223 semi-auto and shoot golf balls at 100 yards thats fun

The little girl firing the machine gun, is she the guy's wife or a daughter. Maybe one of the native posters could enlighten me?

LOL .... my thoughts on seeing all hell break loose on the car that was towed in was ( Sir our frontal assuault has failed. ) .... yes nothing like the sound of over kill.

That's nice, in southern US it's perfectly normal to have kids randomly firing weaponry not even the military own in my country.

@29, We use punctuation outside of the trailer park.

By the way, tell Goober I said Hey!

I just love how you "liberals" are actually about the most narrow-minded people out there. Anyone who enjoys firearms is a redneck and is all that's wrong with the world and should be despised or not even allowed to live? Wow...
How about you broaden your horizons and actually learn the truth about gun control. Just look how well it's working out for England and Australia.
And safely discharging firearms in a controlled setting is a whole lot less reckless than quite a bit of things bored people do for entertainment...

Only in f***ing America would parents bring their children to shoot guns. Sure, you have 5 year olds with automatic rifles in Africa, but that's against the parents will. We're talking rednecks here. Yee-hah and yipee-kah-yay mother f***er.

To paraphrase Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride: "I don't think redneck means what you think it means."

I don't mean this in the sense of the whole libs vs. cons thing. I mean it in terms of actually grasping finer details from the video. I mean actually possessing something other than willful pig ignorance. We are looking at a fully automatic belt-fed heavy machine gun. Such a weapon costs tens of thousands of dollars. It is simply not available to any old yokel with his boomstick fresh from the Appalachians.

That MG is most likely (and I hope) chambered for 7.62mm. Just double checking around the internet, 7.62mm goes for anywhere between US$0.50 to US$0.16 per bullet. That's US$160 to US$500 every 1000 rounds. If that sounds like too large a number to reach, that MG probably rates at 600 rounds per minute. SO roughly every minute and a half that kid keeps the trigger down, 500 bucks went through the barrel. From the video it's obvious they were there all day and into the evening firing that thing. TommyP isn't exaggerating when he claims thousands of dollars per clip. To be more exact, thousands of dollars per hour of shooting allowing for resting the barrel and chamber due to overheating. If, god forbid civilians are allowed such powerful rounds, it's actually 0.50 cal/12.7mm, multiply all costs by a factor of 10.

These guys aren't stupid. They have money, they have know-how and they are organised enough to have a large MG shooting second-hand cars bought for change in someone's gigantic privately owned plot of land. We're talking card-carrying NRA members with stock portfolios, lawyers on retainer, old boy's club buddies with the local Republican rep and huge trucks the rednecks you guys refer to can only masturbate to in their latest issue of Auto Trader.

We haven't even touched the cost of explosives bought legally for events like this. Get a frikken' clue please.

So fake. Its clearly a viral promo for the movie "Wanted"

Liberals also enjoy this type of activity but they do it in video games. That way the Cheetos and other fried snacks are within arms reach.

Gotta love the bias that goes along with posting this clip. You don't have any real understanding of guns and you haven't bothered to research the event because doing that would negate your vague, snarky comments. You're "not sure how many people typically die at this awesome annual event" huh? I had never heard of this event before and it took me about 3 minutes to find out what the safety record was.

I'm a liberal with no desire to own a machine gun, but I can't help being a little bit troubled by all the clapping monkeys here who try to sound clever by saying things that are just as uninformed and retarded as any slogan you'll hear shouted at an anti-abortion rally. Seriously? Own a gun and you should lose your right to vote and be required to shoot yourself in the groin? That's the best you people can come up with? You make us all look retarded. No wonder we get trounced in areas dominated by conservative politics, YOU'RE JUST AS BAD AS THEY ARE. Just as hateful, just as ignorant, just on the other side of the argument.

Remember children, just because you're a liberal doesn't mean you're the most informed person in the room.

@ 34 and 36: Exactly my thinking. It would be nice if these people actually did a little bit of research into what they are mindlessly talking about instead of trying to sound smart.

F***ing sheep.

Americans are so ipocrits, they talk about terrorists and how they train little kids to kill...look in your backgarden to see what you train......the girl is like 6 and she is firing like hell.

I would like to point out to all you gun haters out there that this is a fun event arranged for folks who like to shoot. There are a lot of safety precautions taken to ensure no one gets hurt and has a lot of fun. Some of you have suggested that people who own guns should be shot or not allowed to vote just because you do not like guns. Well I hate professional basketball, should everyone that owns a basketball take a shot to the groin or not vote? Of course not, I don't like it so I don't watch it. But I spent twenty years in the military protecting your right to watch basketball or legally shoot a gun or hug a tree if that is what you want to do. BTW I wonder how many of you know how many crimes have been committed with fully automatic weapons since 1934? Give up? Two and one of those was by a police officer. Guns are not guilty of any crime, punks who use them are. Now if you want to talk about a class of 'citizens' that maybe deserve a shot in the groin, we might have some common ground.

lovely shooting
cute little girls did amazing shooting
very nice and awesome shooting

Sick f...ing bastards! Only in America, a peace loving country...

Hello @34, I'm pretty sure that our gun control in australia does a pretty good job.


US comes in at #9
Australia #29.

So yeah. Nice irony there.

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